23 Fascinating Facts About Dubai

Are you interested in the most fascinating and incredible facts about Dubai? 

You probably heard or saw that Dubai is an extraordinary city. It is a city with many lights, skyscrapers, gold, and luxury. Dubai is a city that thrives and has to be the best, the biggest, the tallest, and the largest in everything they do.

Right after my first visit to Dubai followed by many others, I can agree that Dubai is an exceptional city.

In Dubai, you will also find a lot of things you have never seen anywhere in the world or knew that it existed. Moreover, due to the different culture, some rules may seem strange for Westerners while they are very normal for people living in Dubai.

In this blog post, I will provide you with 23 fascinating facts about Dubai to see how unique Dubai is.

Facts About Dubai

Dubai grew from the desert to the top of the world in a very short time. While 50 years ago Dubai was an unknown place, today it is one of the most popular and visited cities in the world. Here are the most fascinating facts about Dubai.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

1. Dubai has the tallest building in the world

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and it is located in Dubai. It is 828 m tall without an antenna. Burj Khalifa is the most popular tourist attraction in Dubai. The lift taking tourists to the observation deck takes 1 minute to take you to the 124th floor.

In the Burj Khalifa, there are some residential flats, offices, the Armani Hotel, and the Armani Prive nightclub located.

2. There is no income tax in Dubai

There is no income tax in Dubai. Meaning that people do not pay taxes on their salaries. Recently taxes were introduced to companies only. So companies or people owning a business have to pay a tax after reaching a certain amount of profit per year.

3. Dubai police have luxury cars

Everywhere else in the world, police have pretty standard cars. However, in Dubai, the police have luxury and extravagant cars like Ferrari, Porshe, Bugatti Veyron, or Bentleys. Also, the color of Dubai police is green.

ATM for Gold in Dubai

4. Dubai has an ATM for gold

Dubai has an ATM not only for money but also for gold. It is like a vending machine where you will purchase gold instead of sweets and drinks.

5. Dubai has an ATM for bitcoin

Not only an ATM for gold but also an ATM for bitcoin was introduced in Dubai. There are also several places in Dubai where they accept Bitcoin as a currency to pay with.

6. Dubai’s Population is mostly expats

You probably didn’t know that Dubai’s population is mostly expats. There is 85% of foreigners living in Dubai and only 15% are local Emiratis.

7. Dubai’s population is more male than female

Another interesting fact about Dubai is that the population of men is about 70% while women are only about 30%. This could be due to the reason that many men from abroad come to Dubai for work and leave their families back home.

Burj Al Arab

8. Dubai has a 7-star hotel

Dubai was the first one to build a 7-star hotel. The 7-star hotel is called Burj Al Arab, it has a sail shape, and it is standing on an artificial island.

Dubai Miracle Garden

9. Dubai has the largest flower garden

There is the largest outside flower garden in Dubai, called Miracle Garden. You may be surprised how all these flowers can survive in the desert. The garden is open from October to April and closed down during the summer when it is too hot. Otherwise, they do take good care of the flowers.

10. Weekend in Dubai is 2.5 days

In the past, a weekend in Dubai was two days Friday and Saturday. Friday because it is a day to go to the mosque. This was changed and now the weekend is the same as in the Western world Saturday and Sunday, however, they added half a day on Friday afternoon. Therefore they have a 2.5-day weekend in Dubai.

11. Dubai has airconditioned bus stops

Imagine standing in this heat and direct sun waiting for a bus. Crazy. Therefore, clever people in Dubai came up with the idea of an airconditioned bus stop.

Palm Jumeirah Island

12. One of the largest man-made islands is located in Dubai

It is not the largest, but one of the largest man-made islands, and it was built in Dubai. It is called Palm Jumeirah Island where Atlantis Hotel is located.

Dubai Metro

13. The world’s longest automated metro in Dubai

Dubai had the longest automated metro in the world. It was signed by the Guinness World Records in 2012. However, Singapore took the price over from Dubai. Nevertheless, Dubai still holds a price for the longest automated single metro line, which is the Red Line.

Dubai Desert

14. Dubai used to be a desert

If you didn’t know, Dubai used to be almost a desert. Until they started to build the infrastructure and hotels and became one of the most popular business hubs and tourist destinations in the world.

15. Burj Al Arab interior is from gold

The interior of the 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab is plated with 24K gold leaves. There are some suites with gold toilet and bathroom.

16. The tallest hotel in the world is in Dubai

So not only the tallest building in the world but also the tallest hotel in the world is in Dubai. The hotel is called Gevora Hotel and it was opened in 2018. With its height of 356 m became the tallest hotel in the world and pushed JW Marriott Marques Hotel in Dubai to second place.

Address Beach Resort in Dubai with the highest infinity pool in the world

17. The world’s highest infinity pool is in Dubai

Dubai also built the tallest infinity pool and the tallest 360-degree infinity pool. The tallest infinity pool is in Address Beach Resort with a height of 293.906 m and the tallest 360-degree infinity pool is Aura Sky Pool on the Palm with a height of 210 meters.

18. Dubai made the deepest pool

So far everything was tallest or largest, now there must be something the deepest. Guess what. They built the deepest pool in the world. Only professional divers are allowed to enter this pool. It is a city built under the water.

19. Dubai made the world’s longest gold chain

To celebrate the Dubai Shopping Festival’s 20th anniversary, Dubai created the world’s longest gold chain. it was 5 kilometers long, weighed 240 kg, and was signed in the World’s Guinness Book of Records.

20. The Dubai mailing system works on P.O.Box

Did you know that Dubai didn’t have street numbers? In the past mails and packages were delivered based on the descriptions. These days they work through P.O.Box. There is still no postcode, so sending a package based on the street number means there is a high probability it won’t be delivered. The only way is through P.O. Box.

21. Palm Jumeirah Island is seen from the space

This one is really fascinating and I was so amazed by it. The man-made island Palm Jumeirah Island can be seen from space.

22. Eating and drinking in the metro are not allowed

As you know eating and drinking in a metro in the Western World is very normal. However, not in Dubai. If you eat, drink, or chew gum in the metro you can get a fine.

23. You will never get nationality in Dubai

Many people are not aware of this fact. No matter how long you live in Dubai, own a house, or a business, you will never get the nationality. You have the residency, but not the nationality.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Facts: FAQs

So these were the most amazing facts about Dubai. Here are more interesting questions about Dubai you may have.

Is Dubai a city or a country?

Dubai is a city. It is one of the 7 emirates forming the United Arab Emirates.

What language do they speak in Dubai?

The official language in Dubai is Arabic. English is the most commonly spoken language in Dubai.

What is a nickname for Dubai?

A nickname for Dubai is Gulf Tiger, due to its rapid economic growth.

Conclusion: Facts About Dubai

There are many fascinating, interesting, and unusual facts about Dubai. These were just a few of them. Maybe you already heard about them or maybe they surprised you. In any way, Dubai is a special city that attracts many tourists, investors, and businessmen. Let’s see what new surprises it will bring in the future.

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