Using A Drone In Egypt: Info You NEED Before You Go

Are you curious whether you can use a drone in Egypt?

Whether you’re a passionate drone enthusiast going for a holiday adventure or a professional seeking to capture stunning aerial imagery, your desire to get the perfect shots of Egypt’s pyramids and other historical sights is undeniable.

However, before you pack your drone in the bag, you should know all the rules and regulations about using drones in Egypt as taking a drone to Egypt is not so easy.

In this blog post, I will provide you with all the necessary information about using drones in Egypt, whether you can bring it to the country, fly it, where to fly it, and what documents you need. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Can I Fly A Drone In Egypt?

Using of drones is strongly regulated in Egypt. Legally, you can fly a drone in Egypt, if you are granted permission from the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation. However, receiving this permission is not easy.

The same applies to the import, sale, manufacture, or collection of drones in the country of Egypt. So if you do not have permission from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, you are not allowed to bring a drone to the country. If you do, it will be confiscated at the airport.

Flying drone

Upon receiving the permission you still can’t fly your drone wherever and whenever you want. Due to the political situation possible terrorism threats and protection of the monuments, Egypt has strict rules for flying drones in the country.

Rules To Follow When Flying a Drone in Egypt

In case you are lucky and you receive this permission, you have to follow the rules to fly a drone in Egypt.

  • Do not fly your drone above people or large crowds. This is due to safety reasons as if the drone falls, it can seriously hurt someone.
  • Respect People’s privacy. Do not fly your drone over houses and residential areas.
  • Fly your drone only during good weather and clear visibility and only during the daytime. It is not allowed to fly drones in the dark.
  • Do not fly drones close to airports or where planes fly over frequently. Your drone should stay 9 km away from airports.
  • Do not fly drones near sensitive areas such as governmental or military facilities. These areas are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not fly your drone above 120m
  • You should always have direct visibility on your drone.

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    How Do I Get A Permit To Fly A Drone In Egypt?

    Egypt is not very favorable to using drones in the country. The reason is the high security and protection of the country and people. Therefore getting permission to fly a drone is very difficult, almost impossible for a foreigner.

    If you decide to request permission, do it way in advance, at least six months. However, I would recommend it even earlier. In Egypt everything takes time. Before you apply, make sure you are at least 18 years old.

    Flag of Egypt

    You will have to hand out your passport, license number, and certificate of ownership with the request to the Egypt Civil Aviation Authority. There are different procedures for recreational or commercial use.

    In any case, the rules of flying a drone in Egypt are changing and it is best to contact the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority which can tell you what everything you will need. The email address is

    Penalties For Breaking Drone Laws In Egypt

    As already mentioned, Egypt implemented strict rules for flying, importing, manufacturing, selling, or collecting drones. Disregarding the laws and regulations may result in an unpleasant souvenir from your holiday that you’d rather avoid.

    If you try to bring your drone to the country without permission, it will be confiscated at the airport. They will keep it for you there and you can get it back when you are leaving the country.

    If in any case, they don’t find it on your arrival and they will find it during your departure, you may cause yourself big trouble.

    Not only your drone will be taken, but for violating the law you can get fines between 5,000-50,000 EGP. In the worst case, you can get a prison sentence of between one to seven years. Those few awesome pictures are not worth it, I believe.

    Drone In Egypt: FAQs

    Here you have it. All the necessary information before you bring and fly a drone in Egypt. Read the FAQs below to know everything about drones in Egypt before you go.

    Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

    Can you fly a drone near the Pyramids?

    The short answer is no. Pyramids are highly protected historical monuments with security on sight. For the safety of people, monuments, and possible terrorist threats, you are not allowed to fly drones near Pyramids.

    Can an airport detect my drone?

    The Air Traffic Control Tower can’t detect drones. However, as technology develops, there are now many software in use that can detect drones and their activities.

    Where do I find no drone zones In Egypt?

    There are several mobile applications for flying drones and they can be used worldwide. In these applications, you can find no drone zones in the country and city you are in at the moment and want to fly your drone. Here are a few examples – UAV Forecast, Hover, and AirMap.

    Final Thoughts: Drones In Egypt

    Flying drones in Egypt is not as simple as you may have thought. Each country has its own rules and regulations that must be followed.

    While in some countries you can easily bring a drone and make stunning photos and incredible videos, in Egypt you have to go through a long complicated process or just take pictures with your camera.

    Whether you will use a drone for taking pictures and videos, or not, Egypt’s rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and architectural wonders will provide you with amazing experiences and memories for a lifetime.

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