Can you visit the infinity pools in Dubai?

Can you visit the infinity pools in Dubai or do you have to be a guest in the hotel? 

When you are in hot Dubai, you would like to cool down in a pool, that can be found in every hotel and residential building. But why go for an ordinary pool, when you can go for the infinity pool, also called a zero-edge pool? The infinity pool is designed to trick you into believing that between the pool and the space beyond there is no gap.

As Dubai is always the best in everything, the infinity pools couldn’t stay behind. Moreover, they took them to a different level. Now you are wondering whether you can visit the infinity pools in Dubai as a tourist.

To visit some infinity pools, you must be a guest of the hotel, however, some can be visited with a pool pass. Let’s have a look at some best options for infinity pools in Dubai.

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Can You Visit The Infinity Pools In Dubai?


1. Address Beach Resort

The rooftop pool at Address Beach Resort located at Bluewater Island was officially certified by Guinness World Records as the highest outdoor infinity pool in the world. It sits on the 77th floor of the hotel at a height of 294 meters. From this pool, you can enjoy a stunning view of Jumeirah Beach and Ain Dubai.

Unfortunately, to enter this pool, you must be a guest of the hotel. Also, this pool is only for adults 21+. Alternatively, you can book a table in Zeta Seventy Seven restaurant from which you will also have a beautiful view.

➡️Check the rates for Address Beach Resort HERE.


2. Aura Sky Pool

Aura Sky Pool is another top in Dubai as it is the world’s highest 360-degree infinity pool. It can be found in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island. To be precise it is on the 50th floor of the Palm Tower at the high of 200 meters. From this pool, you will be gifted with a panoramic view of Palm Jumeirah and the whole city.

There is a pool area and a relaxing area with single and double sun loungers. There is also a dining lounge where you can enjoy international dishes and refreshing drinks.

Aura Sky Pool was opened in November 2021 and the best news is that it is open to anyone. You can book the sunrise, morning, afternoon, evening, or the whole day.

Sunrise starts at AED 200, morning AED 250, afternoon AED 275, evening AED 225, and the whole day from AED 525. You can book directly on the website here and you should book well in advance.


View from Address Sky View infinity pool, Dubai

3. Address Sky View

Address Sky View Hotel is located in Downtown Dubai. There are actually two skyscrapers connected by a bridge. The infinity pool is on the 54th floor and provides you with a breathtaking view of Burj Khalifa. You can also enjoy snacks, drinks, or shisha on the pool deck.

The pool is only open to guests of the hotel, however, there is an Asian restaurant Cé La Vi that is open to everybody.

➡️Check the rates for Address Sky View Hotel HERE.


4. The Terrace, Burj Al Arab

The infinity pool The Terrace is located in Burj Al Arab and it merges into the sea. It is a luxury facility including a restaurant, pool, beach, and cabana space.

This infinity pool is only for adults, however, it is available for anyone outside of the hotel. You can book the pool pass during the week from Monday to Thursday for AED 800 where AED 400 can be redeemed for food and beverage. During the weekend from Friday to Sunday the pass will cost you AED 1000 where AED 500 is a credit for food and beverage. You can buy the passes from the hotel directly. 


5. Intercontinental Dubai Festival City

This infinity pool is located on the rooftop of the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City Hotel. This is a very special and cool pool as it has a glass bottom and it is sticking out from the wall. So when you swim in it, you can see down the street. This can be an amazing experience, even for someone a little scary.

From this pool, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Dubai Creek and boats passing by. This hotel is located close to the airport and it is open to the public.

➡️Check the rates for Intercontinental Dubai Festival City HERE.


Address Dubai Marina infinity pool, Dubai

6. Address Dubai Marina

Address Dubai Marina Hotel houses one of the largest rooftop pools in Dubai. The length and width of the pool are about 45 meters. From the pool, you will be gifted with a stunning view of the Marina, yachts, and skyscrapers. At the edge of the pool is a sculpture of a golden tiger.

There is also a pool for children and you can order food and drinks from a restaurant and bar area called Wane by SoMiya. This pool is also open to the public.

➡️Check the rates for Address Dubai Marina HERE.


7. La Ville Hotel & Suites

The infinity pool is located on the fifth floor of this hotel and provides you with a beautiful view of the Downtown skyline and Burj Khalifa. You can also enjoy snacks and drinks from the rooftop bar.

This infinity pool is available for the public and also they provide night swimming from 5 pm until 10 pm. This way you can experience a stunning view of Burj Khalifa at night.


8. Babs Al Shams, Al Quadra

If you want to escape a noisy city, Babs Al Shams, Al Quadra is the best choice. Located about 50km away from the city, this hotel is located in the desert. This will be a completely new experience, an infinity pool in the desert.

You can book an overnight stay here or day passes. Other interesting things you can do here are camel riding or horse riding. Check out the website for more information.


Conclusion-Can you visit the infinity pools in Dubai?

As you can see there are several infinity pools that you can visit in Dubai. Whether you book a room in the hotel or just buy a daily pass, you can choose from different pools all with stunning views.

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