Can You Wear A Bikini In Dubai?


Are you wondering whether you can wear a bikini in Dubai?

I have been visiting Dubai since 2011 until now and I can tell you that Dubai even though it is part of a Muslim country, has always been relaxed, and it become more benevolent in recent years.

If this is your first time planning a holiday in Dubai, you are probably asking a question that most women, including me, were asking: “Can you wear a bikini in Dubai?” The answer is simple. Yes, you can wear a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit in Dubai.

However, there are certain rules where you can wear a bikini and I will explain in this article and give you more information as to what to wear when visiting Dubai, for example in malls, souks, nightclubs, and more.

Can You Wear A Bikini In Dubai?

Dubai is the most liberal and tolerant Emirate of all seven Emirates. About 88% of expats live in the UAE, most of whom are in Dubai.

Dubai also attracts millions of tourists every year. If bikinis are not allowed, I think not many tourists would be interested in coming here. With this said, the rules in other Emirates are different than in Dubai. 

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Wearing a bikini on the beach, pool, and waterparks

Wearing a bikini at the beach, hotel pool, or waterparks is perfectly fine. There are so many types and styles of bikinis and one-piece swimsuits you can choose from.

While in the past thong bikini was something unusual to see on the beaches in Dubai and you would get unwanted attention, in recent years it has become very normal. During my last visit to Dubai, I saw almost every tenth woman wearing a thong bikini on a public beach.

JBR Beach, Dubai

Bikinis are also allowed In the waterparks but don’t forget that the slides can give you high speed and a strong jump into the water, so choose swimwear that will stay in place.

When you are staying at the hotel pool, don’t forget to put your clothes on when going back to your room, restaurant, bar, or reception. It is not allowed to wear swimwear inside the hotels.

This same applies when you are going to the beach or leaving the beach. You are used to going shopping from the beach in your bikini top and shorts back home, however, it is not allowed in Dubai.

In any public place, like streets, shopping malls, restaurants, or bars, you need to respect the culture and dress appropriately. You will even see signs on the doors of shopping malls that bikinis, short shorts, and skirts are not allowed.

You can also wear a bikini at pool parties. Several hotels organize pool parties with music and drinks as they have a license to sell alcohol. During these parties, you are allowed to wear a bikini and have fun in the pool.

Sunbathing topless is strictly prohibited in Dubai. Please don’t try it as you may either get a fine or even be taken to prison.

What to wear in the nightclubs in Dubai

There are dress codes in Dubai’s nightclubs, meaning you should dress smart casual. No trainers, jeans and beach wear. If you wear jeans, they should not be ripped, and you should combine them with a smart top and high heels.

A couple in the Cavalli Club Dubai

Women usually wear very sexy dresses or skirts with tops and high heels. When I first time entered the club in Dubai, I was wearing a smart dress, but longer under my knees and I felt I was the only woman wearing a long dress.

Most of the women wear the shortest and sexiest dresses possible. So don’t be afraid here. For your imagination, you can see some pictures from the Armani club here.

What to wear in Dubai in the streets, malls, or souks

In the streets, you can wear your ordinary clothes, sleeveless tops, skirts, and shorts are totally fine. No need to cover yourself.

However, in the malls, there are signs not to wear very short shorts or skirts. And honestly, I would not wear them for one reason. It is freezing cold inside any buildings in Dubai.

Therefore anytime I visit any building in Dubai, I take a long skirt or trousers and even pack a sweater or jumper with me in the bag.

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    When you visit any of the souks, it is better to dress a little bit more conservatively as they are in the old part of Dubai out of the touristic beachy area.

    Even though Dubai is very open, it is still a Muslim country and it is good to respect it in certain places. Both men and women can wear sandals in Dubai.

    So wear something that covers your knees and shoulders. The dress code is similar to what you would wear in the streets and souks in Egypt for example. For more details, you can check my article on what to wear in Egypt here.

    During the holy month of Ramadan, you should pay a little more attention to what you wear on the streets to be more respectful of the Emirati culture and religion.

    What to wear on a desert safari in Dubai

    On desert safari, you should dress according to the weather. If the weather is too hot, wear light, and not tight clothing. Choose materials like cotton or linen. Don’t wear very short shorts or skirts, but shorts close to your knees are fine, and also longer skirts or dresses.

    A woman in Dubai desert

    During the winter months in the evening, you will need a jumper. When it comes to shoes you can wear flip-flops or trainers if you are going to do sandboarding or quad biking.

    What to wear when visiting Mosques in Dubai

    Mosques in Dubai and UAE are usually not open for non-muslims, however, you can visit Jumeirah Mosque or the most beautiful Mosque I have ever seen, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. And I highly recommend it.

    A woman standing in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

    When visiting a mosque, wear a long skirt or dress up to your ankles and a long-sleeved top. Also, you have to cover your head with a scarf.

    If you are staying in Dubai, you can book a tour that will take you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back.

    ➡️Book the sightseeing tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi HERE.

    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque used to lend an abaya and scarf to every woman who visited the mosque. However, I heard you have to buy it now if you are not fully covered. They don’t lend it anymore. So make sure you follow the dress code.

    Also, men should wear long trousers and a top covering their shoulders.

    FAQs: Is Bikini Allowed In Dubai?

    Here you have it. All you need to know about wearing bikinis in Dubai and other information about dress code in Dubai. Here are some more questions you may have.

    Do women have to wear hijabs in Dubai?

    No, women don’t have to wear hijabs in Dubai. However, you have to cover your hair while visiting a Mosque.

    Can I wear ripped jeans in Dubai?

    Yes, you can wear ripped jeans in Dubai.

    Can you wear a bikini in Abu Dhabi?

    Yes, you can wear a bikini in Abu Dhabi on the beach and pool. The same as in Dubai.

    Can you wear shorts in Dubai?

    Yes, you can wear shorts in Dubai if they don’t show more than they should.

    Conclusion: Can You Wear A Bikini In Dubai?

    As you can see, wearing bikinis in Dubai is perfectly fine, unless you wear them on the beach, pool, or waterpark. Thong bikinis are also allowed in Dubai.

    On the streets, malls, and souks dress according to the weather and respect the culture. While nightclubs are places where you can go wild.

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