Dubai At Night: 21 Best Things To Do

Wondering what to do in Dubai at night? Here are the 21 best things to do.

If you think Dubai is a fantastic city with many places to see and a lot of things to do during the day, then you should explore it at night. Dubai is a city that never sleeps. When the sun goes down the city wakes up. It dresses the lighting, and extravagant clothes and welcomes its guest with arms wide open.

Every time I visited Dubai and finished my day, I felt like the new chapter started at night. More experiences awaited me, more places to see, more things to do, no time for sleep, let’s explore.

In this blog post, I will provide you with things to do in Dubai at night. Whether you are a couple on a romantic holiday, a family with children, friends looking for partying, or you just want to see Dubai at night, you will find something for yourself here.

As the owner of this website, I’ve included some recommendations for your trips. When you use the links to make a purchase, I may get a small commission. You will not get charged extra. Full disclosure.

Best Things To Do In Dubai At Night

There are hundreds of things you can do in Dubai at night. There are things that you can do during the day and night. This list could be neverending but I have chosen the best 21 things you can do at night.

View from the top of Burj Khalifa at night

1. Burj Khalifa at the top

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is the number one thing you should visit. Whether you choose to go during the day or at night is up to you. Both views from the top are spectacular.

However, during the night you can see the whole city of Dubai shining and glittering. You can choose the basic ticket for the observation deck on the 124+125 floor or you can take your experience higher with Burj Khalifa Sky to the 148th floor, or get the VIP ticket to Burj Khalifa lounge.

Children of all ages are welcome. For more information when you go with children click here.


Belly dancer on the Dhow cruise

2. Go for a Dhow cruise

Dhow Cruise is a cruise on a traditional boat. The evening cruise is usually with buffet dinner, music, and entertainment. You sail through Dubai lighting in the dark. 

It is a nice and fun thing to do for couples, friends, and families that I can recommend as we all really enjoyed it.

➡️See one of the Dhow cruises with dinner and entertainment HERE

If you are not into the traditional boat and prefer something more modern and luxurious, then you can choose an option for a yacht cruise with dinner.

➡️Click HERE to book a Marina yacht cruise with dinner


3. Swim under the moon

You can’t miss this one. The world’s highest 360° infinity pool, Aura Skypool. You will feel you are touching the moon. There are different views of Dubai you can see, Dubai Marina with Ain Dubai, Palm view, Burj al Arab view, or city skyline view.

While you need to book your place on a certain view, you can swim all around and see all the breathtaking views from this infinity pool. There are also different options except night swimming. You can choose sunrise or daytime.


4. Watch the amazing La Perle Show

Prepare to be amazed by Dubai’s extraordinary entertainment marvel, La Perle. This unique Aquatheatre show, a first of its kind in the city, delivers extraordinary acrobatics, daring stunts, graceful synchronized swimming, and captivating storytelling. 

Held within a specially crafted, cutting-edge performance venue, La Perle boasts an 82-foot-high dive into a deep pool, creating a breathtaking experience.

There are different packages available, for families with children or with dinner included. The show is on twice a day from Tuesday to Saturday.

➡️Book your ticket for the La Perle show HERE


5. Experience the world in a Global Village

When you enter the Global Village, you enter the entire world. In one night you can be in India, Asia, Africa, Europe, or America. There are different pavilions representing different cities in the architecture, products, and food.

There are concerts, shows, carnaval, and much more. During New Year’s Eve, there are fireworks happening, so it is a good option for your last night of the year. Global Village is fun for adults and children. However, Global Village closed during the summer season. For more information about Global Village, read here.


Sunset during Dubai desert safari

6. Spend the evening or night in a desert

Going to the desert while visiting Dubai is a must-do. It is nice to unwind and go away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are many desert safaris available with different activities, like camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding, and more. 

For the evening safari, there is a buffet dinner and evening entertainment included. For those who would like to spend the night in the desert and stare into the sky, the overnight safari is also available.

➡️Book your Dubai desert safari HERE or Dubai desert safari overnight HERE


7. Have a cultural evening at the Dubai Opera

If you prefer a cultural evening, dress to impress and head to Dubai Opera. Dubai Opera building is designed to represent a traditional Arabian Dhow boat. 

Located in Downtown Dubai, close to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, Dubai Opera hosts diverse performances, including opera, ballet, classical concerts, theater shows, and more. With its state-of-the-art facilities and a seating capacity of over 2,000, it provides an immersive experience.


8. Go for a night sightseeing tour

You probably did the sightseeing in Dubai during the day. However, how about during the night? It is a completely different experience. Hop on the Big Bus and ride through the shiny city. You will see Palm Jumeirah, Burj al Arab, and Burj Khalifa and experience a dhow dinner cruise.

➡️Book your Dubai by Night Big Bus tour HERE


9. Wander through Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow located in Zabeel Park is a magical wonderland. This unique theme park brings to life a fascinating world of imagination, artistry, creativity, and sustainability, featuring stunningly crafted light installations and sculptures inspired by nature and wildlife.

No matter whether you are an adult or a child, you will definitely be fascinated by Dubai Garden Glow. As well as Global Village, Garden Glow is open from October to May and closes for the summer period.


In a bar with the view of Burj Al Arab

10. Have a drink in the rooftop bar

Would you like to chill out with a drink or two one night? Then choose one of the rooftop bars that Dubai offers. Many of them are next to the pool, have a beautiful view of the city, and play music. 

Here are some names for rooftop bars, Secret Garden by Vii Club Dubai, Level 43 Sky Lounge, Bla Bla Dubai, Twenty Three, Paros, Treehouse, The Penthouse, Sobe, and Attiko Dubai.


Venice Night in Armani Prive nightclub

11. Go clubbing and dancing

If you love to party and dance, then head over to Dubai. Dubai has one of the best and fanciest nightclubs. There are really many of them and host famous DJs playing different kinds of music, there could be concerts or other performances.

On Halloween night everybody dresses in scary costumes and on New Year’s Eve, each club prepares a special party.

Many of the bars and clubs in Dubai offer ladies’ nights, which means ladies are getting some free drinks or discounted prices for drinks.

Some of the great clubs are Billionaire Mansion, Zero Gravity, Sky2, Oak Dubai, Armani Prive, Blu Dubai, and many more.


12. Have fun at the pool party

Would you like to try something else than just an ordinary party? As Dubai weather is hot all the time, even at night, there are many pool parties happening. Grab your bikini, put your make-up on, and go partying in the pool.

Some places for pool parties are Zero Gravity, Azure Beach, Beach By Five, and Wet Deck.


13. Enjoy a romantic dinner

Would you like to go for a romantic dinner? Then the possibilities in Dubai are endless. You can choose based on your preferences, luxurious, more on a budget, close to the beach, with a stunning view of the city, of Burj Khalifa, or Dubai Marina. The choice is yours.

Some of the restaurants are Al Muntaha in Burj al Arab, Pierchic, Ce La Vi Dubai, Vero, Thiptara, Asaddo, and Joe’s Cafe.


In front of Gucci shop in Dubai Mall

14. Go shopping

We can’t forget about shopping. Dubai is a paradise for shopaholics with many beautiful and extraordinary malls and outlets. As most of the malls are open till 11 pm, during the weekend till midnight, you have plenty of time to wander around and buy some new outfits.

The biggest and most popular mall is Dubai Mall located downtown, another one is the Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha. There are many more for example Ibn Battuta Mall, Festival City, Mercato Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall, and more.


15. Observe the night sky

If you are looking for more peaceful activity and you are interested in the stars, you can go stargazing. You don’t need a telescope. There is the Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre where they provide telescope observation sessions every day from 7 pm.


16. Whirl the dance floor on a roller disco

If you love roller skating and partying, then RollDXB is the right place for you. Put your rollerblades on, bring your good mood, and get ready for live music from DJ, and flashy light on the dance floor. Or skate floor?


Free Things To Do In Dubai At Night

Yes, you are reading it right. There are free things to do in Dubai. Let’s have a look at them.

Dubai Fountain

17. Watch Dubai Fountain

Watching the famous Dubai fountain next to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall is completely free. So once you finish your shopping or your tour at the top of Burj Khalifa, walk out and enjoy the stunning water show with music and lights. The show is on from 6 pm until 11 pm every 30 minutes.

If you want to walk on the boardwalk or take a ride on the abra boat on the lake close to the fountain, you can purchase a ticket. 


Dubai Marina at night

18. Walk In Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is my favorite place for an evening walk. Walking next to the water surrounded by enlightened skyscrapers, restaurants, and cafes is very pleasant. 

You can admire the luxurious yachts parked in the marina, or you can have food, drink, or shisha in one of the restaurants and appreciate the stunning view.

Not far from Marina is JBR Walk, another lovely place for an evening walk, close to the beach with shops, restaurants, and cafes along the walk.


19. Visit the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is located in old Dubai. It is different from the shiny new Dubai full of skyscrapers. Here you will find Arabic culture and Emirati history. 

You will find several museums there, like the Dubai Museum, Coin Museum, Coffee Museum, several galleries, and coffee and tea shops.


20. Get souvenires from Dubai souks

Walk around the Dubai souks and buy some nice souvenirs. Most of the traditional souks are located in the old part of Dubai. You can admire the Gold Souk with its extravagant Golden jewelry in the shop’s window. There are other souks like perfume or textile souks or spice souks.

Even if you are not interested in buying anything, it is nice to have an evening walk and soak up the atmosphere.


21. Watch the Imagine laser and light show

Imagine Show is happening every evening in Dubai Festival City and is free for everyone to watch. It is a breathtaking show of water, lights, and laser together with music. No matter how old you are, this show amazes all age groups.

This amazing show was awarded with two Guinness Records.


Dubai At Night: FAQs

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Dubai at night. All you need is to make up your plans. If you have more questions, check out these FAQs.

Can you walk in Dubai at night?

Sure, you can walk in Dubai at night. However, Dubai is not a very walkable city, meaning you need some kind of transportation to get from one point to another. However, there are many areas where you can walk. For example Dubai Marina, JBR, Downtown around Burj Khalifa, on the beach, along Dubai Canal, and more.

Is Dubai safe at night?

Yes, Dubai is very safe at night. Actually, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. I always felt safe here even at night.

Can you swim in the sea at night in Dubai?

Yes, there are three beaches in Dubai where you can swim at night. They are Umm Suqeim Beach, Jumeirah 2, and Jumeirah 3. Always follow the rules in order to stay safe.


Conclusion: Dubai At Night

Here you have it. Some of the best things to do in Dubai at night. Whether you are visiting Dubai for 3 days, 10 days, or two weeks, you have plenty of options to choose from. History lover, shopping addict, party animal, cultural enthusiast, or just curious to try something new, in Dubai eternity of possibilities waits for you. Go, explore, and experience.

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