Booking accommodation- to book accommodation while traveling I like to use Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor offers a comparison of prices of several booking sites. This way you can choose the cheapest site to book your hotel. There are vacation rentals available as well.

Besides choosing the best price, there are other things I like about Tripadvisor. There are many reviews from people who stayed in those hotels. I never travel without checking the reviews. This way you will receive true information from people who stayed in the hotels, stating what they like, what they dislike, how was the food, customer service, and whether all the information was correct as stated on the official sites of the hotel.

Not only the reviews but also pictures from the guests. As the official pictures of hotels look all beautiful, people will put the real pictures they took while staying in the hotel. This way you get the real picture of the place.

Things to do, excursions, and tours- When you are traveling or you are on holiday, you want to do a lot of things, you want to go for tours, excursions, and experience the city. GetYourGuide is one of the biggest tours, excursions, and attractions providers in the world.

You can book in advance or at the last minute. You can also cancel 24 hours in advance to get the full refund. Some of their excursions are with a guide, some without, or you can get the audio as well. For some of the trips, pick-up and drop-off are included in the price. There is a detailed description of the experience and also for whom it is not suitable (children of a certain age, pregnant women, etc).

GetYourGuide also provides discounts on many of the tours and experiences. The great thing is the review. For each experience, there is a review from people who book it before. This way you will know if it is worth it or not.

Tours in Africa- In Africa you usually need a tour operator for any of your tours and safaris. G Adventures is on the market for about 30 years and they received many awards and recognitions. The company was established by a single man, a traveler and now the offices are located in 28 countries. You get all the details of your trip and your guide will be a local person, so you can get more knowledge and experience from the tour. The great thing is the lifetime deposit.