When Is The Worst Time To Visit Dubai? (From A Frequent Visitor)


Do you want to visit Dubai but don’t know when to go? Don’t worry, I will tell you when is the worst time to visit Dubai, plus the best time.

Dubai has become a more and more popular tourist destination. With a hot climate, luxurious hotels, and extravagant attractions, tourists would like to know when is the best and the worst time to visit Dubai.

Shortly, if you can’t stand hot and humid weather, avoid traveling in July and August. If you want to visit Dubai on a budget, avoid the month of December. You will find more details about the worst and best times to visit Dubai in this article below.

The Worst Time To Visit Dubai

The worst time to visit Dubai is based on several factors. The first one would be the weather as Dubai is in the desert, the climate is hot and humid.

The second one will be prices. Dubai is not a cheap destination and everyone has a different budget. The other factors are holidays, crowds, events, and festivals.

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The worst time to visit Dubai based on the weather

Dubai has only one season, which is summer. There is a hot summer and warm summer. The hot summer starts in June and lasts till August, when August is the worst month.

During July and August, temperatures can rise to 50 degrees Celcius/122 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity being highest in August. Even the sea is so hot that you feel you are in jacuzzi.

Therefore, if you coming to Dubai for a beach vacation, and want to wander around the city, seeing outdoor attractions and sights, July-August is the worst time to visit Dubai.

However, if you don’t care about the beaches and want to visit indoor places, the weather should not bother you. All buildings in Dubai are air-conditioned, including taxis, public transportation, and bus stops.

A piece of advice, bring a light sweater with you as it is very cold inside of any of the buildings and transportation services.

Lake in Downtown Dubai next to Burj Khalifa

Maybe you think the European winter months are the best time to go to Dubai. Not really. During January and February, there could be heavy rains, thunder, and sand storms.

They don’t last long but can happen for 2 days during your holiday. So, it is good to count on that.

The worst time to visit Dubai based on prices

In case you don’t care about the weather, you are on a budget and want to see Dubai for less, then the worst time for you to visit is during the winter time November to March.

Prices for hotels, accommodation, and flight tickets during this time are the highest. And they rise even more around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

To visit Dubai on a budget, you need to come during the summertime, June-August. Not only your accommodation will be cheaper but also shops in malls offer high discounts.

Bear in mind that during the summertime, some of the attractions may be closed, like Global Village and Miracle Garden, or can have shorter hours of operation.

The worst time to visit Dubai based on holidays and crowds

If you are a person who likes to avoid crowded places during the holiday, the worst time for you is the winter time November-March, but mostly the month of December around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

As the weather is more pleasant during winter, most of the tourists visit Dubai at this time. My last visit to Dubai was around Christmas time, we were leaving just before New Year’s Eve and everything was so crowded. Shopping malls, transportation, and beaches too.

Crowds of people in front of Dubai Mall waiting for the Dubai Fountain show

Also, one of the worst times to visit Dubai is during the holy month of Ramadan. During this time, Muslims fast during the day and start to eat at sunset.

Shops and attractions may have shorter opening hours, and small places may open later in the evening. You should check which month this holiday falls on, as it is changing every year.

As Dubai is becoming more and more open, it is not as strict during Ramadan as it used to be. However, you should still be respectful and not eat outside on the street, only in designated areas, and also be more mindful about your clothes.

Also, if you come to Dubai to visit nightclubs, bear in mind that all nightclubs are closed during Ramadan.

The best time to visit Dubai

So when is the best time to visit Dubai? The best time to visit Dubai is during the shoulder seasons in April- May and the second half of September and October.

Dubai Marina at night

The weather is ideal, meaning it is not too hot, the sea has a lovely temperature and rain and sandstorms are not common at this time.

The prices are also not at the highest and there are fewer crowds than during the winter time.

Visit Dubai based on events and festivals

There are always some concerts and events happening in Dubai, however, some events are repeated every year in the same months. If you wish to attend any of the important events and festivals in Dubai, here are the dates.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival is happening every year starting in December until the middle or end of January. This is a time not to be missed by all shopping lovers. All the designer shops provide big discounts. Not only discounts but also shows, competitions, raffles, and entertainment for the whole families are happening all around the city.
  • Dubai Desert Classic is the most awaited golf event in Dubai. Started in 1989, happening yearly in January.
  • The Dubai Tennis Championship is a professional tennis tournament happening every year in February.
  • Dubai Jazz Festival has been held in Dubai since 2008 in February. You will enjoy performances of musical legends of jazz, blues, soul, and pop.
  • Dubai World Cup is the richest horse race event happening since 1996 and it is held yearly on the last Saturday in March.
  • Art Dubai is an event for art enthusiasts. It is an international art fair held in Dubai where over 100 galleries are participating. This event is held in March.
  • Dubai Food Festival is usually happening in April-May and lasts about two weeks. It is a culinary experience for food lovers. Not only you can taste different types of delicious food, but you can also be part of the masterclasses.
  • UAE National Day is on the 2nd of December and it is always a big celebration. People get out on the streets to celebrate, watch the parade, dancers’ show, spectacular LED show on Burj Khalifa, and of course fireworks.
  • New Year’s Eve is one of the special events in Dubai. Every year there is a different LED and firework show on Burj Khalifa that attracts thousands of people from all over the world.

When is the peak and low season?

The peak season in Dubai is from November to March when the weather is cooler. The prices are at the highest and there are crowds of tourists lining up for some attractions.

People sailing on Abra with Santa in Madinat Jumeirah Dubai during Christmas

The low season is from June to August when the weather is the hottest, and it is very humid. Prices are the lowest and also there are not many tourists.

There are also shoulder seasons, during April, May, and September, October. The weather is warmer than during winter months, but not too hot. The tourists starting to come but it is not very crowded yet.

Breakdown by months

January – is one of the coolest months, the sea is refreshing, and some rain can be expected during this month. This is the best month for shopping lovers as the shopping festival is happening.

February – is the second coolest month, the sea is still refreshing and a sandstorm or rain can be expected during this month. Daily temperatures are similar to January, around 25 degrees Celsius/77 degrees Fahrenheit.

March – the temperature is rising, and the sea is getting warmer, so this is one of the best months for a beach holiday. You can expect daily temperatures around 28 degrees Celsius/82 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the Dubai World Cup is happening at the end of the month.

April – during this month is ideal weather, around 32 degrees Celsius/89 degrees Fahrenheit. Best for swimming and sunbathing but it is still possible to do sightseeing and other outdoor activities.

May – is getting a little bit hot around 35-40 degrees Celsius/95-104 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore it is not for everyone to stay at the beach for a long time. It is a shoulder season and you will find fewer tourists.

June – temperatures are high, and the low season is starting, so you can grab some good deals on your accommodation.

July, and August – are the hottest months when temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celcius/122 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is high. It is the low season with the lowest prices. These months are not recommended for beach holidays or outdoor activities. Good months for shopping and anything to do indoors.

September – temperatures starting to decrease and the second half of the month is suitable for a beach vacation or outdoor activities.

October the weather is ideal for a beach, sightseeing, and walking. It is a shoulder season, so the amount of tourists is increasing.

November – the peak season is starting as it is getting cooler and prices are rising. Daily temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit.

December – the best weather for those who don’t like hot. However, it is the busiest month with crowds and the highest prices, especially around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The Worst Time To Visit Dubai: FAQs

You learned when is the worst time to come to Dubai based on weather, crowds, and prices. For more questions, check these FAQs below.

What is the most crowded month in Dubai?

The most crowded month in Dubai is December. At the beginning of December, there is the UAE National Day, and at the end of the month is Christmas and New Year’s Eve which attracts thousands of tourists to visit Dubai.

When is the best time to visit Dubai with family?

In my opinion, the best time for a family vacation in Dubai is during the shoulder seasons, April, May, and September, October. The temperatures are pleasant, it is not too hot for outdoor activities with children and at the same time, the city is not very crowded.

However, you can visit Dubai with family anytime. I would avoid July and August as it may be too hot for children.

Is May a good time to visit Dubai?

If you prefer hot weather, warmer sea, fewer people, and lower prices, then May is the perfect time to visit Dubai.

When is the best time to visit Dubai for shopping?

The best time for shopping in Dubai is in December and January when the Dubai Shopping Festival is happening and during the summer July and August. At these times you can find a lot of sales and bargains in all shops.

Conclusion: When Is The Worst Time To Visit Dubai?

The worst time to visit Dubai could be different for each person, depending on what you prefer. If you don’t like hot weather, the worst time is July and August.

If you don’t like crowded places, avoid December. In case you travel on a budget, you should visit Dubai from June to August.

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