Paradise in the world – where to find it

Have you ever wondered what paradise looks like? I’m sure you did. Everybody does. I believe it is a very peaceful, sunny and warm place. There is no stress or hassle, just a quiet, relaxing body and mind healing place, and environment. Good thing is that you can find this place- Paradise in the world. Now you are asking where it is and whether you can visit it.

I spent about one week there. The feeling that you don’t need any shoes, just walking on soft sand that feels like walking on the flour. Relaxing, meditating, reading books, and listening to the ocean singing next to you. Or going to swim and snorkel with all the beautiful species out there. Walking around the island among the palm trees with coconuts, taking a break by swinging on the swing or net that can be found all over the island. Lying at the beach, watching the beautiful sunset every evening before you go to your little bungalow to have a shower and get ready for dinner, which is so delicious, ready for you with so many variations. And then you wake up in the sunny morning to start your paradise life again.

This paradise is called Maldives.

About the country

The Maldives is about 2500 years old. It is a state in South Asia in the Indian ocean. It consists of over one thousand islands grouped in 26 coral atolls. However, only about 200 of them are inhabited.

Capital city– Male

Time zone – UTC+5

Official language– Dhivehi, however; recognized language is English

Currency– Maldivian rufiyaa

Religion– in the past was Buddhism based, however with Arab traders it converted to Islam and it is the main religion now.


Handy information for visit

When is the best time to go- The climate in the Maldives is a tropical monsoon climate. Which means hot and often humid. There are two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season starts from December until April. The rainy season is from May till November. Nonetheless, the rains are not heavy and long. Sometimes a little shower is substituted by sunshine and it is still warm. The daily temperatures are around 31 degrees Celsius and nightly around 23. I would recommend going during the dry season. However, if you don’t like very hot weather or you love to do windy water sports like surfing or kitesurfing or others, you may want to go during the rainy season.

Visitors visa There are no visas necessary for any nationalities before arrival. Visas can be bought at the airport in Male. There is a need for a valid passport, proof of return flight ticket, and enough money for your stay.

Currency to take with you US dollars or EUR

Vaccinations are not mandatory, however, it is recommended to have the basic ones that we took during our childhood and then typhoid and hepatitis A and B.


What to see and do in the paradise

Besides relaxation, meditation, reading, and clearing your body and mind, there are some other more active things to do. Every resort can offer different options for you.

Apart from snorkeling, you can try diving. There are diving centers with professional divers instructors, who will give you lessons in case you have never dived and then take you by boat to the deep sea to see the fascinating life under the water. You can see so many species there. From colorful corals through many different kinds of fish to magnificent turtles. There is one rule with diving and snorkeling- don’t touch. You can never know what you will touch. There could be stone fish that look like stone and can cut and poison you. Other fish can give you an electric shock. These are very dangerous. However, if you don’t touch them and threaten them, they will not attack. This applies to diving anywhere in the world.

The other water activities that resorts can offer are boat trips with different themes, dolphins or whale watching, or even to experience travel by submarine.

You can also visit the capital city Male. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, shops, markets; the biggest one is the fish market and museum.

Another very exciting thing to do is fly in a small plane over the Maldives.


About the resort, I visited

I personally visited a resort called Embudu village. You can read my review here. This resort is located in South Male Atoll. From the Male airport, it took us 20 minutes by speed boat. To some islands, you can get there by speed boat, but to others by plane only. This is a very small island that you can walk around in about 10 minutes. There are small bungalows all over the island or water bungalows. However, the water bungalows were not fancy ones on the sea, but close to the shore and rooms were next to each other. So I believe you have more privacy in the bungalows on the island itself.

The water was crystal clear with many fish to see. There were baby sharks swimming next to the shores (don’t worry, they were little, scared, and not dangerous.)

Also, we could see stingrays there. I recommend either shoes to the water or when you walk you slip in the sand instead of making steps as they get scared and run away. Otherwise, if you step on one of them, you can have a very bad injury. There were some birds at the beach making you a company and also some lizards at the palm trees. All the staff was very kind and helpful.


Why I would visit again

The Maldives is a real paradise in the world. Crystal clear water with gorgeous species, soft sand, a beautiful environment, and hot sunny weather. This place makes you forget about your daily work stress, you will clear your body and mind and come back home happy and relaxed.

The Maldives is also the perfect place for your honeymoon or wedding. Weddings can be organized by specialized agencies.

Whether you are looking for a luxury romantic holiday or a less expensive one, you can definitely find it here. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go to paradise.

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