Embudu Village Maldives – review

When you decide to spend some time in paradise on earth, you can consider Embudu Village. It is a resort located on South Male Atoll in the Maldives. When arriving at Velana international airport, it will take you 20 minutes by speed boat to reach there. Once you get off the boat, you can take your shoes off and put them on once you leave. Embudu Village is a small island, where you can walk around barefoot on the sand for about 15-20 minutes.

Where – Male, Maldives

When – all year round, however, the dry season between December till April is better

How muchThe prices vary based on the season, agency, and length of stay. Double room per night from $300 up to $600 per night with half board or full board

My rating – is 10/10

Embudu Village, Maldives


Rooms and facilities

Bungalow at Embudu Village, Maldives

As this is an island, you will not find one big hotel with hundreds of rooms here. Rather, small bungalows are placed over the island and water. We had a bungalow very close to reception and the restaurant. It is like your small house, where there is a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom has a big double bed, table with mirror, and wardrobe. The bathroom is quite big with a shower, toilet, and sink. It is modern and clean. Cleaning was done daily. Outside under the roof, there is a table and two chairs to sit and have a cup of coffee. Also, some of the bungalows, like ours, have nets hanging from the palm trees, where you can swing and relax.

I don’t know what the bungalows on the water look like from the inside, but I felt they are close to each other like flats, so you don’t have so much privacy. I prefer the bungalows we stayed in.

Once you get off the boat, on the way there is a reception, souvenir shop, spa, restaurant, and a bar where are some comfortable chairs to sit.


Restaurants and bars

Grilling meat for dinner at Embudu Village, Maldives

There is one restaurant where we had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We had all-inclusive, which I recommend, as you are on the island, there is nowhere to go and buy anything, so you have to buy in the resort anyway. There was a buffet breakfast with good choices, also making omelets and scrambled eggs as well as pancakes. For lunch and dinner, there were delicious meals every day. In the evening they made different themes in the restaurants, tables were nicely decorated with flowers.

Table in Embudu Village restaurant, Maldives

Sometimes there was grilled meat prepared outside. I can’t forget about cakes. There were a lot of choices and all tasted yummy. There is also a bar where you can enjoy your drink in the evening. Also, you can enjoy your drink during the day and evening on a deck next to the sea where are chairs and tables with a beautiful view.


The beach

As you are on the island, there are no pools, but there is an ocean all around the island, where you can swim and snorkel.

Embudu Village reef/snorkelling map

Everywhere is a gradual entrance to the ocean, somewhere the water is shallow, somewhere is deeper. There are several places with many beautiful corals and fish to see. In the diving school, they do orientation meetings where they provide you with the information on where around the island it is safe to snorkel and where you should not go due to strong current. In case you are interested in diving, you can book a trip with them.

Crystal clear water with baby shark in it and white sand at Embudu Village, MaldivesThe water here is warm and crystal clear. Seriously, the visibility here is unbelievable, which I have never seen before. When you snorkel, you feel you are inside an aquarium with all the fish. Also, when you stand outside on the shore, you can see baby sharks swimming, stingrays, and other small fish. This place is also very good for beginner snorkelers or not very good swimmers as the water is shallow and stable.

The sand is white and so soft like flour. There is no need for shoes anywhere on the island. We wore it only in the restaurant, but some people didn’t. There are sunbeds all around the island for you, also nets where you can lay down and relax. You can choose in the sun or in the shade.

There is also a pier, where you can walk on and take some pictures. In the evening it is lighted with lamps.


Entertainment and customer service

The customer service here is great. Everybody in the reception, restaurant, and bar were very kind, and smiley with great customer service. We didn’t have any bad experiences.

Don’t expect entertainment on the island. This is a natural place for relaxation. However, there was live music one evening, and the other evening there was a projection of the underwater world from the Maldives and some information about the island. You can relax and have your drink around the outside bar or rest on the swings or nets around.


Overall review

We were very satisfied with Embudu Village. From the beach, accommodation, and nature to customer service, everything was great. It is the right place to relax your body and mind in nature, which makes you feel you are a Robinson Crusoe. When you are looking for a place to stay in paradise, and you are not aiming for an expensive luxurious resort, Embudu Village is the right choice. If you already visited Embudu village, please write your opinion in a comment below.

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