Is There Uber In Egypt: Guide To Prices, Info & More 2023

Is there an Uber in Egypt? Here is your guide to Uber in Egypt.

Egypt is a beautiful country, worth visiting with breathtaking temples and pyramids, beautiful beaches, and delicious food. However, Egypt is also very busy and chaotic city. Roads are full of cars, horses and donkeys carriages, and people crossing streets wherever they want.

You hear cars honking all over. With these kinds of busy streets, you may think there must be an Uber available. And you are right. There is Uber in Egypt, however, it doesn’t work in all cities of Egypt.

Let’s have a look in detail at Uber in Egypt, how to use it, where to use it, what are the prices, and all the information you may need for your visit to Egypt.

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Highway in Egypt

Is Uber Available In Egypt?

As I said before, Uber is available in Egypt, but only in the cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, Delta, Mansoura, Zagazig, Damietta, and Canal Cities. If you are visiting some other cities you may have to use public transportation, taxi, or private transfers.

Officially Uber in Egypt also operates at the airports of Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, and Sphinx International Airport. However, getting an Uber from Cairo International Airport is not easy. You will know the reasons by reading further down the Uber in Cairo Airport section.

Suppose you don’t want to spend hours at the airport negotiating with persistent taxi drivers who will charge you 10 times more than the price should be. In that case, I highly recommend booking a private transfer from Cairo International Airport to the hotel or place you are going to.

Moreover, you will travel in new air-conditioned vehicles instead of old cars with open windows smelling the smog or cigarettes.

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Egyptian Pounds

What Is The Uber Price In Egypt?

Prices of Uber in Egypt are very affordable. You will know the price of your trip while ordering the ride in your application. You can also use an estimator to know how much it will cost you before you order it.

There is no higher price for tourists using Uber like when you use taxis who are trying to rip you off and setting prices three times higher which you have to negotiate.

However, Uber increased the prices a little bit in 2023 due to increased costs of petrol and diesel. Here are the new prices of Uber in Cairo as of 2023. Prices in other cities could be slightly different, but they don’t differ significantly.

Uber X / Uber Comfort
Start of the trip 12 EGP / 15 EGP
Price per km 3.10 EGP / 4.52 EGP
Price per minute 0.55 EGP / 0.70 EGP
Minimum price per trip 20 EGP / 25 EGP

Uber X Saver starts at 9 EGP and the minimum price per trip is 18 EGP.

So short trips within the city center can cost you around 30 EGP,  which is now around 1 USD, while from Downtown to Giza Pyramids around 230 EGP, around 8 USD.

With such low prices, it is very important to tip the drivers if you are happy with the ride.


How To Use Uber In Egypt?

You use Uber in Egypt the same way as everywhere else in the world. You need to download the Uber application. If you already have it, you don’t need to download it again. You need to have data in your mobile as the wifi is not available everywhere. If you don’t have it, buy a local SIM card.

You can buy a local SIM card at the airport, supermarket, or directly in the shop of Vodafone or Orange. There is also an Etisalat provider, but it is not recommended.

Once you have the application, just set up your pick-up location and drop-off location. You will see the approximate price and you will choose a driver.

By the way, choose a driver with the best evaluation. Then you receive a confirmation with a driver’s name, the model of the car, and the pick-up point.

During the peak times you may expect some delay due to the traffic so allow more time before you are heading somewhere. Once the driver arrives, ask him for your name, and check the model of the car and the plate number.

Moreover, take a picture of the plate number before you enter the car. Before the driver starts the ride, make sure he starts the ride on the application as well.

Types of Uber

There are a few different types of Uber in Egypt.

Uber X is the most common type with affordable prices

Uber XSaver is a ride with lower fares

Uber Comfort is more comfortable with more space in the car and the vehicles are newer

Uber Scooter is faster and cheaper as it can go through the traffic but available only for one passenger


Egyptair plane, Cairo Airport, Egypt

Uber At Cairo Airport

Uber at Cairo Airport is an uncertain thing. Officially there is an Uber at Cairo Airport, however, Egypt is a country with no rules. The government is not very favorable to Uber, therefore Uber drivers don’t want to come to take people from Cairo airport as they could have problems with the police there.

Some Uber drivers will refuse to come, so they can cancel your trip, or if they come they will arrange a different pick-up point with you. They will not come in front of the terminal. My family member living in Egypt tried to order Uber from Cairo airport a few times and they refused.

If you don’t want to end up negotiating prices with city taxis and travel in unsafe and dirty cars, it is better to pick up a private transfer from Cairo Airport.

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Is Uber Better Than City Taxis?

Yes, Uber is definitely better than city taxis. First of all the cars are new, comfortable and have air-conditioning. They are also much safer as the city taxi cars are very old, with no AC. Moreover, Uber cars are tracked with GPS.

The next reason why Uber is better than city taxis is the price. It is much cheaper to use Uber than city taxis in Egypt. Taxis in Egypt are the biggest scam. 

Drivers will try to rip you off as a tourist, they will set up prices several times higher and then you have to negotiate it. Even if you negotiate it, it will not be the same as Uber.

Besides, the taxi driver can stop at certain souvenir shops where if you purchase something, they will get a commission. They also can drop you off in the middle of nowhere and ask you to pay for the whole trip. A few meters away his friend will offer you a taxi for a ridiculous price.

Uber is hassle-free, easy, safe, and comfortable compared to city taxis.

Moreover, Uber is not the only ride-hailing company in Egypt. There is also Careem, which was bought by Uber. Careem is similar to Uber, you need a Careem application to order it and it is available in more cities in the country than Uber is. 

Here are the cities where you can get Careem: Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta, Mansoura, Damietta, Hurghada, Zagazig, Ismailia, Qena, Sohag, Aswan, Banha, Port Said, Asyut, Minya, Marsa Matruh, Sahel, Fayoum, and Luxor.

Uber also has a new competitor in the market. It is a Chinese company called Didi that entered the Egyptian market in 2021 and operates in Cairo and Alexandria.


Tahrir Square, Cairo Egypt

Tips For Using Uber In Egypt

Before you start using Uber in Egypt, here are some tips for you.

✔️ Before you enter the car, check the model of the car, ask the driver your name, and take a picture of the license plate

✔️ The numbers on the license plates on the cars are only in Arabic. Here are Arabic numbers for you

Picture of Arabic numerals to numbers

✔️ Make sure the driver starts the ride on the application to track the journey

✔️ Don’t let the driver stop in some shops to look around for souvenirs. Also, don’t let him drop you off in the middle of nowhere. He should take you to the place you requested on the application

✔️ You can share your journey with friends or family

✔️ You can report an incident via the application

✔️ If you were happy with the ride, rate the driver through the application and tip the driver

✔️ Don’t agree to make a deal outside the application

✔️ It is better to pay by card if you have set up low or zero foreign transaction fees

✔️ If you have to pay by cash, make sure you have small notes as they may not have/or claim they don’t have change

✔️ Traffic in Egypt is busy. Make sure you have enough time to reach your destination as you may be in a traffic jam


Visiting Egypt: FAQs

Here you have it. All you need to know about Uber in Egypt. For more questions check the FAQs below.

1. Is Uber in Egypt safe?

Yes, Uber in Egypt is safe. Cars are newer, your journey is tracked by GPS and you can even share it with your friends and family. You also have information about your driver and plate number, so if anything happens you can report it.

2. Is there an Uber in Hurghada?

Yes, there is an Uber in Hurghada.

3. Is there an Uber in Sharm El Sheikh?

No, unfortunately, there is no Uber in Sharm El Sheikh. There is also no Careem, which is a shame when Sharm El Sheik is visited by many tourists who have to take taxis and negotiate the prices.

Therefore, I do recommend taking a private transfer from Sharm El Sheikh Airport to your hotel to have a hassle-free arrival.

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Final Thoughts: Uber In Egypt

This is the end of the guide Uber in Egypt. Now you know where can you use Uber in Egypt, how to use it, how much it costs, what to be aware of, and tips for your ride.

I hope you will be able to navigate through Egypt safely and easily and you will enjoy your stay in this wonderful country.

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