Is Seychelles worth visiting?

Are you dreaming of a tropical escape? Do you want to soak up the sun on pristine beaches, swim in crystal-clear waters, and discover exotic wildlife? Then Seychelles might be the perfect destination for you.

Located in the Indian Ocean, with the world’s most beautiful beaches, lush forests, and colorful coral reefs, is Seychelles really worth the trip and the money, or is it just for celebrities?

The answer is simply yes and in this blog post, you will find all the reasons why Seychelles is a must-visit destination, from its stunning natural beauty to its unique culture and cuisine. So, let’s dive in and discover what makes this island paradise so special.

Is Seychelles Worth Visiting?


Sunset Beach on Mahe Island, Seychelles

Beaches in Seychelles

Seychelles has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches in the world. Those stunning white sandy beaches with typical granite rocks that you see on Instagram or magazines and then dream about can be found here.

The sand is so soft and the water has all the shades of blue you can imagine. For those seeking some vegetation, palm trees are all around.

The greatest advantage of beaches in Seychelles is that they are not crowded. You can choose from touristy beaches with convenient lodgings, or explore several other beaches that are completely secluded.

Just imagine only you on a beautiful white sandy beach with palm trees. The right place for your honeymoon or romantic holidays.

Not only you can visit different secluded beaches, but you can also visit different islands and explore more of this paradise than just staying at one beach. To know some of the best beaches in Seychelles, check my article here.


In the Botanical garden with Aldabra tortoise, Mahe Seychelles

Wildlife in Seychelles

Seychelles is home to many endemic species and about half of the land is protected. For example, on Praslin Island, there is Valee De Mai National Park which is under Unesco World Heritage Site. In this park, you can find a Coco-De-Mer palm tree with a nut in the shape of buttocks that can be found only in Seychelles.

There are many other endemic species, for example, Black Parrots, tree frogs, tiger chameleons, and other palm trees.

Another place under Unesco World Heritage is Aldabra Atoll, however, it is not easily accessible and open to tourists. Being one of the world’s largest atolls, Aldabra boasts a stunning array of colors and formations in its ocean and landscapes, which contribute to its aesthetic appeal and scenic beauty.

Its remoteness and inaccessibility have allowed it to remain mostly untouched by human activities for the majority of its existence. This Atoll is home to 400 endemic species and over 100,000 Aldabra Giant Tortoise.

Did you know that the movie Aldabra: Once upon an Island, was made here on Aldabra Atoll?

However, you can see coco-de-mer and Aldabra tortoises in the botanical garden on Mahe Island.

If you are birds bird-watching enthusiast, you should plan your trip to Bird Island which is about 100 km from Mahe Island. On Bird Island, you can stay in a private resort and enjoy watching many endemic birds.


Snorkeling and diving in Seychelles

Seychelles has beautiful underwater life. Especially diving in Seychelles is a must-do. Beautiful coral reefs, different kinds of fish, and sea turtles. There are many diving sites in Seychelles, most popular on Mahe, Praslin, and LaDigue Islands.

For advanced divers, there is a possibility to dive into a wrecked ship, the three best spots are the Dredger, the Twin Barges, and the Aldebaran.

Snorkeling in Seychelles is not as great as in Maldives, where you can snorkel close to the shore. However, you can take a snorkeling tour if you want to experience great snorkeling.


Coconut cut into pieces and served on leaves on a beach in Seychelles

Cuisine in Seychelles

Seychellois cuisine boasts an exotic flavor, often incorporating coconut milk into various dishes. One such delightful dish is the octopus curry, which, despite its name, shouldn’t discourage you from trying. The octopus is expertly cut into small pieces, which leaves you to relish in the dish’s flavorful taste.

The food in Seychelles has a mix of African, Indian, Asian, and French flavors. A lot of different spices are being used, which give the food a delicious and specific taste.

They are also big fans of grilled fish, salted fish, different kinds of seafood, and coconut curry accompanied by saffron rice. Their specialty is bat curry. I didn’t try it though. Except for that, you can find many exotic fruits in Seychelles.

There are different types of dining in Seychelles, from fine dining to street food, the choice is yours.


The way to the top of Morne Seychellois, Seychelles

Hiking in Seychelles

For those who prefer a more active holiday and like some adventure, there are many hiking trails available in Seychelles. Seychelles has a diverse land, it is not just a flat island, but mountains and lush forests are present here. You can choose places to hike based on difficulty level.

For example, you can try the Copolia trail which is medium-level and takes about one hour to reach the top. You will walk through a rich forest that includes endemic palms and carnivorous plants where at the top you will be gifted with a spectacular view of Mahe Island.

If your physical condition allows, do not pass up the opportunity to visit Morne Seychellois Mountain. Standing at 905 meters, this majestic peak is situated on Mahe Island and is the tallest mountain in Seychelles.

You will walk through a lush forest up the hill till you reach the top. The breathtaking panorama of the ocean and the surrounding Seychelles archipelago is an experience not to be missed.


Weather in Seychelles

Seychelles is a destination that can be visited the whole year round. The weather here is warm and sunny, temperatures vary between 26-32 degrees Celsius. Even during the rainy season, the rains don’t last very long and you can still enjoy warm days.

You can choose a time for your holiday depending on the activities you would like to do. You can see some rain from December to March, while April and November are the hottest months. From May to October the weather is sunny and hot and there is a light breeze, which is ideal weather for surfing or hiking.


Carnival in Seychelles

Carnival in Seychelles is a diverse and multicultural celebration in Seychelles that has become very popular not only among locals but also among tourists. Every year about 30,000 people attend this incredible celebration that is held in the capital city of Victoria, therefore it is also known as Victorian Carnival.

The carnivals exhibit a vibrant ambiance characterized by vivid colors, lively music, exuberant attire, bizarre personalities, and a multitude of dancers.

The Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria brings together the art, culture, history, and national heritage of Seychelles. The Carnival is usually held in April and it last for 3 days.


Tasting rum in Seychelles

If you are a rum lover, you should not leave Seychelles without visiting Takamaka Rum Distillery on Mahe Island. You will take a tour through the distillery, historical property, and garden and experience plantation life followed by rum tasting.

You can then have lunch in the best Creole restaurant on the island and enjoy wonderful rum cocktails.


Conclusion: Is Seychelles worth visiting?

In conclusion, Seychelles is a destination that is undoubtedly worth visiting. From the breathtaking landscapes to the pristine beaches, unique culture, and abundant wildlife, Seychelles has a lot to offer for any traveler seeking an exotic and unforgettable experience.

Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, Seychelles has something for everyone. With its friendly people, delicious cuisine, and wide range of activities to engage in, Seychelles is a paradise that should definitely be on your travel bucket list.

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