Can I rent a bike in Dubai?

In case you would like to do sightseeing in Dubai a little bit differently than by car or bus, sightseeing on a bike is a great alternative. Not only sightseeing but also commuting by bike can speed up your journey as traffic jams are common in Dubai. Last, but not least you can enjoy your weekend afternoon by cycling or having fun in the desert.

If you are asking whether you can rent a bike in Dubai, the answer is yes. Moreover, you can rent different types of bikes. Let’s have a look at where can you rent a bike, how much it cost, and what you need.

Can I Rent A Bike In Dubai?


Types of bikes to rent

Firstly, let’s have a look at what types of bikes there are available to rent in Dubai. There is a road bike which is good for long journeys, for example, sightseeing. It is comfortable and can handle all your stuff.

Then there is a sport bike. This bike is suitable for you if you want to have some fun, speed, and adventure. With this bike, you can visit biking tracks in Dubai where you will have a lot of fun.

The third option is a desert bike. If you love mountain biking, you can rent a desert bike with fat tires and have some adventure on desert dunes.

Now let’s have a look at where can you rent a bike in Dubai.


1. Byky

Byky company is very well known as it is the first bike rental company that opened in Dubai. They have 65 locations in the whole UAE and 7 stations in Dubai. They have many different bikes available, single bikes, quad bikes, that are suitable for the whole family, and children’s bikes.

The process to rent a bike by Byky is very easy. All you need is your ID card, pay for the rent and you are good to go. Once you return your bike, you will pick up your ID card.


  • Dubai Marina
  • JBR, The Beach
  • Al Barsha Park
  • Creek Park
  • City Walk P2
  • Al Seef
  • Nahda Pond Park

Rental Charges

Rental charges depend on the type of bike.

  • Regular bike – 20 AED for 30 minutes
  • Double bike – 55 AED for the first 45 minutes
  • Family bike – 70 AED for the first 45 minutes
  • E-scooter – 50 AED for the first 45 minutes

Email:, Phone: +97142384344 Whatsapp: +971509032325


Renting bikes-Nextbike

2. Nextbike

Nextbike is a German company operating in 20 countries in the world. In Dubai, they work in cooperation with Byky. They have several stations all over the city from where you can pick up and also drop off the bike.

This company uses an application base system, where you put the bike number, and you will then receive a code that will open the bike. Charges are based on time, however, if you use a bike regularly, you can apply for a Nextbike customer card.


  • Marina Walk
  • Marina Mall
  • Marina Yacht Club
  • Stefano’s Cafe
  • JBR Shams Luxury Homes
  • Grosvenor House Hotel
  • Spinneys Supermarket

Rental Charges

  • 30 minutes – 15 AED
  • 1 hour – 20 AED
  • 2 hours – 25 AED
  • 3 hours – 30 AED
  • 4 hours – 35 AED
  • 5 hours – 40 AED
  • 24 hours – 80 AED


Careem bike

3. Careem Bike

Careem Bike has a long partnership with RTA. At the moment they have about 800 bikes in the city, but the plan is to have 3500 bikes in the next 5 years.

To use a bicycle from Careem Bike, you need to download the Careem application, register, set up a membership, and then you will receive a QR code with which you will unlock the bike.

Careem Bike has over 80 locations all over the city. You can find them in all tourist areas like Downtown, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, etc.

Rental Charges

  • 1-day membership – 20 AED
  • 1-week membership – 50 AED
  • 1-month membership – 75 AED
  • 1-year membership – 420 AED


4. Wolfi’s Bike Shop

Wolfi’s Bike Shop provides not only great quality but also different kinds of bikes. You can expect carbon road bikes in different sizes. Except for road bikes, you can rent mountain bikes, fat bikes, and E-bikes.

To rent a bike from Wolfi’s Bike Shop you will need your ID card, which they will take a copy of.  The rent of bike comes with front and rear lights, a portable pump, and a saddle bag with a spare tube and tire levers. If you do not own a helmet, you can rent one for 50 AED.


Exit 45, Sheikh Zayed Road

Rental Charges

200 AED per day


Phone: +971 4339 4453  Email: |

Opening Hours: Every day 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM


5. Trek Bicycle Store

Trek Bicycle Store is offering different bikes like road bikes, carbon road bikes, flat bikes, kids bikes, or e-bikes. Trek Bicycle has a great location, right next to the cycling course, Al Quadra Cycling Course.

To rent a bike you need to reserve it in advance from their website. You choose the type of bike and the duration which is 2, 3, 4 hours, or the whole day.

To pick up the bike you need to show the email confirmation you received. The helmet is included in the rental price in case you don’t have your own.


Al Qudra Cycle Course, Al Qudra Rd. Seih Al Salam


Phone: +971 4 832 7377/+971 4 718 7131

Opening Hours: Every day 5:30 AM – 10:00 PM


Cycling rules in Dubai

When you rent a bike in Dubai, you should also know the cycling rules.

  • Stay on the right side of the road
  • Your bike must be equipped with a main headlight and red rear light and reflector
  • The speed limit is 30 km/h
  • Riding a bike on footpaths is not permitted
  • On designated bike tracks, helmets are mandatory, while for street hires are recommended
  • You have to cycle in a single line and cannot move zigzag


Conclusion-Can I rent a bike in Dubai?

Cycling is healthier, more environmentally friendly, and sometimes faster and more fun to explore not only Dubai but any city in general.

As you can see there are many rental shops in Dubai to choose from. Whether you prefer renting through an application or in person with your ID card, road bike, mountain bike, fat bike, or e-bike, in Dubai you will find them all. Have fun and enjoy.

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