Albatros Dana Beach Resort review

Welcome to my positive review of the Pickalbatros Dana Beach Resort, located in Hurghada, Egypt. Pickalbatros Dana Beach Resort is a perfect hotel for families or couples. It is a very large complex with buildings of rooms making a circle where in the middle is a river, pools, restaurants, and bars.

As the resort is very large, you can use the boat on the river that will take you from one side to the other, where the beach is, or there is one stop in the middle, where are a restaurant and pool.

The whole resort is very clean with nice gardens and trees made in different shapes and all are taken care of daily, so it looks beautiful all the time. In this article, I will provide you with an honest review of Pickalbatros Dana Beach Resort based on our all-inclusive holiday here.

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Albatros Dana Beach Resort – review


Where– Hurghada, Egypt

When– all year round

My rating– is 9 out of 10

How much– depends on the season, length of stay, agency, first-minute, last-minute 

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Rooms and facilities

Albatros Dana Beach is a 5* hotel, which you can see when you enter the reception. It is huge, shiny, and gives a luxurious impression. There are comfortable chairs and a sofa to sit in and two bars where you can order your drinks.  The whole entrance room and the reception were always cleaned by the staff members.

The rooms are very nice and modern. We had a larger room because of the child, so there was another sofa and a lot of space for the child’s crib. The bed is huge, with tables on the sides, another big table with shelves and a TV and a wardrobe with a safe.

The bathroom is also large with a modern and huge shower. There is also a balcony with chairs and a table and a hanger to dry your clothes.

Cleaning was done daily. However, it was not as detailed as in Albatros White Beach. Everything was clean, I couldn’t complain, but many times things were forgotten to put, like towels or shampoo.

Each room also has a fridge and kettle with tea and coffee. Bottles of water were provided every day. The other rooms were the same but smaller.

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Restaurants and bars

There are several bars and restaurants in this hotel. Therefore you can choose based on your preferences in which restaurant you will have your dinner.

Next to the reception is an oriental restaurant La Clef de L’Orient open for dinner. There was mostly local food and sweets. One of the best restaurants in the hotel.

Under this restaurant is the Le Marche restaurant open for breakfast and late dinner. We ate here only once as it was farther from our room and it was not so great.

Next to it is a Food court open for lunch and afternoon snacks. Good choice of food and snack especially for kids when they get hungry later during the day.

sweets in Asian restaurant at Albatros Dana Beach resort

Other restaurants were situated in the middle of the resort, which was closer to the beach and our room. L’Asiatique restaurant is an Asian restaurant built in the form of a boat. It is open for dinner and the food is delicious. It was also our favorite one.

Next to it is Castello restaurant, which is Italian, but the food is international. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We used this for breakfast and lunch every day, once for dinner. Breakfast here is great, a lot of choices every day.

Lunches are also good, we were never disappointed, but the food was almost every day the same, except 3 or 4 dishes changed daily. There is also a pizza station where they make you a fresh pizza with your choice of ingredients they offer.

Above this restaurant is Kaiseblick restaurant, which we haven’t been to, so I can’t say how was the food there.

There is a bar at the beach, where you can get drinks and also fast lunches like freshly made pasta, sandwiches, and fries in case you don’t want to go back from the beach to the restaurants. Also, you can find sweets and fruits here.

There is an amazing cafe next to the food court, called Columbus Cafe that offers delicious coffee, hot chocolate, and cakes. We didn’t try the cakes as we were always full, but we always had caramel frappuccino there. It was delicious. I highly recommend it.

There are three places where you can get ice cream from the machine, and it is a beach bar, a food court, and next to the Castello restaurant. We had it every day. It was yummy.

There are also bars, a Piano bar, a Sports bar, a Lobby bar, and a Castello bar. We were only once in Castello bar for a drink in the evening, so can’t judge, but I’m sure they were great.

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Pier on the beach at Albatros Dana Beach Resort

Beach and pools

The beach is huge with a gradual entrance to the sea and a lot of sunbeds with umbrellas. Therefore, it is very good for children to play and swim.

On one side of the beach there was usually low tide, so we could walk or sit on the sand close to the sea. We could also find some corals with fish when we were snorkeling there. We did it a few times, but it was not very good. Small corals with few fish and big waves.

On the other side is a gorgeous pier, where we took some pictures. There are also sunbeds in case people like to stay there and stairs to go down to the water.

Kids pool at Albatros Dana Beach Resort

There are several pools in the resort. There is one close to the reception, good for swimming with a divided section for small children. It was also used for water sports and activities.

Another one, which we liked most, is next to Castello restaurant. It is deeper and has a beautiful view. There is also a small pool for children and one pool with streams around, where you can just sit and enjoy the massage.

Last but not least is a kids’ pool with slides and attractions. This one we used the most as we had our little 2-year-old with us.


Mini disco at Albatros Dana Beach Resort


The animation team is great, much better than in Albatros White Beach. The main reason for better entertainment is a mix of locals and foreign animators.

There was a mini disco for children every evening and one evening the team had costumes of Minnie, Mickey, Tweety, and other cartoon heroes. Children could take pictures with them, play, and dance.

For our two-year-old daughter, it was paradise and the best time of the whole holiday. My only suggestion would be not to make the music so loud for children.

For children, there are also two big playgrounds where they can enjoy and have fun during the day or mostly in the evening when it is not so hot.

When the mini-disco finished there were always different kinds of a show for adults. Sometimes it was better, other times not as much. The best was the Brazilian show. They were absolutely amazing. I was looking forward to the African acrobat show, but the program was changed, so, unfortunately, didn’t see it.

On the other side at Castello bar was every night live music for people to dance or just enjoy their drinks. It was very nice. They also had a big screen where people could watch football.

Let me not forget about the activities during the day, like gymnastics, water gymnastics, belly dance, volleyball, etc.


Customer service

Customer service was great. All waiters, lifeguards, cleaners, and reception staff were nice, friendly, and helpful. We could see that the waiters were working very hard, and still, they were under big pressure from their superiors.

I’m sure it is not very good to work like this. Despite that, they provided excellent customer service. To compare, in Albatros White Beach the atmosphere was more relaxed and you could see it in the staff too. They were in a better mood.

Unfortunately, I had one bad experience with one reception man, who talked to me in an unprofessional and inappropriate way for a 5* hotel.

There are also shops with souvenirs in the resort, but they are more expensive. Just across the street, there are many small shops with clothes, cosmetics, and souvenirs and also a big store Cleopatra, where you have everything for fixed prices, so you don’t need to negotiate. And their prices are the lowest.


Albatros Dana Beach Resort, Hurghada

Conclusion: Albatros Dana Beach Review

In conclusion, the Pickalbatros Dana Beach Resort in Hurghada, Egypt provided an exceptional holiday experience for all of us. We relaxed, swam ate a lot, had a lot of fun and enjoyed the break and this is the most important thing.

Friendly staff and a wide range of activities and amenities make this resort a must-visit for anyone looking for a luxurious and relaxing getaway. I highly recommend this resort to anyone looking to create unforgettable memories in a beautiful setting.

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