The Best Rides In Global Village Dubai: All You Need To Know

Wondering what rides there are in Global Village Dubai?

Neha from Dubai Wikia will provide information about the top rides in Global Village Dubai.

Nothing in Dubai is done half-heartedly, be it its buildings, shopping malls, theme parks, or even its events. So, it is not surprising to know that Global Village is one of the most sought-after events in Dubai every year.

Global Village Dubai is a seasonal event that happens during the cooler months of the year. Starting in October, the event runs until April, and the six months are filled with excitement and entertainment like no other.  

It is a shopping, entertainment, and leisure destination that attracts people from all over the world. After all, Global Village aims to celebrate countries around the globe. Shopping, food, and entertainment programs are the prime offerings of this grand event.

But there is also the Carnaval, where its numerous rides, games, and attractions have gained visitors’ attention, adding to the fun and thrill quotient. You should know all about the best rides in Global Village Dubai before you visit to enjoy them to the fullest. 

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Carnaval: Find The Best Rides In Global Village Dubai 

Carnaval is a section that adds more fun to Global Village Dubai. It is a funfair packed with games, attractions, and rides. The 31 rides here are akin to those found in an amusement park.

The best thing is that the rides cater to people of all age groups. The place has kid rides, extreme thrill rides, and even ones that can be enjoyed together as a family. Here are the Global Village Dubai rides that you should not miss. 


Texas Track Ride in Global Village Dubai
Photo credit: Dubai Wikia

Kids Rides 

The kids’ rides are simple yet fun. Most of them are slow-paced and involve sliding, twirling, jumping, and swinging, just like little ones would enjoy. 

Holland Wind Wheel: The Holland Wind Wheel is a small-sized, colorful Ferris Wheel with cabins shaped like balloons. Kids will have a great time going around the Ferris Wheel while admiring the view of the Carnaval.  

Minimum Height: 105 cm 

California Highway: This gentle car ride will make your children feel that they are driving through the rolling slopes of California. The colorful cars make it even more exciting. 

Minimum Height: 120 cm (if alone) and 90 cm (with an adult companion) 

Beijing Bungee: Kids and jumping are synonymous with each other. Give your kids the chance to exhaust all their energy with Beijing Bungee. They are tied to harnesses and jump on a trampoline that will take them to amazing heights. 

Minimum Height: 100 cm 

Arabian Horses: What’s a funfair without a merry-go-round? At the Carnaval, kids will love to hop on the carousel filled with Arabian horses. Let your children saddle up on their favorite horse and watch them grin and have the time of their lives as it goes round and round. 

Minimum Height: 110 cm (if alone) (No restriction with an adult companion but the child should be able to sit upright on the horse) 

Thai Twist: The Thai Twist is a milder version of the Global Burj ride. It is 17 meters in height and takes the riders up and down and spins them throughout the ride. The sudden movements of the Thai Twist make it exciting for the kids. 

Minimum Height: 130 cm (if alone) and 120 cm (with an adult companion) 

Bahraini Merhana: Most kids love the swing, and the Bahraini Merhana gives a thrilling touch to the swing. Rather than a single-seater, this ride has multiple seats on both sides and takes the riders on a joy ride. 

Maximum Height: 110 cm (if alone) and 80 cm (with an adult companion) 


London Loop Ride in Global Village Dubai
Photo credit: Dubai Wikia

Family Rides

While the kids’ rides will bring a smile to your child’s face, they can be a bit boring for adults. That’s why going on family rides is a great idea. These family rides are designed in such a way that all the members of a family can enjoy them.

Miami Surf: Miami Surf is a water attraction that will take you on a ride on a 240-meter-long river. But the twist here is that the river has numerous slopes, twists, turns, and swirls, making it exciting. 

Minimum Height: 140 cm (if alone) and 115 cm (with adult supervision) 

Vroom UAE: Join your kids on a bumpy car ride. As you maneuver your car, get ready to bump, thwack, and rock with other cars around. This ride is safe and, at the same time, exhilarating. 

Minimum Height: 125 cm (if alone) and 100 cm (with an adult companion) 

Festival Wheel: The Festival Wheel is a 60-meter-high Ferris wheel. It is a slow-paced ride, and riding on the Festival Wheel feasts you with the stunning city views. 50 meters of the Festival Wheel act as an LED screen, where you can enjoy the displays of shows and events happening in Global Village. 

Minimum Height: 110 cm (if alone) and no height restriction with an adult companion 

Roaming Rome: Get the chance to go kite surfing on this amazing kite-themed ride, Roaming Rome. Just like in the actual kite flying session, you can control your movements with the help of the handlebars. 

Minimum height: 120 cm (if alone) and 105 cm with adult supervision 
Maximum height: 195 cm 


Transylvania Towers: Enjoy a spooky encounter at Transylvania Towers. It is a two-chair car ride that will take you through the castles, with spooky and shocking surprises around every corner. The twists, turns, and exhibits of Transylvania Towers will not fail to impress you. 

Minimum height: 140 cm (if alone) and 120 cm (with an adult companion) 


Flu France Ride in Global Village Dubai
Photo credit: Dubai Wikia

Thrill Rides

If you crave an adrenaline rush, the Carnaval at Global Village Dubai will not disappoint you. The thrill rides here are wild and adventurous, similar to those in theme parks. 

Fly France: Grab the opportunity to fly your personalized airplane with Fly France. It is a ride with 12 seats with their own set of wings. As the ride goes up, you can control your flips and glides and even rotate your seat 180 or 360 degrees. 

Minimum height: 125 cm 

Athens Slingshot: As a kid, you may have played with a slingshot or shot pebbles and small stones at your target. But with Athens Slingshot, you become the pebble that gets shop way into the air at full speed.  

Minimum height: 140 cm 

Shang High: Shang High is a merry-go-round with a twist. This ride will take you 85 meters above the ground and spin you around in high-speed mid-air. This is the highest you can go to Global Village Dubai. 

Minimum height: 130 cm (if alone) and 120 cm (with an adult companion) 

Moscow Max: Grab your seats tightly as Moscow Max moves you like a pendulum. It is one of the most exhilarating rides in Global Village as the seats twist, turn, and rotate all around while moving like a pendulum. 

Minimum height: 140 cm 

Honolo-Loop: This is the most terrific ride in Global Village. With the capacity to carry 20 people at a time, Honolo-Loop spins and flips you at top speed at a height of 63 meters. Do not forget to clear your throat and lungs because this ride will have you crying at the top of your voice. 

Minimum height: 140 cm 


The Best Rides in Global Village Dubai: FAQs

For more questions about rides in Global Village Dubai, check the FAQs below.

How many rides there are in Global Village?

There are 31 themed rides in Global Village Dubai

How much are the rides in Global Village?

Each ride costs between 10 to 50 AED. You can also buy a points package starting from 150 AED and use these points on rides and shows.

Which is the highest ride in Global Village?

The highest ride is Global Burj, where you will experience free fall from a height of 85 meters.


Conclusion: The Best Rides In Global Village Dubai

The rides mentioned above just skim the number of rides available in Global Village Dubai. The highlight is that there is something for everyone here, ensuring that all visitors will have a memorable time on the rides that capture their interests. So book your Global Village visit in advance and have the time of your lives. 





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