Abd El Wahab Souk Al Bahar Reviews

Are you looking for a restaurant with great food and a view of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain? Restaurant Abd El Wahab in Souk Al Bahar has it all.

We were searching for a nice restaurant during our next visit to Dubai. My husband recommended Abd El Wahab in Souk al Bahar where he used to go with his friends and work colleagues.

So we booked a table for our Christmas Eve Dinner in Abd El Wahab restaurant and have no regrets. From the delicious food, through customer service to the amazing view, everything was perfect.

I’m happy we have chosen Abd El Wahab from our list of restaurants as the great view and atmosphere with Dubai Fountain opposite Burj Khalifa made the evening very special.

I will provide you with an honest review of this restaurant based on my own experience. Please note, that I would not recommend something I’m not happy with.


Souk Al Bahar where Abd El Wahab Restaurant is located

About Abd El Wahab Souk Al Bahar

Abd El Wahab is a Lebanese Restaurant and is named after the street which is located in Beirut, Lebanon. In Dubai, there are two branches, one in Dubai Marina and the second one in Downtown which we visited.

Where to find restaurant Abd El Wahab in Downtown? It is located opposite Dubai Mall in Souk Al Bahar, which is a lovely modern souk with shops and restaurants. Abd El Wahab is based on the first floor.

The prices of dishes are very similar to any restaurant in Dubai. As it is not overpriced due to the location, it is the first advantage of this restaurant.

The next plus for us was that most of the food was gluten-free, which we needed for our daughter.

Contact details:
Email: aw-otci@hhh-me.c
Web: https://hhh-me.com/brands/abd-el-wahab/


A view of Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa from Abd El Wahab Restaurant

The Atmosphere

Once we entered the restaurant and provided the reservation name, we were escorted to our table which was already ready for us.

While the inside of the restaurant is simple but nice, with oriental decor, outside on the terrace where we had our reservation is a completely different story.

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is smiling at you just a few meters away, separated by the lake where the Dubai Fountain performing its show. Having dinner right next to the most remarkable spots in Dubai is an amazing experience.

Therefore, I recommend making a reservation in advance and asking for a table on the terrace in the first row. Also, choose the time from 6 pm when the fountain show starts and is on every 30 minutes. It is better to avoid the summer months as it could be quite hot outside even in the evening.

You get two hours allocated for your dinner, which is a perfect amount of time to enjoy your dinner and the view.

Abd El Wahab is suitable for family dinners, romantic dinners, or evenings with your friends and colleagues.


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Food on a table in Abd El Wahab Restaurant

The Food and Drinks

Abd El Wahab is a Lebanese restaurant, therefore you will find all kinds of Lebanese dishes here. Cold starters like Hommos, staffed Vine Leaves, warm starters like Sambousik, and main meals with different kinds of grilled meat and seafood. Among the sweets you can find here Baklava or Mouhallabiyeh.

They have two types of menus. One is a regular menu from which you can choose your starter, soup, main meal, and dessert.

The second menu is a setup menu where you have several cold starters, warm starters, main meals, desserts, and non-alcoholic drinks. We were told this menu is for 4 people.

There are two types of setup menus, which are quite similar, where one of them the main meals are mostly seafood. The first menu costs 279 AED per person, and the second one with seafood is 299 AED per person.

We went for the first setup menu, we were four adults, and one 4-year-old child, which ate for free and we couldn’t finish all the meals. So the portions are great and the food is so delicious.

All the flavors and spices gave the food a special taste. From hommos, through sausages to the grilled meat, everything was so tasty.

With these menus, you can choose from several non-alcoholic drinks, like juices and water. We went for a mint juice and it was delicious. I highly recommend it. If you want an alcoholic drink, you can purchase it extra.

The prices for the regular menu are:

  • salads, cold starters, and hommos – around 30-40 AED
  • soups – 30 AED
  • hot starters – 30 to 50 AED
  • seafood – 70 to 100 AED
  • Grilled meat – 70 to over 100 AED
  • Desserts around – 30 AED
  • Soft drinks and hot drinks – around 20-30 AED

Customer Service

Customer service in Abd El Wahab Souk Al Bahar is amazing. The head of the waiters was a very kind man who explained the menu to us and took care of us the whole time.

As our concern was the gluten-free food for our daughter, he was very kind to provide information to us about which meals were without gluten so we knew what she could eat.

Actually, except for the bread, Arabic sweets and I think one more type of food, she could eat everything else and she really enjoyed it.

As a bonus, she got a vanilla ice cream which made her happiest in the world.

The manager is very nice and professional, checking each table to see whether people are happy with the food or if they need anything. All with a big smile on his face.


A family dinner in Abd El Wahab Souk Al Bahar

Conclusion: Abd El Wahab Souk Al Bahar

If you are looking for a restaurant with delicious food, great customer service, and the most amazing view of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain, I highly recommend Abd El Wahab in Souk Al Bahar.

With its great location and tasty Lebanese dishes, most of which are gluten-free, this restaurant is a great option for families, couples, or friends.

If you want a memorable dinner on your holiday in Dubai, choose Abd El Wahab. However, don’t forget to make a reservation in advance and ask for a table on the terrace.

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