Where would you like to spend your Christmas?

Christmas is shortly approaching and you are probably making plans if you don’t have them already, where would you like to spend your Christmas. Many people will spend it at home with their families and loved ones, maintain the traditions with the same food and habits as every year. However, many people like to travel, experience Christmas in different countries or continents. Some people like snowy, some sandy and some city Christmas. For your inspiration, I’m going to provide you with tips on the best places to spend your Christmas.

As the owner of this website, I’ve included some recommendations for your trips. When you use the links to make a purchase, I may get a small commission. You will not get charged extra. Full disclosure.


Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, NYC

1. New York, USA

Where else would you like to be on Christmas if not New York? New York at Christmas is my long dream and hopefully one day I can fulfill it. The biggest Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center with all the sparkling decorations and lights all over must be a fairy tale not only for children but also for adults.

Shopping in New York during Christmas must be a paradise no matter the shops are fully packed. Just to wander around, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows, or ice-skate in the Rockefeller Center would make you feel you are in a movie. Christmas in New York is my number one choice.


2. Vermont, USA

If you are a person who loves white snowy Christmas, then Vermont would be your choice. Especially if you are a skier or snowboarder. Vermont is the place from postcards, with tiny villages decorated with lights, churches, and a lot of snow.

Beautiful white slopes to ski or snowboard during the day and warm evenings next to the fireplace with great food and drink. I spent one whole winter season here and also Christmas in Mount Snow ski resort. Beautiful place to be and very close to Boston.


Disney World, Orlando-parade

3. Florida, USA

In case you prefer sandy and hot Christmas, you can try Florida. The most beautiful beaches are in Key West. However, beaches in the whole of Florida are nice. I spent one summer in Fort Walton Beach and Destin and I can say it is an amazing place.

Also, I went on holiday in Orlando and visited Disney World, Universal Studio, and Sea World. Therefore, whether you have kids or not, the best place would be Orlando. I can’t imagine the promenade during Christmas with all the cartoon buddies dressed in Santa costumes walking around. The place where dreams come true.


4. Alps in Austria, Europe

Similar to Vermont in the USA, there are the Austrian Alps in Europe. There are many places to choose from, for example, Soll, which is a small village close to Munich or Salzburg airport with Ski Welt resort, one of the largest resorts in Austria nearby. You can ski or snowboard for the whole day from one village to another on slopes that are hundreds of kilometers long.

You can accommodate in small hotels or chalets and enjoy evenings in the jacuzzi. Walks around the village with Christmas decorations are the best choice for a romantic evening.


Christmas tree in Old Town Square, Prague

5. Cities in Europe

If you like to come to Europe for Christmas, the best cities would be Prague in the Czech Republic, Dresden in Germany and London in the UK. All of the cities in Europe are special for their traditional Christmas markets and decorations.

Prague was always listed as one of the most beautiful cities during Christmas and some magazines named it as number one. There is a big Christmas tree in the Old Town Square surrounded by traditional Christmas markets where you can buy mulled wine (svarak), grilled sausages, trdelnik (a tradition from Slovakia, baked cinnamon cake), and souvenirs. There is another Christmas market in Wenceslas Square with the same things and some small animals like goats, ponies, or donkeys for children to see.

In every German city you will find the Christmas markets, but in Dresden are the oldest ones. Also, here you can get mulled wine and some traditional food and souvenirs.

London during Christmas must be spectacular with the main Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square and all the glittering lights all over the city. You can hop on the double-decker red bus to soak the atmosphere, take a cruise on River Thames, visit London Eye or just walk on the streets and enjoy Christmas markets and shopping.


Fireworks in Dubai

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Do you prefer to spend your Christmas somewhere where is hot, but still experience the Christmas atmosphere? Then Dubai is the right choice.

The whole city even the palm trees are decorated with Christmas lights and you can see Christmas trees in every shopping mall. If you love the Christmas decorations, here you can buy spectacular small or big things for your home, that you hardly find anywhere else.

Except for swimming and tanning at the beach, you can take a cruise with dinner and entertainment or visit Ain Dubai, which is now the biggest observation wheel in the world. It is almost double the London Eye. In the high of 250 m in the sky, you can see the whole of Dubai. The one spin takes 38 minutes. Moreover, staying for New Year’s Eve will bring one great event into your life. The fireworks on Burj Khalifa every year are one of the best and most spectacular in the world.


7. The Maldives

Would you like to relax on the island, swim, snorkel, suntan, and forget about the Christmas marathon? You are not into traditions? Then try the paradise in the world, Maldives. This is the best place to relax and energize yourself before the New Year starts.


8. Africa

If you really want to do something totally different from most people during Christmas, you can go to Africa. Precisely to Tanzania and experience the African Safari. Staying in one of the lodges in the national park around the wildlife is a wondrous experience.

The second option is Nigeria to participate in Calabar Carnival, which is the biggest African street party. This Carnival usually lasts for one month from 1st until 31st of December to display African culture and heritage in the form of music or dressing.



Christmas doesn’t always have to be the same traditions at home around the table and Christmas tree. There is always an option to experience something new. Whether in a hot or cold country, with snow or sand with Christmas decorations or without, the choice is yours. I hope I provide you with some interesting places and now you can think about where would you like to spend your Christmas. Bon voyage!

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  1. While I will be staying home for Christmas, you definitely have my mind racing with possible vacation destinations.  You have done a great job of painting a mental picture of each location.  One of my dream destinations, since I was a child, has been the Swiss Alps and I want to go even more now.

    Thank you for taking us on a mini tour of each of these locations!


    1. Hello Susan. 

      I’m happy you enjoyed reading my article. The good thing is that you are more tempted to go now 🙂 I’m wishing you an early holiday in the Swiss Alps.


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