Shopping In Egypt: What To Buy And Where To Buy

Are you curious about what is shopping like in Egypt? What souvenirs to buy and where to buy them?

I don’t know how about you, but when I visit any country, I have to bring some souvenirs to remind me of the place, not only for myself but also for my family and friends. Magnets are the number one thing I have to have on my fridge from each place I go to.

As I visited Egypt several times, I already have various things I bought from here. Therefore, I can give you some advice on what to buy in Egypt and where to buy it.

The shopping experience can be diverse in each country and also you can buy different products that are characteristic of the particular country.

Egypt is an amazing place for shopping as you have many things to choose from and they are not expensive. Especially if you shop on markets where you can bargain.

So let’s see the things you can buy in Egypt and where to buy them.

As the owner of this website, I’ve included some recommendations for your trips. When you use the links to make a purchase, I may get a small commission. You will not get charged extra. Full disclosure.

Shopping In Egypt

Shopping in Egypt is an exceptional experience. There are so many varieties of things you can buy here and as Egypt is not an expensive country, the prices are very good. Especially when you shop at souks when you are expected to bargain.

Some people love to bargain, and some don’t. I am not a big fan of it, but if this is your first time in Egypt you should visit some souks to experience the atmosphere and to see whether it is something for you or not.

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Egyptian souvenirs at the market

What to buy in Egypt

So what are people buying from their holiday in Egypt? Here is a list of things to buy in Egypt, whether for yourself, friends, or family.


Egyptian jewelry is one of the top things you can buy in Egypt, especially as a woman. There are so many kinds of necklaces of different shapes, ornaments, colors, bracelets, rings, Cartouche, and earrings.

You can buy jewelry at any market in Egypt, however, if you are in Cairo, I recommend Khan El Khalili Bazaar, which is the best souk in Egypt. You can find it in Islamic Cairo and you will have so many kinds of jewelry to choose from. I bought a beautiful necklace here.

Also, gold and silver jewelry is available here and is much cheaper than you buy them back home.

Sculptures of pyramid and Tutankhamun from Egypt


Sculptures are another great souvenir to bring home from Egypt. You can find sculptures of Pharaohs, pyramids, the Sphinx, and many more.

They are of different sizes from little ones to huge ones standing on the floor. Obviously, you can’t carry the big ones back home, but a reasonable size is doable.

I bought several of these sculptures and they nicely decorate my room. Again, you can get them in any souk or small shops. The same as jewelry, you can find many choices of sculptures in Khan El Khalili souk.

Spices at spice market


Why are Egyptian or Arabic meals so tasty? Because of all the spices they use to cook the food. The markets here are a paradise of colorful pyramids of spices. You can buy here everything from cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, cumin, ginger, cardamom, saffron, hibiscus and many more.

Again, you can buy spices on any market in Egypt. However, the best one is probably in Luxor. You can also get spices from small shops.

I was buying hibiscus from those shops. Tea from hibiscus has many health effects. For example, it helps with digestion, menstrual pain, lowers blood pressure, and many more.


Egyptian pottery plays an important role in ceramic art history. Egyptian people use many ceramic dishes in their households. You can buy here many colorful vases, bowls, cups, plates, ashtrays, and more.

Due to their colorful design, they are nice not only to be used in a household but as a decoration. You will find them in any souk in Egypt.


Perfumes in Middle Eastern countries have a very significant smell. I personally love them so much. You can also buy oils from which you put a few drops on your wrists and neck and they last very long.

I didn’t buy perfumes in Egypt because I always bought some from Dubai. However, it may be better to buy perfumes from shops rather than markets to be sure you are not buying a fake one.

Rugs and carpets

Middle Eastern countries are well known for the beautiful colorful carpets and rugs they produce and have at their homes. Even though you can’t take a big carpet for your living room back home, you can definitely buy small rugs that will spice up any of your rooms at home.

You can buy them at any souk in Egypt, Khan El Khalili will have many options.


Galabeyas are traditional clothes in Egypt for women and men. You can buy some as a souvenir to wear at home. For women, they are in different colors. Not only Galabeyas but also scarves and other clothes made of silk, cotton, and wool are available here.

You can buy clothes from any market or small shops in Egypt.

Egyptian cotton is of high quality, but to get the high-quality cotton go to shops as on the markets the quality is usually lower.

Egyptian jewelry and belly dancing costumes at the market

Belly dancing costumes

Belly dance belongs to Arabic culture. In Egypt, you can find one of the most beautiful belly dancing costumes. Whether you would like them for girls or women, all sizes and colors are available at the markets and shops in Egypt.

Arabic sweets in a shop

Dates and Arabic sweets

Dates have been a staple food of the Middle East for thousands of years. Egyptian dry dates are a delicious and healthy snack. Moreover, Egypt is the world’s largest producer of dates.

Also, when you are in Egypt, you should try some of the Arabic sweets. You can find them either in supermarkets or in sweet shops where they are either already packed in a box, or you can pick the ones you like and they are sold on weight. They pack them beautifully so they can also be a nice present.

Every time I visit Egypt I bring the sweets and dates back home.

Egyptian colorful lamps


Hand-blown glasswork belongs to ancient practice in Egypt. Glassware is a nice souvenir to take back home. You can choose from lamps, vases, glasses, plates, or perfume bottles. They are in beautiful colors.

You will find many products on different souks all over Egypt.


Papyrus is a great souvenir to take back home. It is not only a beautiful memory of Egypt but it is also light to carry. You can buy from small cards to large paintings that can be rolled and put in the suitcase. At home you just simply get it framed and you have a beautiful picture on your wall.

Shishas at Khan El Khalili souk, Cairo Egypt


Shisha belongs to Arabic culture. People smoke shisha in coffee shops, restaurants, outside, and at home. You can also buy shisha in different sizes at any souks in Egypt. Whether you want it just for decoration and memory or you want to smoke it at home. You can also buy fruity tobacco and charcoals here.


Egyptian cosmetics is also a popular thing to buy in Egypt. They have many kinds of creams and body lotions with camel milk, olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, or argan oil. Also, oils for massages can be bought here.

I bought a very good face cream with collagen. You can find cosmetics either in souks or small shops with fixed prices.

Where To Shop In Egypt

So where can you buy all of these things in Egypt? Either in souks, small shops, or shopping malls.


Souks are the most popular places for shopping in Egypt. You can find absolutely everything here. Moreover, at souks, you can haggle the price which belongs to the Arabic culture and you are expected to do so.

Therefore if you want to buy cheaper things and you are good at bargaining, souks are the right place for you.

If you don’t like to bargain, then you can use shops with fixed prices. For example, in Hurghada, these shops are opposite hotels so when you are on your beach holiday, you can buy nice souvenirs from there.

We went twice to a shop called Kleopatra, in two different locations in Hurghada. They had all kinds of souvenirs there with prices labeled and you could shop in peace and look around.

Little girl in front of Cairo Festival City Mall, Egypt


Egypt also has nice big shopping malls where you can shop in well-known shops like Zara, H&M, Debenhams, and more. You can find most of them in Cairo, for example, Cairo Festival City Mall, Citystars, and City Centre Maadi, but also in Giza and Alexandria.

In the malls, you can find nice restaurants and cafes to enjoy your dinner or afternoon coffee.

Shopping In Egypt: FAQs

So here you have the most popular things to buy in Egypt and where to buy them. For more questions, check out these FAQs below.

Is Egypt cheap for shopping?

Yes, Egypt is considered as not expensive destination and shopping here is cheaper than in Western countries. However, you will find the cheapest things on souks where you haggle the price.

What is the shopping like in Egypt?

Shopping in Egypt is an extraordinary experience if you shop at markets. People sell almost everything there and they do offer it for sale. They call you to look around their shop, asking you what you like, giving you to try it and want to sell it.

Once you start the conversation, it is not easy to escape. However, sometimes it is fun.

Shopping in the shops and malls is the same as anywhere in the world. However, the prices will be lower.

How to haggle in Egypt?

To haggle the price is not for everyone. Some love it and are good at it and some do not. If you want to buy something, ask for the price. Of course, you will be told a higher price than it is worth it, as you are expected to bargain.

Offer him half price. He will give you another price, and try to negotiate until you reach the price you are willing to pay.

When you haggle the price, don’t be rude or argue. Do the opposite. Be friendly, joke, and smile. Try to make a friendship and you will get a good price. It always worked for me.

Remember, Egyptian people are very friendly and talkative. They want to make conversation and expect you to bargain.

Conclusion: Things To Buy In Egypt

When you visit Egypt, you must do some shopping there and bring nice souvenirs from your holiday. Whether you love magnets, nice jewelry, statuses, pictures, shisha, sweets, glassware, ceramic dishes, perfumes, spices, rugs, or clothes, you will find it all in Egypt.

For cheaper shopping and the atmosphere, go to souks, or you can shop in shops with fixed prices. Modern shopping malls with restaurants and cafes are also in Egypt.

If you already visited Egypt, did you buy something? what was it? Let me know in the comments below.

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