When is the rainy season in Zanzibar: Best time to visit

When is the rainy season in Zanzibar? Find out when is the best time to visit Zanzibar.

Zanzibar, with its pristine beaches and vibrant culture, is a dream destination for many travelers. However, before embarking on your journey, it’s essential to understand the island’s weather patterns, especially when it comes to the rainy season.

In this blog post, I will not only answer the question of when is the rainy season in Zanzibar but also guide you on the best time to visit, to help you plan the perfect getaway to this tropical paradise and ensure an unforgettable experience filled with sunshine and adventure.

So, let’s get ready to explore the weather patterns of Zanzibar and uncover the ideal time to embark on your tropical escape.


Rainbow in Zanzibar

When Is The Rainy Season In Zanzibar? Best Time To Visit

The weather in Zanzibar is tropical and warm during the whole year. However, the weather in Zanzibar is influenced by the monsoons of the Indian Ocean. Therefore there are not only lovely hot days in Zanzibar but also rainy days, which is called the rainy season.

Zanzibar has two rainy seasons. One is short and one is long rainy season. When there is a rainy season, there must be a dry season too, therefore there is also a long and short dry season in Zanzibar.


Rain in Zanzibar

Long rainy season in Zanzibar

The long rainy season in Zanzibar starts in the middle of March and lasts until the end of May. During this season it can rain from 15 minutes until 2 hours a day when the sun comes out again. It doesn’t have to rain every day but the humidity is high.

It is better to avoid visiting Zanzibar during this time if you dream about a lovely beach holiday or romantic honeymoon as you will be disappointed.

However, people who just want to relax away from home, spend some time on the beach, and are on a tight budget, still visit Zanzibar during this time. They can spend a long time here as the accommodations are cheaper.

However, not all hotels will be open during this time as the demand is low and they are providing rest to the employees before the peak of the season starts.


Short rainy season in Zanzibar

The short rainy season is in Zanzibar during the months of November and December. It is called the short rainy season because the rains are not so heavy and don’t last as long as during the long rainy season.

You can expect a little shower for a few minutes, which is immediately followed by sunshine. During the short rainy season, it is not raining every day.

Tourists like to come during this season as the prices are lower and the weather is still good. However, the prices rise in the middle of December due to the holidays.

It is a popular time for Europeans and Americans to come to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve here due to the cold weather back home and the holiday season.


Zanzibar beach

Long dry season in Zanzibar

The long dry season starts in June and lasts till October. The weather is lovely and warm with everyday sunshine, which is an ideal time for a beach vacation.

The temperature is the lowest during this time, which is still about 29 degrees Celsius during the day and not lower than 18 during the night. The lowest sea temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius.

Because of the ideal weather during the dry season and also the school holidays in Europe and some parts of the USA, this is the peak tourist time to visit Zanzibar.

Due to that also the prices of the accommodation will be at their highest. However, you will have more choices as all the hotels are open welcoming tourists.


Short dry season in Zanzibar

And finally, a short dry season in Zanzibar occurs during January and February before the heavy rains come. This is also a very popular time for tourists to visit Zanzibar as the weather is great and Westerners use the opportunity to escape the cold weather back home.

These are the hottest months as it is summer in Zanzibar. The daily temperatures reach 33 degrees Celsius and sea temperatures can be up to 29 degrees Celsius.


Zanzibar during dry season

The best time to go to Zanzibar

Weather is usually the most important factor when choosing the place and time of your holiday.

If you are coming to Zanzibar to enjoy your beach vacation and perfect sunshine weather with a clear sky or coming for your honeymoon, the best time to visit Zanzibar is during the dry seasons. The long dry season is from June until October and the short dry season is from January until the end of February.

For snorkeling and diving enthusiasts it is also the best time to visit, especially during July and August and January till February when the water is clear and provides excellent visibility.

Many tourists combine their beach relaxing vacation in Zanzibar with a safari in Tanzania or Kenya. The dry seasons are also the best times for the safaris. The landscape is dry so animals can be seen looking for some water.

During the long dry season also wild beast migration is happening, therefore you can enjoy your safari experience and your beach paradise to the fullest.


Conclusion: When is the rainy season in Zanzibar?

After exploring Zanzibar’s rainy season and the best time to visit this tropical paradise, I hope you now have a clearer understanding of the island’s weather patterns and can plan your getaway accordingly.

The rainy season from March to May and November to December is for those seeking a more peaceful experience with indoor activities and a lower budget. The dry season from June to October and January to February is for beach lovers, watersport enthusiasts, and those who are seeking everyday sunshine and relaxation in this beach paradise.

Choosing the best time to visit Zanzibar depends on your preferences and priorities. Regardless of when you decide to visit, plan your trip, pack accordingly, and immerse yourself in the magic of Zanzibar, where natural wonders and cultural delights intertwine to create an unforgettable journey.

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