Is Dubai walkable?


Are you wondering whether Dubai is a walkable city? Do you want to know where can you walk and if you can walk at night?

Is Dubai walkable? This is a question that many foreigners visiting Dubai or moving to Dubai are asking.

As Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, a busy business hub with a lot of traffic, it is not very walkable. However, there are many areas where you can walk and should walk to see beautiful parts of Dubai.

In this article, you will find out how much Dubai is walkable, where you can walk, whether you can walk at night, and what impact weather has on walking in Dubai.

Is Dubai Walkable?

Even though Dubai is a very car-oriented city, is surprisingly pedestrian-friendly due to its flat landscape. Walking is the best way to explore the city, revealing hidden treasures taxis might miss.

However, as Dubai is spread over a wide area with many 4 to 6-lane highways, walking across Dubai without transportation is not possible.

You also need to consider the weather in Dubai during the summer.  The heat is extreme and walking during the day is impossible.

Aerial view of Dubai City

There are many areas in Dubai where you can walk for long distances when the weather is good and also at night. You may need to use public transportation, taxi, or Uber to get to those areas, but then you can enjoy a nice walk or jogging.

Dubai also has several beautiful parks where you can go for a walk. Over time, Dubai has improved and has more walkable areas.

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Are there sidewalks in Dubai?

Dubai is a city very well taken care of. This means that sidewalks are built wherever are needed for people to walk safely. Each tourist area or residential area has nice sidewalks and crossing lines for people to walk from one side of the road to another.

Also, many sidewalks have curb cuts, which is necessary for people using wheelchairs. Curb cuts are also helpful when you are pushing a stroller.

The only problem with sidewalks could be construction sites. As Dubai is growing very fast, there are construction sites all over the city. Due to the construction, the sidewalk can be temporarily closed.


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Best walkable areas in Dubai

Here is the list of the best walkable areas in Dubai, including parks.

1. Dubai Marina

Is a beautiful and very popular area for walking. You can walk about 7 km around the Marina. There are shops, Marina Mall, restaurants, and cafes around which you can visit during your walk.

People also like to jog here. On a few spots around Marina are small playgrounds where you can stop by with your little ones.

2. Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2 km long walk next to the water starting at Business Bay into the Persian Gulf. It is a beautiful area for not only walking but also cycling.

There are several bridges which you can use to cross to the other side. The lovely view is enhanced by man-made waterfalls.

There are also residential properties, and hotels and the plan is to build more shops and attractions.

JBR Walk, a sign for the beach

3. The Walk at JBR

It is located at Jumeirah Beach residence. It is a lovely long walk with restaurants and shops on the side. While walking here, you will be entertained by amazing paintings on the walls.

4. Palm Jumeirah Crescent

Palm Jumeirah Crescent is located on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah. It is a lovely walk next to the sea on one side and palm trees on the other side. It is a lovely and very clean area where Atlantis Hotel is located as well. You should not miss it when visiting Dubai.

5. Jumeirah Corniche

Jumeirah Corniche is a wonderful walk next to the beach. You can walk on the pavement or on the beach. The best time for a walk here is the sunset with a light breeze you can also enjoy the view of Burj Al Arab.

6. Kite Beach

Kite Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai, especially for kite surfers. The walking area here is 14 kilometers long. You can grab some drinks or ice cream and enjoy the lovely walk next to the beach and watch kite surfers.

7. Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park is a large National Park with a lot of greenery. If you like to go for a walk, you will not do wrong with Mushrif Park.

Other activities can be done here, for example, cycling, swimming, and playing football, there are playgrounds for children and also Aventura, the largest zipline adventure park.

The entrance fee to Mushrif Park is 3 AED per person or 10 AED per car. The park is located on Al Khawaneej Street.

8. Creek Park

Creek Park is the second largest park in Dubai. It is located right next to Dubai Creek, so while walking, you will have a stunning view of the water. In this park, you can also rent a bike or have a picnic as barbeque facilities are available here.

For children, there is a special area called Children City, where your little ones will have a lot of fun. Moreover, the Dubai Dolphinarium is also located here. The entrance to this park is 5 AED.

9. Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park

Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park is a beautiful park among skyscrapers with beautiful views of the lakes. There are some activities held here like cinema under the sky, market days, yoga classes, and some sports activities.

10. Al Barsha Pond Park

Last, but not least is AL Barsha Pond Park situated in the Al Barsha residential community. Here you can enjoy a 1.5 km walking path, fitness machines, bike rentals, and also kids’ playgrounds.

Walking in Dubai in the summer

Dubai is a city in the desert with only two seasons, summer and summer. It is warm or hot the whole year round.

During the summer months June to September, the temperatures rise to 40-50 degrees Celsius and the humidity is very high. Therefore during these months, it is impossible to walk during the day.

However, evenings and nights are better and except for the summer months, the weather is more suitable for walks or jogs. Moreover, you can enjoy picnics and barbeques in one of the parks.

Places to walk in Dubai at night

Dubai is a very safe city so walking at night is very common. Moreover, the weather is very nice, and warm, sometimes with a light breeze.

There are many popular areas not only for tourists but also for the residents to walk at night.

People walking in Dubai Marina at night

For example, Dubai Marina is a very popular area where you can walk next to the water and see the yachts parked at the shore and skyscrapers lighting in the dark. There are restaurants and cafes around where you can sit inside or outside to enjoy the view.

Another very popular area to walk at night is Downtown. You can see Burj Khalifa and watch the Dubai Fountain show.

There is Souk Al Bahar where you can look around the shops, or enjoy dinner, drink, or shisha in one of the restaurants and cafes located around. See the best hotels Downtown near Dubai Mall here.

The next area where you can have a nice walk at night is JBR-Jumeirah Beach Resident. You can walk next to the beach or next to restaurants and shops. There are usually sellers with stalls selling some food, drinks, or ice cream.

Conclusion-Is Dubai Walkable?

Here you have it. Even though Dubai is not a very walkable city, meaning you can’t walk from one part to another without using a car, public transportation, or sometimes a bike, or electric scooter nowadays, there are many areas where you can walk when the weather allows you.

Moreover, Dubai has many beautiful greenish parks for walking and many other activities for you to stay fit and enjoy your free time.

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