Where can I practice yoga in Dubai?

Many are wondering whether they can practice yoga in Dubai. Whether you are a beginner or advanced there are several yoga studios in Dubai.

However, a new and the biggest yoga center just opened in Dubai and I would like to introduce it to everyone interested in yoga. Psssst, not only to those interested in yoga as this center has much more to offer than just yoga.

Are you interested in spirituality, the law of attraction, manifestation, mindset, marketing, or business, would you like to meet like-minded people and become abundant? Then this is the right place for you.

In this article, I will tell you about this new yoga center, who is behind it, what you can learn there, how to become a member, where it is, and much more. Let’s get started, shall we?


Where Can I Practice Yoga In Dubai?



Master Sri Akarshana

Who is behind it?

Master Sri Akarshana, a motivational speaker, the law of attraction coach, and an international figure in the world of spirituality who is followed by millions of people, and his team IamVerse came up with the new yoga center.

Let me tell you about Master Sri Akarshana, famously also known as Yogi with a Lamborghini. He was born and raised in the UK as Eric Ho.

Becoming very rich at a young age, he got bored in his life not seeing any happiness and value in the material world. He found his purpose while volunteering with children in Kenya. His purpose is to help others.

He opened a charity organization in Kenya to help children to live a healthy and balanced life. He also believes that we are spiritual beings in the material world, therefore to live our lives to the fullest, we should combine the physical with the metaphysical. For many years he shares this message on social media as well as at live events.

In 2019 he was invited by the Himalayan Spiritual Master Grandmaster Akshar to become his adherent. Eric spent one month in the Himalayas with Grandmaster Akshar and received the title of Master.

Since then he is sharing the message of Love, Positivity, and Knowledge to help people to live a happy and abundant life. You can read more about his life here.

While trying to help other people to live healthy, happy, and wealthy life with purpose, he launched several NFT (non-fungible tokens) projects. For those who have never heard about NFT, they are pictures that are sold on platforms like Opensea with cryptocurrency.

The projects have been very successful, he was offered a partnership in Dubai, which he accepted and moved with his whole team to Dubai.


NFT-Super Creator Origins token

How to become a member

There is a possibility to become a member, the same as in any gym club. However, this membership is much more interesting than any other. Are you excited? You better be.

As I mentioned above, Master and his team launched several NFT projects. By buying a token from a specific project, you are not only getting a token that you can potentially sell in the future and make a profit, but you are getting a lot of utilities with it.

One of the utilities is free yoga in this center. There will be for example Yoga for manifestations or Zen Yoga.

Not only yoga classes are part of the utilities, but all other trainings of the academy are provided by the Master and IamVerse team. It is like education, with the exception that you don’t pay for it every year. Instead, you buy one token or more if you like and you can even make a profit from it.

There are many classes in the academy, such as the Law of attraction, mindset, business, NFT trading, speaking training, business, marketing, and many more that will still come.

The best thing about it is, that you don’t have to be based in Dubai. All these trainings are happening online through Zoom calls. So you can be anywhere in the world and be a member.

Let me tell you, that it is not just a membership. It is a community, a family of positive, kind, and friendly people who help each other and have fun together. You can join the community through an application called Discord.

You will get all the necessary information about all projects, how to buy a token, and about all trainings that are happening each day.

There is a chat to discuss spirituality or NFT, and there are free meditations, movie nights, game nights, and more. You can join even if you are not interested to buy NFT. New members are always welcome.


Where is it located and when it will open

The yoga center is located in the Al Quoz area. Please see the link with a map here.

The center is already open for members, so if you are located in Dubai, you can reserve your space for yoga or for any live event. However, the grand opening for the public will happen 5th of May 2023. Stay tuned in the discord to get all the updates.


Future plans

This is just the beginning. There are bigger plans and more things to come. Master Sri Akarshana’s vision is to build conscious land. His manifestations are transforming into physical life.

Master partnered with Hilshaw Group to build the first Holistic Wellness Village in Dubai. You can read the announcement on UAE News 24/7 website here. It will be located in the new Victory building on Palm Jumeirah.


Conclusion-Where can I practice yoga in Dubai?

Here you have all the exciting information about the new and biggest yoga center in Dubai. Whether you are based in Dubai or anywhere in the world, you can practice yoga, learn many new things, hang out with like-minded people, and even earn money.

Don’t wait any longer. Join the community in Discord to be part of the tribe. As we say, your tribe is your vibe.

In case you have any questions, you are interested to know more, you can contact me in the comment below or on my email.

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