These Are The World’s Top Travel Destinations For 2024 According To TripAdvisor

Are you planning a holiday this year but don’t know where to go? I got you covered with the list of the top travel destinations for 2024.

Before you choose a destination for your next trip, it is good to know which ones are the best based on the travelers’ reviews.

Thanks to TripAdvisor and its Travelers’ Choice Awards you can choose one of the best destinations that is recommended by travelers.

Here are the best of the best world’s travel destinations for 2024 according to TripAdvisor.

The Best Travel Destinations for 2024

These best travel destinations received the highest rating for their hotels, restaurants, and things to do from travelers. Is your dream destination on the list? Let’s find out.

Ain Dubai at Bluewaters Island, Dubai

1. Dubai

Dubai ranked number one of the best travel destinations for 2024. Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me. Dubai has been working smartly to impress travelers from all over the world.

Whether it is the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, 7* hotel Burj Al Arab followed by many luxurious hotels, biggest shopping malls like Dubai Mall, water parks like Aquaventure, amusement parks like IMG World, Museum of the Future with its extraordinary architecture Dubai will impress anyone.

And if you desire to see the historical part of Dubai, then the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood together with different types of souks and Dubai Creek is the right place for you.

Let’s not forget about a desert safari with its dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. As well as ziplining or skydiving for those more adventurous.

Bali, Indonesia

2. Bali

To rejuvenate your body and soul, Bali is a paradise in Indonesia. Whether you love white sandy beaches, exploring colorful corals, or walking through lush jungles, Bali will not disappoint you.

Visit any of the temples and take a yoga retreat and you will feel like a newborn person.

3. London

London is an amazing city with Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Bridge, and the London Eye your wander through the city will be unforgettable.

Visit Oxford Street, the best street for shopping, eat traditional fish and chips and have a pint in one of the typical English pubs.

4. Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is a blend of rich history, vibrant culture, and modern energy. Hanoi is a living museum with its well-preserved Old Quarter, where narrow streets are lined with colonial architecture, ancient temples, and traditional markets.

Wander through the maze of streets and witness the everyday life of Hanoians. From locals practicing Tai Chi by the lake to the lively atmosphere of street markets.

Hanoi is also a paradise for foodies, with the aisles of street food you can taste the flavor of Vietnam.

5. Rome

Rome is a city of historical sites, piazzas, and the best gelato. Don’t miss the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, and the Pantheon when you visit.

Don’t forget to try one of the best Italian pizzas and fresh pasta. Overall, Rome is a great place for the romantic getaways.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

6. Paris

Paris, a city of love with its iconic Eiffel Tower and red roses being sold all over, must be on this list.

See the Arc de Triomphe, visit the Louvre, watch a show in Moulin Rouge, and have a romantic dinner or the best Crêpes on the street.

7. Cancun

Cancun in Mexico is one of the best destinations for many reasons. Beautiful sandy beaches, with turquoise waters, a range of luxurious resorts, lively nightlife with bars, nightclubs, and beach parties, and of course cultural experiences such as the Mayan Museum, and Mayan Ruins.

8. Marrakech

Marrakech is a city in Morocco with ancient traditions, busy markets, and amazing architecture.

Historic Medina with Jemaa el-Fna square, palaces like the Bahia Palace and the Saadian Tombs, majestic gardens, and lively colorful bazaars are all reasons to make Marrakech one of the best destinations to visit.

Let’s not forget about beautiful Mosques and delicious Moroccan cuisine.

A church in Crete, Greece

9. Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands with a rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. Crete is steeped in ancient history, being the birthplace of the Minoan civilization.

Explore the ruins of the Palace of Knossos, a remarkable archaeological site that provides insights into Europe’s first advanced civilization.

Visit old towns, such as Chania and Rethymno, where narrow cobblestone streets, Venetian architecture, and lively local markets create a timeless atmosphere.

Beautiful beaches and delicious traditional meals are something not to be missed.

10. Hoi An

Hoi An is an ancient town in Vietnam with beautifully preserved architecture of Chinese, Japanese, and European influences.

The sites to visit are the Japanese Covered Bridge and the Quan Cong Temple. Hoi An is not only about history, but it is also a culinary paradise.

The town is also famous for its monthly Full Moon Lantern Festival with traditional music and dance.

11. New Delhi

New Delhi is a dynamic capital city of India where a rich history is mixed with modernity. Here you can admire historical sites like India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, and the Qutub Minar.

New Delhi is a vibrant city also due to its markets, traditional festivals, and performing arts. Temples like Lotus Temple and Akshardham Temple are also worth the visit.

Istanbul, Turkey

12. Istanbul

Istanbul is a city standing on two continents and has been a melting pot of cultures for centuries, blending European and Asian influences. This is reflected in its diverse architecture, cuisine, and traditions.

The most important landmarks are Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and the Topkapi Palace. Enjoy panoramic views from the Galata Tower or take a cruise along the Bosphorus for a unique perspective of the city.

Shopping and dining in Istanbul is a must-do with its lively bazaars and delicious cuisine.

13. Cusco

Cusco is situated in the Andes Mountains of Peru and it is the capital of the Inca Empire. It is popular for archaeological wonders such as Sacsayhuamán, Qorikancha, and the nearby Sacred Valley.

Churches like the Cathedral of Santo Domingo and the Church of San Blas display the Spanish influence on Cusco’s landscape.

Cusco is also a starting point for Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

14. Barcelona

Barcelona is a bit surreal but a beautiful city in Spain. Many buildings are designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi.

You must visit the most amazing church Sagrada Familia but don’t miss other interesting buildings like Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, and Barcelona Cathedral.

For football fans, Camp Nou stadium is a must-visit. To relax, enjoy a traditional meal paella, and drink Sangria.

15. Bangkok

Bangkok is a city of temples. The most important to visit are Wat Arun, Grand Palace, and Wat Pho. To soak the atmosphere, don’t miss the floating markets.

Bangkok is also a culinary city with its different kinds of street food and fruit juices, so you will enjoy the night out. For shopping, go to Pratunam or Siam Square.

Beach in the Dominican Republic

16. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a paradise in the Caribbean. It has beautiful beaches, diverse landscapes, and a mix of cultures. You can relax on the sandy shores, explore mountains and jungles, and experience a lively local vibe.

The people are friendly, and there’s a lot of history to discover. In the capital city of Santo Domingo visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor and the Alcazar de Colon.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, tasty food, and a laid-back atmosphere, the Dominican Republic might be a good place for you to visit.

17. Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen in Mexico, used to be a fishing village. Now it is famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise water. It is also one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Play golf, visit the Jungle Place sanctuary or ancient ruins of the Coba Mayan Village.

18. Phuket

You can enjoy water activities, relax in resorts, and explore the lively markets. The Old Town has colorful buildings and a mix of cultures.

If you like nature, visit Big Buddha and enjoy the views. There are also boat trips to nearby islands.

Phuket has a variety of food, from local dishes to international cuisine. It’s a popular place with a bit of everything for different types of travelers.

19. Hurghada

Hurghada is a very popular destination on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast. Plenty of all-inclusive resorts at the beach to choose from where swimming, relaxing, and enjoying delicious food is the main purpose of the holiday.

For those more active, there is an option to take a trip to the desert or a snorkeling and diving adventure.

Almudena Cathedral, Madrid, Spain

20. Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain with lots of interesting places to visit, like the Royal Palace and the Prado Museum. You can stroll around in Retiro Park or explore the Puerta del Sol square.

The city is known for its lively atmosphere and diverse neighborhoods. Try some tapas in local bars and experience the Spanish culture.

Madrid is also good for shopping and has a rich history. Whether you’re into art, or history, or just want to enjoy the city vibes, Madrid is a cool place to visit.

21. Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a city in Cambodia with amazing temples. The most famous is Angkor Wat temple, a really big and ancient temple complex. Other temples in Siem Reap are Bayon and Ta Prohm.

In Siem Reap, you can try Cambodian food, visit the night markets, and see traditional performances. The city has a relaxed vibe, and you can explore the nearby Tonle Sap Lake too.

If you like history and want to see unique temples, Siem Reap is a good place to go.

22. Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. You can explore the rich history of the country at the Museum of Lisbon. Children love the Maritime Museum and to see colorful artwork, head to Casa-Museu Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves.

Other places of interest in Lisbon are Padrao dos Descobrimentos, the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, and the UNESCO World Heritage site the Torre de Belem.

23. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a city of tulips with its canals and bridges is one of the most popular European cities for tourists. The important landmarks to see here are Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, and the world’s only floating flower market.

Boudha Stupa, Kathmandu

24. Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal with many historic sites, ancient temples, shrines, and fascinating villages. Check out Durbar Square with its temples and the old royal palace as well as the Swayambhunath, a big stupa on a hill.

Thamel is a busy area where you can shop and eat. Kathmandu is a good starting point for trekking adventures in the Himalayas.

25. New York City

And of course New York, the last one on this list. Amazing city that must be on your bucket list. The most important sites to see are the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

For a beautiful walk head to Central Park. Shopping and dining in this metropolitan city are unforgettable experiences.

Conclusion: Top Travel Destinations for 2024

Here it is. The list of the best destinations to visit in 2024. Whether you love luxury, history, temples, or beaches, you can definitely choose from this list.

Have you already visited any of them? I did 10 and some of them are still on my bucket list.

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