Sky Views Observatory Dubai: Guide To Prices, Info & More

Are you planning to visit the famous Sky Views Observatory Dubai? Here you will find all the necessary information you need for this attraction, like how to get there, ticket price, and what to expect.

Sky Views Observatory Dubai was on my bucket list for my next visit to Dubai. So on our recent holiday, me and my husband booked this attraction. We did the glass walk and glass slide but we didn’t do the edge walk.

While the experience was worth trying, there were some things I would like to point out so you are well-prepared before you go. Except for my observation and experience, I will give you information about the entry tickets, opening times, where the Sky Views Observatory is located, how to get there, and much more.

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Sky Views Observatory Dubai

Sky Views Observatory Dubai is a thrilling attraction for those who love heights and would like to see Dubai from a bird’s eye. Here you will have the opportunity to see the city of Dubai with a 360-degree view, with Burj Khalifa right next to you.


The sign for Sky Views Observatory Dubai on the way from metro

Sky Views Observatory Dubai Location and how to get there

Sky Views Observatory Dubai is located in the Address Sky View Hotel Downtown, close to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. The attractions are on the 52 and 53 floors where you will be taken by a glass lift.

To get to Sky Views Observatory is very easy.

🚇By metro – take a red line to Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa metro station. You will walk through the tunnel towards Dubai Mall. On your way, you will see the sign for Sky Views Observatory where you will enter.

🚍 By Bus – Bus numbers 30, D03, D03A, and F13 will take you to Dubai Mall bus station. From here you can walk to Address Sky View in about 5 minutes.

🚖 By taxi – You can use City Taxi, Uber, or Careem to take you from your location to Sky Views Observatory.

🚘By car – If you are coming by car, you have few parking options.

  • The Address Sky View Tower 1 parking
  • The restaurant at Address Sky View parking
  • Sky Views Observatory Underground parking
  • Boulevard Plaza parking
  • Dubai Mall parking.


A woman sitting on a glass floor in Sky Views Observatory Dubai

What to do in Sky Views Observatory Dubai

There are three main attractions in Sky Views Observatory Dubai.

  1. Sky Views Observatory – is an amazing experience where at the height of 219.5 meters you walk on the glass floor admire the ground underneath you and at the same time enjoy the panorama view of the city skyline.
  2. Sky Glass Slide is a glass slide attached to the tower’s exterior and connects floors 52 and 53 where you slide down on a special rug.
  3. Sky Edge Walk – The most exciting and extreme experience, where you walk along the outside of the tower without any glass or barriers and admire the view of the city. Only if you dare.
  4. Sky 52 Restaurant – Except for the attractions, there is also a restaurant where you can book a table and enjoy delicious food.


Sky Views Observatory Dubai Tickets

There are different tickets available for Sky Views Observatory depending on the attraction you choose.

A general ticket for the Observatory with one slide on the Glass slide costs 80 AED per Adult and 65 AED per child 4-8 years old. You can purchase an extra slide for 25 AED.

A ticket for the Sky Edge Walk costs 504 AED. This is available only for people from 12 years old. The observatory and Glass slide are included.

I recommend booking the tickets in advance so as not to waste time waiting in a queue to purchase your tickets. We booked our tickets through GetYourGuide and went straight in without waiting.

You can book your general tickets for the observatory and a glass slide HERE.

For the Edge Walk, including the observatory and Glass slide, book your tickets HERE.


A view of the skyline Dubai with Burj Khalifa from Sky View Observatory Dubai

What you need to know before you go to Sky Views Observatory

Opening times: Every day between 10 am and 9 pm, however, the Edge Walk is open from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm.

If you have your tickets, reach the place 30 minutes before your allocated time. If you book sunset time, you should come 90 minutes before.

You should not be afraid of heights, have medical problems, and be under the influence of narcotics and spirits.

Food and drinks are not allowed to be taken inside. They can be purchased inside.

Luggage and baby strollers can be stored in the luggage room downstairs.

Using the glass slide:

– You are not allowed to wear high heels or have sharp objects that could damage the glass.

– The written rule is not to wear skirts or dresses, however, many women did wear dresses and there was no problem.

– Your height should be 120-200 cm and weight 30-150 kg.

Edge Walk

– The age restriction is 12-65 years. Anyone under 18 years old needs written confirmation from parents.

– Your height should be 130-200 cm and weight 30-120 kg.

– You should wear comfortable clothes. You will get a special overall that you must wear on top of your clothes. Toed-closed shoes are a must, no flip-flops or loose footwear.

– You should not have a mental or physical disorder or injury that could disable you from doing this attraction.

– Not pregnant


A queue for Glass Slide in Sky Views Observatory Dubai

Best time to Visit Sky Views Observatory

Sky Views Observatory is open whole year round. However during the summer, the temperatures are high, so it may not be a great time for Edge Walk.

Inside should be airconditioned, however when we visited in December the AC was very low, so it was warm and the air was not good.

After the experience, I would suggest, if you can, visit during the low tourist season and early in the morning to enjoy it to the fullest.

We visited in December, early afternoon and the crowds were crazy. It was going fast but the experience was damaged. I will talk about it in the next paragraph.


A woman going on the glass slide in Sky Views Observatory Dubai

Is Sky Views Observatory Dubai worth it?

Yes, I believe Sky Views Observatory Dubai is worth the visit. Let me tell you more about our experience.

From the point you show your tickets you go through a security check directly to the glass lift, which will take you to the 53rd floor. Be prepared as this lift is very fast and you can see the city through 3 glass sides – nothing for the faint-hearted.

From there we were told to go down the stairs to 52 floor to enjoy the observatory and then come up to stand in the queue for the glass slide. When we saw the queue, we thought we would be there for several hours.

The observatory was the best experience for us. The view of the city through bottom-to-ceiling glass windows was awesome. And walking on the glass floor was so cool. Actually, I was a little bit scared and my heart was pumping. Check out my short video on Instagram here.

After the Observatory we joined the queue for the Glass slide. We were surprised at how fast it was going. But the moving of the queue was not a good thing as we realized later.

They were sending us on the slide one after each other like chickens. Sit-go, sit-go, sit-go. You had no chance to take a picture, admire the view, or stand down on the glass for one minute.

It was nothing like those Instagramable pictures and videos you see. And you need to slide with your handbag or backpack you have with you.

Moreover, the slide is very short and there is no fear, no adrenaline, nothing. It was like a slide for kids. So this was a little bit of a disappointment.

However, I’m happy I did it and crossed it off my list. Even though the slide was not as we expected, the observatory with the glass walk was amazing. And we really would like to try the Edge walk as it looked crazy awesome.

Sky Views Observatory Dubai: FAQs

I tried to cover everything from our experience at Sky Views Observatory. However, here are more answers to some questions you may have.

What is the best time to go to Sky Views Observatory?

The best time to go to Sky Views Observatory is during the low tourist season (June to September) May and October will be still fine. The best time is to go during the morning hours when they open to avoid the crowds.

The sunset must be beautiful but I would personally avoid it due to the crowds.

How long does Sky Views Observatory take?

That depends on how much time you spend on the glass walk as no one checks how long you are there and you can take pictures and videos. Then it depends on how many people are waiting for the glass slide. I would say anything between 1 to 2.5 hours.

If you go for the edge walk, then it will take longer. However, I don’t know how long it takes as we didn’t do the Edge Walk.

How long is the Dubai Glass Slide?

The Dubai Glass Slide in the Sky Views Observatory is about 3.5 meters long.

Conclusion: Sky Views Observatory Dubai

Sky Views Observatory Dubai, located in the Address Sky View Hotel with its three attractions, Glass Walk Observatory, Glass Slide, and Edge Walk is an amazing experience, one of a kind that you should try when you are in Dubai.

Being prepared with purchased tickets and choosing the best time outside of the peak season is an important step you should take to enjoy it to the fullest.

I hope I have provided you with valuable information based on my experience. In case you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.

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