Dubai In May: Weather & Things To Do


Are you thinking of visiting Dubai in May?

When people planning to visit Dubai, they often ask which is the best month to go. I visited Dubai in different months during the year but May was the month I first came to Dubai. Then I came in May another time.

Would I recommend visiting Dubai in May? If you love hot weather like me, fewer crowds, and lower prices, then May is the best time for you to visit Dubai.

Whether you love to spend time outside, near the water, do some sightseeing, or do indoor activities, May is the right time before the hot summer starts.

Is It A Good Time To Visit Dubai In May?

Yes, May is a good time to visit Dubai. The peak season is finishing, so there are fewer tourists, meaning you can enjoy many attractions without crowds.

Many hotels will start decreasing the prices and have special promotions, so you can save money.

Moreover, the weather is ideal for your relaxing beach vacation.

Dubai in May: Weather

Many people who plan to come to Dubai are worried about the hot climate. Dubai is in the desert so the weather is warm and hot whole year round.

The weather in May is lovely. If you prefer hot weather, sunshine, and warm sea, then May is the best month to visit Dubai.

Beginning of May the weather is more pleasant. It gets hotter towards the end of the month, but it is still not too hot.

You can expect daily temperatures around 35-40 degrees Celsius, 95-104 degrees Fahrenheit. At night the weather gets cooler to about 23-26 degrees Celsius, 73-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sea temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius, 84 Degrees Fahrenheit, which is like a nice bath that you have at home. I prefer a warmer sea, rather than a cooler which is during the winter.

Dubai In May: Best Things To Do & See

Dubai is a city where you have always plenty of choices for your daily activities. May is a great month for beaches, pools, and water parks during the day. However, you can still do sightseeing if you don’t mind higher temperatures.

If the weather is too hot for you, you can do many indoor activities. All the indoor places in Dubai are air-conditioned. Evenings and nights are great for a walk, cruises, or a dinner with a beautiful view.

Here I picked up some of the best things to do and see in Dubai in May.

Outdoor activities

There are plenty of outdoor activities you can do in Dubai in May. Whether during the day or night. Here are some examples.

Relax on the beach

Use the lovely sunshine to relax on the beach. There are many public beaches in Dubai like JBR Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Umm Suqeim Beach, Kite Beach, and also private beaches where you can relax.

JBR Beach with the view of Ain Dubai

The sea is lovely and warm, so it is nice to spend the days on the beach. You can also try some watersports, like kitesurfing, paddle boarding, or jet skiing.

Cool down in pools or water parks

Beaches are not the only places to cool down in water and enjoy the lovely sunshine weather. Dubai has several water parks where you can have a lot of fun as an adult or child.

The best water parks are Aquaventure and Wild Wadi. In Aquaventure there is also a beach area where you can relax if you wish to, or you can also swim with dolphins.

Other water parks are Legoland, AquaFun, or for children Splash n Party.

Moreover, each hotel and residential buildings have a pool, so you can enjoy swimming there as well.

➡️Book your entry ticket to Aquaventure Water Park here

Take a city tour

When I first time visited Dubai, which was in May, we took the Big Bus tour through the city. I do recommend this for the first-timers in Dubai.

It is a nice way to see the city and to stop in certain places which you would like to explore and do some sightseeing. There are different tours to choose from during the day and night.

➡️Choose your Dubai Big Bus tour here

Explore the old part of Dubai

Dubai is divided into the new shiny and glamorous Dubai and the old Dubai where you can learn about the history of the UAE and its culture.

You can visit the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood where you can have a nice walk and enjoy your lunch. It is better to go earlier in the morning before it gets too hot or later in the evening.

From there you can take the Abra boat to the other side of Dubai Creek and explore different souks, like spice souk, perfume souk, and more.

You can visit those during your Big Bus tour as well, or you can book a guided tour here.

Couple jumping to pose for a picture on desert safari Dubai

Go for a desert safari

Desert safari is something you should not miss when visiting Dubai. The month of May is a great month to do so as the evenings are cooler but at the same time still warm.

When you go, you should choose an evening safari, alternatively early morning. You will enjoy dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, quad biking, shisha, grilled dinner, and a traditional show if you choose the evening one.

Each tour has different activities, so you can choose the tour accordingly. I went on desert safari 3 times and all of them were in the evening.

➡️Choose Dubai Desert Safari based on your interests here.

Take a boat cruise

A boat cruise is a nice way to spend an evening. You can choose the traditional Abra boat with buffet dinner, music, and show and see the most important landmarks in Dubai from the water.

If you prefer modern yachts, there are a few to choose from.

➡️Book your boat cruise here

Dubai Fountain Show

Watch the Dubai Fountain show

Dubai Fountain is one of the most remarkable attractions in Dubai. So being in Dubai and not seeing Dubai Fountain is like you were not even here.

You can watch the show any time during the year as the show starts at 6 pm until 11 pm. As the weather in May is very pleasant, you can sit outside on the bench or restaurant’s terrace to watch the fountain.

Visit Abu Dhabi

The first time we visited Dubai we also went for a trip to Abu Dhabi. We chose the Big Bus tour which took us to Abu Dhabi. We visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Marina Mall, and the Emirates Palace.

➡️There are some more tours you can choose from here

JBR Dubai in the evening

Go for an evening walk

Evening walks in Dubai in May are so lovely due to the nice warm weather. The best area to go for a walk is JBR Walk where there are many shops and restaurants, as well as food stalls next to the beach.

There you can take awesome pictures with Ain Dubai in the background.

Another great area for an evening walk is Dubai Marina. It is a nice walk around the water with many restaurants and cafes where you can stop by and enjoy a drink, dinner, or shisha.

There are more places in Dubai where you can walk, like downtown close to Burj Khalifa, or next to the Dubai Water Canal.

Admire Glow Garden

Glow Garden is the world’s largest glow park. 10 million LED lights create amazing art that is admired by adults as well as children. Each year the theme of the park changes.

There is also a Dinosaur Park and Magic Park.

Indoor activities

If you feel that the weather is too hot for you, there are many indoor activities that you can enjoy in Dubai. When you go indoors, don’t forget to take a light sweater with you as the strong AC makes the interiors a little bit cold.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, the tallest building in the world

Go to the top of Burj Khalifa

Going to the top of Burj Khalifa is the most popular activity in Dubai. Who wouldn’t want to go to the top of the tallest building in the world?

You can choose daytime, sunset, or night. When we were in Dubai in May, we went there at night. During another visit, we did the daytime to experience both views.

Sunset is the busiest time, so you have to be ready for queueing even in May when there are fewer people.

Book your top of Burj Khalifa, on different floors, here.
➡️Burj Khalifa levels 124 & 125
➡️Burj Khalifa levels 124, 125 & 148
➡️Burj Khalifa The Lounge

Dubai Mall Aquarium

Visit Aquarium

If you want to see some marine life, there are several aquariums in Dubai, that are fascinating for children and adults. The best and biggest ones are The Lost Chambers Aquarium in the Atlantis Hotel and Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in Dubai Mall.

Visit the Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is one of the new things in Dubai. It will bring you into the future through technology and senses. There is a dedicated exhibit for children where they can play, explore and learn.

As this museum is very favored, tickets are being sold a few months in advance.

Explore shopping malls

Whether you love shopping or not, you should definitely explore the amazing shopping malls in Dubai. Not only you can wander around the shops but you can explore the interior, and have fun participating in many activities.

You can find cinemas here, an ice rink, bowling, kids playing centers, a ski center, and many more.

When you get hungry, many restaurants, cafes, and fast food are available here.

What To Pack For Dubai In May

You will need to pack everything that you would pack any other month.

  • T-shirts
  • shorts
  • skirts
  • dresses
  • thin long trousers
  • sandals, flip-flops
  • smart shoes (if you plan to go to an Opera or luxury restaurant)
  • thin sweater
  • scarf for women (if you planning to visit the mosque) (it can be also handy during quad biking in the desert)
  • bikini
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen+after sunscreen
  • personal cosmetics
  • beach towel
  • hat (sun protection)
  • handbag
  • camera/phone
  • charger
  • plug convertor (In Dubai there are UK-type plug sockets)
  • money+card

Dubai In May: FAQs

Now you know what to do and what weather it is in Dubai in May. For more questions, check out these FAQs.

How should I dress in Dubai in May?

During the day it is hot, so you should wear loose clothes from thin materials like cotton or linen. Whether you like to wear shorts, skirts or dresses of different lengths, that is up to you.

You can wear a T-shirt with short sleeves or sleeveless. Open shoes like sandals are the best.

In the evening is still warm, so you can wear the same type of clothes as during the day. It depends on what are you planning to do and where to go. If you go to Opera or more luxury restaurants, you should follow the smart dress code.

Don’t worry about covering as a woman as this is required only in mosques.

For more about the dress code in Dubai, read my article here.

Is Dubai too hot in May?

Yes, Dubai in May is hot. However, it is not as hot as during the peak summer, June to August. May is the transition from spring to summer, so it is getting warmer.

If you don’t like too hot, it is better to plan your holiday for the beginning of the month, rather than the end when it gets hotter.

Is Dubai cold at night in May?

Not at all. The weather in May at night is perfect. It is a lovely and warm. Great time for evening walks in shorts, T-shirts, or dresses. No sweater is needed.

Conclusion: Visiting Dubai In May

If you prefer warmer weather, fewer crowds, and lower prices, May is the ideal month to visit Dubai. You can spend days on the beach or pools and warm evenings will be pleasant for walks or dinner on the outside terrace.

While it is still possible to do many things outside, you can also choose from plenty of indoor activities.

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