Can a single woman travel solo to Dubai?

Are you wondering whether you as a single woman can travel solo to Dubai? Is it safe?

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. Millions of tourists come to spend their holiday here. However, as it is a Muslim country in the Middle East, many are asking whether a single woman can travel solo to Dubai.

The answer is definitely yes. Actually, Dubai is one of the best places where women can travel solo. In this article, I will tell you why Dubai is a great place for solo female travelers, which areas are the best, and what to do. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Can A Single Woman Travel Solo To Dubai?


Dubai Marina, Dubai

Is Dubai Safe?

Dubai is one of the safest places on earth. The crime here is minimal due to the strict rules that not only Dubai as a city but also the United Arab Emirates as a country have.

You will not find drinkers, drug addicts, or homeless people on the streets as the punishments for disrespectful behaviors are high. People who live here and work here are happy for the opportunities and would not destroy them for themselves.

If you use common sense and follow the rules, you are safe here during the day and night. The dress code here is not too strict, you can read about it in my article here, but if you walk on the streets alone, especially at night, try to dress more conservatively so you are not getting unwanted attention.

Don’t walk on the streets drunk and don’t drink and drive. That can take you to prison. If you get drunk in your hotel bar, just go straight to your room. If you get drunk in a nightclub, take a taxi to your hotel or Airbnb.

But is Dubai safe for women? I traveled to Dubai several times, with my female friend, my mum, and even alone and I always felt very safe. In Europe or in the USA I don’t walk on the streets alone at night. However, in Dubai, I’m comfortable walking alone at night.

For example, one time I needed to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai early in the morning. So around 2 am, I took a taxi to take me to the bus station from where I took a bus to Abu Dhabi, and another taxi to take me where I needed to be. Back home I would not do that.


International City

Dubai is an international city, meaning there are people living from all over the world. Only about 10% are locals. So even though UAE is a Muslim country, it is very open and liberal due to so many nationalities living there.

You can meet and hang out with people from other countries or from your home country. You probably know a worldwide ex-pats network called Internations.

For those who don’t know it, you can sign up, choose your destination Dubai and you can connect with other people living here. They also organize events for expats where you can hang out and meet each other.


Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

What are the things to do in Dubai alone?

There are so many things you can do and see when you are a female solo in Dubai. Let’s have a look at some activities.

Going to the Beach

What kind of holiday it would be without going to the beach? There are many beaches in Dubai where you can go. For more details, check my article about free beaches here.

Some hotels have their own designated area of beach, which is private, but you can visit any of the public beaches. You are very safe on public beaches, there are many tourists and some beaches have a lifeguard too.

Normally I don’t leave my belongings unattended, but here I do even I watch them from the sea while swimming. People here don’t steal as they do in Europe for example. Still, you don’t have to bring high valuables with you.

The only thing you should be careful about here is the male workers who come to the beach during their days off and try to take pictures of women in bikinis. You don’t have to be scared to tell them off when you see they do take pictures of you.


Downtown Dubai

This is an area where Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world are located. It is a very nice area with restaurants and cafes. You can watch the Dubai Fountain show for free here while sitting on the bench and enjoying your time.

You can visit Dubai Mall whether you plan to go shopping or just look around. You will find an ice ring there, a cinema, an aquarium, a VR park, a Dino park, an Opera, a Sky view observatory, and many more. You can and should go to the top of Burj Khalifa. As this is a top attraction in Dubai, it is recommended to buy tickets in advance.

➡️Buy your tickets for Burj Khalifa online HERE.


Big Bus tours

Hop-on Hop-off bus is a great way to see the city around, and you can even use a boat tour on Dubai Creek which was part of it when I used it.

➡️Check the different packages for Big Bus tours HERE.


Dubai desert safari

You can go to the desert where you will enjoy dune bashing, buffet dinner, shisha, sand boarding, camel riding, quad biking, and henna painting.

➡️Check and choose activities for a desert safari based on your preferences Here.


Visiting Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is another Emirate and it is the capital city of the UAE. You can go there by bus or taxi or take an organized tour. The best thing to see here is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Grand Palace and also there are beautiful beaches here.

➡️Take the organized tour to Abu Dhabi HERE.


Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a lovely place with restaurants, cafes, shopping mall next to the water where the yachts park. It is especially impressive during the dark with all the lights. You will be completely safe here alone.


JBR-Jumeirah Beach Resident

Jumeirah Beach Resident is a great place to stay when you want to spend time at the beach as it is located in front of the beach. There are also restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops. Also in this area, you will be safe at night.


Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates is another huge shopping mall with shops, restaurants, a cinema, and an indoor ski center, Ski Dubai is located here.

So if you are a ski or a snowboard lover, you can rent the clothes and equipment and have fun here. It is located in the Al Barsha area, right at the metro stop Mall of the Emirates.


Deira city center

Deira city center is the older part of the city, so when you come here, dress more conservatively, and cover your legs and shoulders. You can visit different souks – check my article about souks here and other historical sights. I do not recommend staying here in the hotel or walking during the night here.


Other things to do in Dubai alone

You can visit Miracle GardenGlobal Village, Museum of the Future, and Waterparks, dive in the deepest pool, and take an evening boat tour with dinner and a belly dance show. In case you are into adrenaline, you can do ziplining or sky diving.

If you like to experience nightlife in Dubai you can visit any of the nightclubs or bars and the best ones are ladies’ nights, which many of the bars do usually on Tuesdays, but can be any day during the week when ladies have some drinks or shisha for free. Find some female friends in Internations for Dubai Expat women and have fun together.


Downtown Dubai, next to Dubai Mall

Moving around Dubai

Dubai is very easy to move around. You have several options. You can rent a car if you like, but it is not necessary. The public transportation is great here. You can use the metro, buses or trams.

Also, taxis are used here a lot and they are not as expensive as in Europe. Also, if you prefer, you can use Uber.


Conclusion-Can a single woman travel solo to Dubai?

As you can see, Dubai is a perfect country for a single female solo traveler. It is safe with a lot of expats living here and so many opportunities for different activities. I always felt very comfortable and safe here. Just follow the rules, use your common sense and you will enjoy your holiday here.

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