What to do in Prague with kids during summer?

Looking for things to do in Prague with kids during summer?

Welcome to my blog post on things to do with kids in Prague during the summer season. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is not only a charming city with historical buildings and tasty beer but Prague is also a family-friendly city.

Summer in Prague is the best time for me as the weather is nice and many things can be done outside, which is especially favorable when you have children.

As an expat living in Prague for a long time, I will provide you with some of the best things to do with kids during the summer. These ideas will help you to plan your family vacation in this beautiful fairytale city.

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Girl enjoying ice cream next to Vltava River

Is Prague worth visiting with kids?

Prague is definitely worth visiting with kids. This city provides a lot of playgrounds, parks, and attractions for outside activities, and during the rainy weather, there are still plenty of museums, amusement parks, and playing centers to keep your children busy.

Sweet Trdelnik and ice cream are behind each corner to sweeten up your daily activities and make your kids very happy.


What To Do In Prague With Kids During Summer?

Even though Prague in the summer is the busiest time when it comes to tourists, it is the most beautiful and lively time in the city.

Kids can have fun in the swimming pools, experience worldwide animals in the zoo, run and play in many playgrounds all over the city and you can all enjoy family lunch outside on many of the Prague restaurants’ terraces.


Giraffes in Prague Zoo

1. Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is rated the 5th best zoo in the world by TripAdvisor. Therefore if you are visiting Prague with your kids, you should not miss it.

You can find about 5,000 animals from 690 species here in an area of 58 hectares. There is also a kids’ playground, several restaurants, and a chairlift that you can use instead of walking up the hill to see part of the zoo from an aerial perspective.

Therefore book one whole day for visiting the Prague Zoo. If you have smaller children get ready with a stroller or baby carrier.

Location: U Trojskeho Zamku, Prague-Troja

How to get there: From the city center you can take a metro to the stop Nadrazi Holesovice which is on the C line and from here you will take a bus number 112 or 234 which will take you directly to Prague Zoo.

Alternatively, you can use a boat from Rasinovo Nabrezi and walk 10 minutes to the zoo. This way you will combine a boat cruise with a zoo. Bear in mind that the boat trip takes 75 minutes.


2. Prague swimming pools

There are several nice swimming pools and one aquapark in Prague to cool down during the hot summer days. To go to any pools in Prague, it is better to come early as they tend to be quite busy.

The most popular swimming pool is Podoli. There are two swimming pools, one relaxation pool, and one children’s pool. During the whole year, people can use also one pool inside the building. Options to buy food, drinks, and ice cream are available here.

Location: Prague Podoli

How to get there: Tram numbers, 2, 3, 17, and 21, stop Kublov

The second very popular swimming pool is Petynka. Here you can find one swimming pool, one toboggan, and one children’s pool. There is also a playground for children. Even here you can buy some food, drinks and ice cream.

Location: Prague 6

How to get there: There are several buses and trams which will get you here. BUS 149, 180, stop Na Petynce, BUS 108, Tram 1, 2, stop Sibeliova

The third swimming pool is Divoka Sarka. To this pool you have to walk from the bus stop for about 10 minutes, so be ready with a stroller if you have a toddler. This is a little bit smaller swimming pool with two pools and one tiny pool for toddlers. Be aware that water in these pools is usually quite cold.

There is also a playground for children and a refreshment area.

Location: Prague 6 Divoka Sarka

How to get there: By bus or tram stop Divoka Sarka

Aquapalace Prague is the largest aquapark in central Europe. There is Waterworld with many slides, artificial waves, and other adventure attractions. Except for the Waterworld, you can find here a sauna world, fitness, spa and wellness, restaurants and bars, and even a hotel where you can stay after an exhausting day spent here.

The aquapark is quite expensive, the price for a full day is almost the same as the best waterparks in Dubai, Wild Wadi, and Aquaventure. So be ready for that.

Location: Prazska 138, Pruhonice-Cestlice

How to get there: As the aquapark is located a little bit out of Prague, the best way is to go by car. However, if you don’t have a car, there are buses number 328, 363, and 385 from the red line metro stop Opatov to stop at Cestlice Aquapalace.


On Petrin Hill, Prague

3. Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill is a beautiful place to spend your sunny day in Prague. It is a greenish area with a children’s playground at the bottom. You can have a lovely walk up the hill or take the small train, which will be a nice experience for kids.

At the top of the hill, you can have a nice walk, or go up to the observation deck to admire the stunning view of Prague City. Children can have fun in the mirror maze.

In the middle of the hill or at the top next to the observation deck there is a restaurant where you can have some lunch or drinks.

When you finish your sunny day in Petrin, you can treat yourself to delicious ice cream in the ice cream shop Angelato next to the tram stop.

Location: Prague 1

How to get there: Tram stop Ujezd.


Boat cruise on Vltava River, Prague

4. Prague boat tour

There is no city sightseeing without a boat tour. Sailing along the Vltava River admire the fascinating city, buildings, towers, and bridges. Children will imagine being captains of the ship and fighting with the pirates.

There are different cruises you can choose from, 1, 2, or 3 hours, with lunch or with dinner or just sightseeing. With children you may want to go for one during the day, so here is an option for you.

➡️Book your Vltava River Lunch Cruise in an open-top glass boat HERE


Vltava River, Prague

5. Peddaling and rowing on the Vltava River

Kids will love pedaling on a swan or a car through the Vltava River and you will spend some nice relaxing time as a family together.

Close to Narodni Divadlo next to the Vltava River is Slovansky Ostrov (Slavic Island) where you can rent these types of pedaling boats or rowing boats if you wish.

Once you finish, you can walk around the island and children can play in the playground that is also located here.

How to get there: Tram stop at Narodni Divadlo next to the river


Playground in Prague Vinohrady

6. Prague playgrounds

Children’s playgrounds can be found all over the city where you can spend a nice morning or afternoon relaxing while children are having fun. I already mentioned two playgrounds, on Petrin Hill and on Slavic Island.

Another nice playground is on Detsky Ostrov (Children’s Island) rightly named like this. There is a playground for children of all ages where kids can spend several hours. This island is located on the other side of the Vltava River opposite Slavic Island.

How to get there: Tram stop at Arbesovo Namesti or Svandovo Divadlo and then walk towards the river.

One more playground can be found in Prague 2, Vinohrady. There is a wooden tower that children can enter, slides, swings, a sandpit, and a big trampoline.

How to get there: Metro or tram stop Jiriho z Podebrad or tram stop Vinohradska Vodarna

One more playground worth mentioning is in the city center close to Wenceslas Square. It is located in Frantiskanska Zahrada (Franciscan Garden). You can enter it from Wenceslas Square, Vodickova Street, or while exiting the Metro Mustek B line.

Two more playgrounds I will mention are located in Prague Parks below. However, there are many more playgrounds in Prague located further from the city center.


View of Prague from Letna Park

7. Prague parks

Prague has many large greenery parks where you can spend your day or afternoon and be gifted with a stunning view of Prague city. Let’s have a look at the best ones as there are too many to cover here.

Letna Park is a huge park located on Letna Hill. It is a lovely place for walking, cycling, and inline skating. There is also a small skateboarding park, children’s playground and of course a place to have some lunch and drinks. All that with a beautiful view of Prague.

How to get there: From Namesti Republiky metro station take a tram to stop at Cechuv Most and walk up the hill

Riegrovy Sady is another huge park with a lot of greenish areas where people have picnics or even sunbathe. There are benches all over for you to sit and relax to enjoy a beautiful view of Prague and the sunset.

You can enjoy beer or any other drinks and food in Beer Garden and children can have fun in the playground. This park is also popular for different cultural events and festivals.

How to get there: Take metro line A to stop at Jiriho z Podebrad and walk for about 5 minutes to reach the park. Also, you can take a bus to stop at Na Smetance.

Kampa Park on Kampa Island is a great park that you can visit while sightseeing the most popular sights in Prague as you will reach it directly from the Charles Bridge.

In this park you can have a picnic, visit a museum, have lunch or coffee, children can play in the playground and what is special about Kampa are big statues of crawling babies.

Not far away from the park, there is a Lennon Wall which is dedicated to John Lennon, a singer from the band Beatles. You can write a message on the wall or just take a picture.

To get to the Lennon wall you will pass by a waterman standing in the water next to the water mill.

Stromovka is the largest park in Prague located a little further from the city center. Huge greenish area for picnics with BBQ points, you can have a walk, cycle, or in-line skate. Children can visit the Planetarium or enjoy their time in the playground, while you are relaxing with some drinks or food at the restaurant Vozovna Stromovka.

How to get there: There are several entrances to the park. One option is to take a tram to stop at Vystaviste Holesovice and walk to the park.


Dino Park, Prague

8. Prague Dino Park

Dino Park is a park for children of all ages. You can find there dinosaur models in life sizes, a Children’s paleontological playground, a 4D cinema, a VR zone, and many more.

Dino Park is located on the roof of the Galerie Harfa Shopping Center where there are many restaurants and cafes for you to relax and enjoy your day.

How to get there: By metro line B to stop Ceskomoravska


9. Prague amusement park Krtkuv svet (Mole World)

Krtkuv Svet (Mole World) is a large outside amusement park for children of all ages located in the outer skirt of Prague. There is so much to do that you need to reserve the whole day for it.

So what is there in Mole World? Rope center, slides, swings, trampolines, Mole’s circus, children can ride on a train or chain carousel, jump on a jumping castle, and many more. During the hot summer days, there is a water world with paddling pools and showers.

In the indoor area, children can get to know different plants and animals and in the mini zoo, they can feed animals. For refreshments, you can have a coffee with cake or some nice grilled food.

Location: K Měcholupům 777, 109 00 Praha 15 – Horní Měcholupy

How to get there: If you don’t have a car, you can go by bus number 204, 240, or 252 to Nadrazi Horni Mecholupy or by train to the stop Horni Mecholupy.

Good to know: No smoking, no dogs, bicycles, or scooters are allowed inside. Bicycles can be parked at the gate. Except for the entrance fee, some of the attractions cost extra.


Carousel in Hamleys shop

10. Things to do during rainy days

There could be some rainy days during summer in Prague, therefore it is good to have some alternatives for inside attractions. Here are a few of them

Prague Majaland– Almost every country in Europe has an amusement park for children, like Legoland in Germany. The largest indoor amusement park in the Czech Republic is Majaland in Prague and is part of Pop outlet airport. Located just 5 minutes from the airport.

Children can find a lot of different rides and slides that can be used based on their height. There is also a theater, a restaurant, and a gift shop. Birthday parties for kids can be organized here too.

Museum of Fantastic Illusions, Gallery of Steel Figures, Lego Museum, and Hamleys toy shop are some other places to be visited with children and you can find them in the center of Prague.


How to go around Prague?

Getting around Prague is very easy as Prague is not a big city. In most of the places around the city center, you can just walk. Otherwise, you can use the metro, which is compared to other European cities very small. There are only three lines, A-green, B-yellow, and C-red line.

Except for the metro, tram transportation is very well used around the city. There are also buses to go to different parts of the city.


Where to stay in Prague with kids

📍MOOo by the Castle 4* aparthotel located close to Prague Castle and Charles Bridge offers family rooms

📍Hotel Julian  4* hotel located close to Petrin Hill and Andel shopping center offers family rooms and a summer terrace

📍Old Royal Post Hotel located close to Charles Bridge and Kampa Island offers family rooms

📍Hotel Pod Vezi 4* hotel located next to Charles Bridge offers family rooms and a terrace


Conclusion: What To Do In Prague With Kids During Summer?

I hope this blog post has provided you with some inspiration and useful tips for planning your family’s summer vacation in Prague. With so many fun activities and attractions to choose from, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience in this beautiful city.

Whether you are strolling through historic streets, exploring museums, or enjoying the outdoors in one of Prague’s many parks and swimming pools, there is something for everyone in order to have an unforgettable family vacation in Prague in the summer.

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