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Do you want to watch the Dubai Fountain Show? I have prepared this guide with Dubai Fountain timings and all the information you need to know.

Dubai Fountain Show is one of the most amazing attractions in Dubai. Located Downtown next to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, it is admired by thousands of people worldwide.

I watched it like hundred times and it is still fascinating for me. Therefore, if you are visiting Dubai, you should not miss the Dubai Fountain Show, which is completely free to watch.

To know the Dubai Fountain Show timings, the best places to watch it, how to get there, and much more, I prepared this handy guide for you.

Dubai Fountain Show Timings

Evenings Dubai Fountain Shows run daily from 6 pm to 11 pm every 30 minutes. Each show lasts for about 5 minutes.

During bank holidays and high seasons, daily shows are added at 1 pm and 1:30 pm or 1:30 pm and 2 pm.

What Is the Dubai Fountain Show

The Dubai Fountain was officially inaugurated on the 8th of May 2009 and is signed in the Guinness World Records Book as the largest fountain in the world.

It is a spectacular water show on the Burj Khalifa Lake. For this show, they use 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors. It is 275 m long and shoots water up to 152 m.

Dubai Fountain Show

The show is accompanied by different Arabic and world-popular music. Therefore, the different song means different shows.

Where To Watch The Dubai Fountain Show

The Dubai Fountain is located Downtown on Burj Khalifa Lake, next to Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Souk Al Bahar. It is one of the free attractions in Dubai. No tickets are needed and anyone can watch.

There are also paid options available which will bring you very close to the fountain. Here are places from where you can watch the Dubai Fountain Show.

Dubai Mall Promenade

The first and most popular spot to watch the Dubai Fountain is right in front of the Dubai Mall, called Dubai Mall Promenade. You will take the exit next to the Five Guys fast-food Restaurant and you are right in front of the lake.

This spot is the most crowded one, together with the bridge that leads you to Souk Al Bahar. If you walk a little bit to the right, towards Burj Khalifa, there will be fewer people.

Alternatively, you can walk to Burj Park from where you can also watch the show for free.

Restaurants near the fountain

If you want to watch the fountain peacefully without crowds and enjoy dinner, choose one of the restaurants with Dubai Fountain View. There are restaurants in Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar, and surrounding hotels with different cuisines.

It is also a perfect option for romantic dinners or special occasions. We watched the Fountain Show from Abd El Wahab restaurant in Souk al Bahar and it was an awesome experience. Check it out here.

The Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

The Dubai Fountain Lake Ride is the paid option to watch the Dubai Fountain Show. You will sail on the traditional Abra boat on the lake so you will be right next to the fountain.

People on traditional Abra on Burj Khalifa Lake watching the Dubai Fountain Show

The ticket costs 68.25 AED per person 3 years and older and you can buy it here.

The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk

The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk is a floating platform located on the Burj Lake, just 9 meters away from the fountain. The ticket for the Boardwalk costs 20 AED per person.

Boardwalk on the Burj Khalifa Lake

Burj Khalifa At the top

Another place where you can watch the show is from the Burj Khalifa At the top. This will be a little bit different view as you will see it from the top, not directly from the ground in front of you.

You will need to purchase your ticket to go to the top of Burj Khalifa. In this case, you will enjoy two experiences at one time.

Being at the top of Burj Khalifa and watching the Dubai Fountain Show. Just don’t forget to book the tickets for the evening.

➡️Book your Burj Khalifa At The Top HERE

Hotels near Dubai Fountain

There are several hotels near the Dubai Mall and from some of them you can see the Dubai Fountain. For example Palace Downtown, Address Downtown, or Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa.

Whether you watch it from your hotel room or the restaurant, you will have an amazing experience.

Burj Khalifa Light Shows Timings

At night, together with the Dubai Fountain Show, you can enjoy the Burj Khalifa Light Show. It is an LED lighting display on the Burj Khalifa.

The timings for the Burj Khalifa Light Shows are from 7:45 to 10:45. On weekdays the show is every hour and on weekends every half an hour.

Burj Khalifa Light Show

The theme of the light shows changes depending on the occasion. For example national holidays or different world celebrations.

You can even request your own announcement on Burj Khalifa. For example, Happy Birthday or Will you marry me? How special is that?

How to get to Dubai Fountain

  • By Car: Go to Dubai Mall where you can park your car and walk out towards Souk Al Bahar
  • By Taxi, Uber, or Careem: Choose your drop-off point either in the Dubai Mall and then walk out towards Souk Al Bahar, or get off on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard Street next to Wings of Mexico and walk through Burj Khalifa Park.
  • By Metro: Take the red line to the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station and walk through the mall to the fountain.

Dubai Fountain: FAQs

Here you learned all about the Dubai Fountain. For more information, check these FAQs below.

How much is the entry fee for the Dubai Fountain Show?

Dubai Fountain Show is free for everyone to watch. There is no entry fee. You only buy a ticket if you want to go on the Abra ride, which is 68.25 AED, or on the Boardwalk, which is 20 AED.

Is the Dubai Fountain Show worth it?

Yes, it is definitely worth it. It is an amazing show loved by adults and children. It is not just a simple fountain. This fountain dances with the music and shoots the water up to 152 m. Very impressive.

Dubai Fountain Show must be on your bucket list when visiting Dubai.

What time is the Dubai Fountain’s last showtime?

The last showtime of the Dubai Fountain is at 11 pm.

Conclusion: Dubai Fountain Show Timings

The Dubai Fountain located Downtown next to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall is one of the attractions not to be missed.

Whether you watch it from the Dubai Mall Promenade, a restaurant, or take the traditional Abra, you will have an extraordinary experience. Remember, the Dubai Fountain Show timings are every evening from 6 pm to 11 pm.

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