Breakfast In Cairo: 15 Best Breakfast Restaurants 2024

Are you going to Egypt and would like to know where to have the best breakfast in Cairo?

Egyptian people love to eat and their breakfast is usually big with a lot of variety of food on the table. I could experience that while visiting and staying with my husband’s family in Cairo. I’m not a person who eats much in the morning, so I was surprised at what they eat for breakfast.

For example falafel sandwiches, white salty cheese with tomatoes, salads, eggs, fried peppers and lilac, onion, foul (fava beans with cumin and olive oil), and sometimes even fries. That could be easily a lunch for me.

However, you don’t have to eat just traditional Egyptian breakfast when you are in Cairo. There are many restaurants and bakeries in Cairo that serve international breakfast.

To help you with your choice, I prepared a list of 15 best breakfast restaurants for you. Whether you like to eat traditional Egyptian breakfast, English breakfast, American pancakes, Italian croissants, or pastries, you will find it all in Cairo.

Breakfast In Cairo

Cairo is a large city and the traffic is many times heavy, so moving from one side to another can take a long time just to go for breakfast. Therefore I tried to cover restaurants from different parts of the city.

Here are the best places to enjoy breakfast in Cairo.


Breakfast at Nisantasi Restaurant, CairoPhoto Credit: Nisantasi Restaurant

1. Nişantaşi Citystars

For Turkish cuisine head to Nisantasi Restaurant. You will find the most delicious food here. The Turkish chef uses old techniques to cook the food and the result is truly amazing.

You can try Turkish falafel, borek, omelet, shakshuka, and many more. Lunches and dinners are also served here. Moreover, the customer service here is exceptional and welcomes you with a big smile.

You can find Nisantasi restaurant in City Star Mall or Cairo Festival City Mall.

Address: City Stars Mall, Phase One level 5/ Cairo Festival City Mall, The Village
Hours: 10 am – 1 pm for breakfast, restaurant open until 12 am
Price: breakfast 50-300 EGP per meal


2. Night and Day

Another amazing place downtown where you can enjoy your breakfast in Cairo. Night and Day restaurant is located in the InterContinental Cairo Semiramis Hotel. It is right on the bank of the River Nile where you can appreciate the beautiful view.

In Night and Day, you can enjoy an open buffet breakfast of Egyptian and international cuisine. For those who love sweets, options of Egyptian sweets and pastries are available. Lunch and dinners are also served here.

Address: Semiramis InterContinental, Corniche El Nile Cairo
Hours: 6 am – 11 am for breakfast
Price: breakfast 65-150 EGP per meal


Lotus Dream at Bosco Restaurant, CairoPhoto Credit: Bosco Restaurant & Cafe

3. Bosco Restaurant & Cafe

When you are in Cairo, don’t miss visiting Bosco Restaurant & Cafe. The professional staff, delicious food of big portions, and cozy environment will make your day right from breakfast.

Different kinds of omelets, eggs, sandwiches, and pancakes are all on the menu. Moreover, fresh juices, milkshakes, and smoothies of all kinds will add to the delicious meal.

If you are coming for a coffee, try one of their delicious desserts too.

Address: El-Shaheed Mohammed Abd El-Hady Off, Ard, Al Golf, Nasr City, Cairo
Hours: 10 am – 1:30 am
Price: 90-175 EGP per meal

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    4. Ovio

    If you are around the Maadi area in Cairo and would like to have European-style breakfast and coffee, Ovio Restaurant and Cafe is a great choice.

    You will love the variety of food here. From sandwiches and bagels, through different ways of cooking eggs to pastries and pancakes, everybody will choose their favorite here.

    Delivery is also available here.

    Address: 11 Street 18, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Cairo
    Hours: 8 am – 12 am
    Price: breakfast 160-290 EGP per meal


    5. Tayer Ya Fatayer

    Would you like to try Egyptian Feteer? Then head to Tayer Ya Fatayer in Zamalek. You don’t know what Feteer is? It is a traditional Egyptian layered pastry, which consists of several layers and fillings of your choice.

    You can choose one with cheese, potatoes, smoked turkey, eggs, falafel, and many more, even sweet options are available.

    If you don’t choose to have Feteer, pancakes, and other meals are also available. You can also use their delivery.

    Address: 12 Brazil St, Zamalek, Cairo
    Hours: 8 am – 12:45 am
    Price: Feteer 25-100 EGP


    Coffee at 30 North, CairoPhoto Credit: 30 North

    6. 30 North

    If you are a coffee lover, then visit 30 North for your morning cup of coffee. Trust me, so many kinds of coffee, that it will not be easy to choose. This place uses the finest beans of coffee and processes to bring you the best specialty coffee.

    Except for coffee, you can enjoy hot chocolate, smoothies, fresh juices, and many more. For breakfast, you can have eggs cooked in different ways, sandwiches, paninis, and croissants are available.

    If you prefer something sweet, they have plenty of desserts, pancakes, waffles, and cookies of all kinds to choose from. Moreover, you can purchase some of the high-quality beans coffee and tea bags to take home.

    They have several branches in Cairo. In Zamalek or New Cairo, you can enjoy your breakfast and coffee on the outside terrace.

    Address: 16 Mohammed Thakeb, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo/Garden 8 or Square One Mall, New Cairo
    Hours: 8 am – 12 am
    Price: 170-350 EGP per meal


    7. Tabali Bistro

    If you fancy a delicious Egyptian breakfast, head to Tabali, an oriental bistro where you have plenty of choices. The food is delicious and they also do lunches and dinner. They have several branches in Cairo so you can choose the one close to you.

    Address: Branches in Leven Square, Mall of Arabia Gate 9, Arkan Plaza, Banks Center, Heliopolis, Zamalek, Smart Village, New Giza
    Hours: 8 am – 12 am
    Price: starting from 15 EGP per sandwich


    Zooba Restaurant near Grand Egyptian Museum, CairoPhoto Credit: Zooba

    8. Zooba

    Do you want to eat like locals? Then visit Zooba in Cairo. The older branch in Zamalek is not a fancy expensive and luxurious restaurant, but rather a small Egyptian place with traditional and delicious food.

    Here you can try different types of Ful sandwiches, Egyptian falafel sandwiches, cheese and tomato, eggs, shakshouka, or chicken shawarma sandwiches.

    For lunch or dinner, you can try the traditional Hawawshi, different soups, and other Egyptian meals.

    They opened a new branch next to the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is a modern and larger place to eat.

    Address: City Stars/ Madinati/ Sheikh Zayed/ Downtown/ Maadi/ Zamalek
    Hours: 8 am – 12 am
    Price: breakfast 13-150 EGP per meal


    9. Crimson Bar & Grill

    If you are looking for a higher-end breakfast with the most stunning view of the River Nile and Cairo, you should go to Crimson Bar & Grill. The place is located on the rooftop terrace right on the bank of the River Nile.

    The breakfast served here is international with influences coming from Italy and the Mediterranean. They use the highest quality of ingredients in their kitchen. Lunch, brunch, and dinner are also available.

    Address: 16 Kamal Al Tawil, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo
    Hours: Saturday to Wednesday 8 am – 12 am, Thursday & Friday 8 am – 1 am
    Price: breakfast 120-250 EGP per meal


    10. Oblivious

    Oblivious is a nice restaurant with great food in New Cairo. You can enjoy your morning on a beautiful terrace. Whether you fancy a full English breakfast, different kinds of omelet, yogurt, waffles, or pancakes, here they have it all.

    Do you have a sweet tooth? Then the delicious desserts and milkshakes of all kinds will not disappoint you.

    Address: Waterway 2, Al Salam Axis, New Cairo 1
    Hours: 10 am – 12 am
    Price: breakfast 120-200 EGP per meal


    Breakfast at Rouh Beirut Restaurant, CairoPhoto Credit: Rouh Beirut

    11. Rouh Beirut

    If you are staying downtown or coming here to do some sightseeing and would like to eat like an Egyptian, plan your visit to Rouj Beirut. This restaurant is located in the heart of Cairo, in El Tahrir Square. Here you can eat falafel sandwiches, different kinds of omelets, hummus, and foul.

    Not only breakfast but also lunch and dinner are served here. The place is not very big, but it is clean, and the food is delicious. Moreover, they also do delivery.

    Address: El-Tahrir Square, Cairo
    Hours: 10 am – 2 am
    Price: breakfast 25-40 EGP per meal


    12. Carmel California

    This modern restaurant Carmel California in Cairo is the right place to start your day. The interior of the place is very bright, summery, and refreshing. If you prefer to enjoy your food outside, you can do so on the terrace.

    They have the most delicious and professional-looking cakes. For breakfast, you have a choice of American breakfast, eggs cooked in different ways, sandwiches, bagels, pancakes, waffles, quiches, and many more.

    Address: 13 St. 18 Maadi, Cairo
    Price: breakfast 165-300 EGP per meal


    13. Bun N’ Glaze

    Bun N’ Glaze is a bakery and bistro located in the heart of Heliopolis. Here you can enjoy the most delicious pastries, doughnuts, and many kinds of bread.

    The breakfast options consist of eggs cooked in different ways, bagels, sandwiches, salads, and pastries. Add your favorite cup of coffee, tea, fresh juice, or milkshake and you can start your day in a positive way.

    Address: 6 Horeya St. Heliopolis, Cairo
    Hours: 8 am – 12 am/1 am
    Price: breakfast 80-250 EGP per meal


    14. The Lebanese Bakery

    If you want to try the traditional Lebanese food, head to The Lebanese Bakery. Here you can eat the traditional Manousheh, which is a flat rounded bread, that looks like a pizza with ingredients of your choice. For example, spinach, onion, olives, tomatoes, cheese, minced beef, and many more.

    They also serve different kinds of eggs and Lebanese sweets. The Lebanese Bakery has two branches in Cairo and Giza Governorate. Delivery is also available.

    Address: 11 Street 18, Maadi as Sarayat, Cairo/Galleria 40 Al Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate
    Hours: 7 am – 11 pm
    Price: 75-200 EGP per meal


    15. Capricci

    Capricci is an elegant Italian restaurant located in Maadi. Here you can enjoy different yogurts, Italian desserts, panini sandwiches, and pancakes but also oriental breakfast.

    You can sit inside or outside in a lovely garden.

    Address: 216, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Cairo
    Hours: 8:30 am – 12:30 am
    Price: breakfast 50-200 EGP per meal


    Visiting Cairo: FAQs

    While visiting Cairo, you may have some more questions about the Egyptian food. Here are some FAQs where you can find the answers.

    What is the traditional breakfast in Cairo Egypt?

    Traditional Egyptian breakfast consists of many meals. For example, Foul, Tameya, which is an Egyptian name for falafel, white salty cheese, fries, and Shakshuka, which is eggs, red peppers, tomato sauce, and olive oil.

    Is Cairo a foodie city?

    Definitely. Egyptian people love to eat and their food is really delicious. Whether you choose traditional Egyptian food, burgers, pizza, desserts, doughnuts, or Egyptian sweets, you will find it all here.

    Moreover, you have plenty of options for luxurious restaurants, fast foods, traditional Egyptian restaurants, or street food. You can find cuisine from all over the world here.

    Is there an open buffet breakfast in Cairo?

    Yes, there is an open buffet breakfast in Cairo, but you will usually find them in restaurants in the hotels. For example Zitouni, Night & Day, The Blue Restaurant & Grill, and Aqua e Luce.


    Conclusion: Breakfast In Cairo

    Whether you would like to eat breakfast in a more fancy restaurant with an international menu or you prefer a sweet breakfast or traditional Egyptian breakfast, in Cairo, you can find it all.

    If you are staying in Cairo for more days, you can try a few of these restaurants. I’m sure you will not be disappointed and you can find something based on your taste and preference.

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