Is Victoria Falls Worth Visiting?


Are you wondering whether Victoria Falls is Worth Visiting and what you can experience here?

Victoria Falls is one of the 7 Natural Wonders Of The World, located on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

After spending some time volunteering with children in Victoria Falls on the Zambia side and exploring the beauty of the country from both the Zambia and Zimbabwe sides, I can tell you that Victoria Falls is worth visiting and must be on every traveler’s bucket list.

Based on my own experience I will tell you why Victoria Falls is worth visiting and what activities you can do here.

Is Victoria Falls Worth Visiting?

Victoria Falls is worth the visit due to the falls itself, beautiful nature, wildlife, amazing culture, food, and many activities you can be part of that will provide you amazing experiences for a lifetime.

Victoria Falls, Natural Wonder of the World

Victoria Falls is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world and can be seen from both Zimbabwe and Zambia side. However, if the falls are the main purpose of your visit, you should see it from Zimbabwe’s side where 75% of the falls are located.

Before Mr. Livingstone discovered Victoria Falls and named it after Queen Victoria, the local people called it Mosi-Oa-Tunya, which means Smoke That Thunders.

To enter the Victoria Falls National Park, you need to purchase an entry ticket, which you can buy at the gate if you want to walk yourself. The park is located near the Zimbabwe border with Zambia.

Me and my husband standing in front of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

In this case, I recommend staying in one of the hotels in Victoria Falls Town close to the borders. We stayed in the N1 Hotel and it was about 10 minute walk to the park.

If you want to take a guided tour, where you will be picked up from your hotel, you can book it here.

If you are more of an adrenaline junkie and would like to see the falls from the bird’s eye, you can combine a walking tour with a helicopter ride.

To see the falls in its full power, you should visit during the high-water season from November to May. At this time, be prepared with a raincoat and waterproof cover for your camera.

However, we visited during the dry season in October and we still saw the power of water and in some areas, we experienced some showers. Some areas were completely dry, so we could observe the valley below.

You will need around 3 hours for this tour, to walk around, admire the beauty, and take some pictures and videos.

Safari Game drive

To see the African wildlife go for a safari game drive. We booked the full-day safari in Zambezi Park.

We were picked up early in the morning by our guide. As our car broke down inside the park, we had a nice breakfast with a cup of coffee inside the park, next to the Zambezi River while they brought us another car. What a nice experience.

Me and my husband having lunch in Zambezi National Park during the game drive

Unfortunately, it was a dry and hot season, so many animals were hiding in the bush. We drove the whole day and we saw a few zebras, giraffes, elephants, and a crocodile.

We also had lunch next to the river and we enjoyed our day. However, if you decide to go for a game drive in the Zambezi National Park, the best time is between May and September.

➡️Book your Game Drive in Zambezi National Park HERE

Zambezi River Cruise

During the free evenings, you can go for a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. You will be picked up from your hotel by car and taken to the place where the cruises depart.

Elephants crossing the Zambezi River

We enjoyed the cruise with music, drinks, and food while watching the hippos and crocodiles swimming in the river.

We even saw elephants crossing the river and swimming in it. This was my first time to see elephants swimming. I really recommend this activity for a relaxing evening.

➡️Book the Zambezi River Cruise HERE

Rhino Walk

While staying on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, we experienced Rhino Walk. We were taken by a guide to the park where three rangers with guns took us to see the rhinos.

We had to walk in rows and watch the ground for black mambas. Once we reached the place, we were gifted with a group of rhinos relaxing in the sunshine.

It was an amazing experience to see such dominant animals up close. If you have spare time during your visit, I do recommend it.

Meeting lions and cheetahs

For us, one of the best experiences on Zambia’s side was to meet lions and cheetahs. You can also choose either lions, or cheetahs, but we wanted to meet them both.

Once we moved back from Zimbabwe to Zambia, we were accommodated in Maramba River Lodge located near Livingstone town.

We were picked up by a car and taken to meet lions and cheetahs. After the safety briefing, we met young lions, a brother and sister, and took amazing pictures with them. I was stroking the lion, talking to him and he looked like he really enjoyed it. 

Then we went for a walk with them. Awesome experience.

Me taking a picture with the lion

After meeting with lions, we met with two cheetahs. We also took pictures with them and stroked them and then went for a walk.

Both lions and cheetahs are extraordinary animals and to interact with them so close was for me the best experience in my life. If you love animals, I highly recommend it.

Moreover, on our way back to the lodge, we saw some giraffes in the middle of the road eating from the trees. We had to stop the car and wait till they finished. We were in their home at the end. 

Swimming in Devil’s Pool

On our last day, we booked a tour to Devil’s Pool. Devil’s Pool is located on the Zambian side of the falls and you can get there from Livingstone Island.

“The Devil’s Pool itself is a deep natural pool that has been created by thousands of years of erosion, but what is unique about it is that there is a rock ledge on the lip of the Falls, where the water is only a few centimeters deep. This natural barrier is what allows you to jump into the deep pool but not get swept over the edge.” (Victoria Falls guide)

We were picked up and taken to the most luxurious 5* hotel Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls, from where we went by boat on the Zambezi River to Livingstone Island.

First, we took some pictures of Victoria Falls with a spectacular rainbow on the Zambian side. Then we put our swimming costumes on, and with professional guides, we entered the Zambezi River and swam to the Devil’s Pool.

Me and my husband in Devil's Pool with our guide

Wow, wow, wow, this was such an adventure. We were a group of people sitting on the side and one by one, couples, or friends were going inside the pool with one of the guides while the other one stood on the edge taking pictures and videos of us with our camera.

It is hard to put into words how incredible it was to lie at the top of Victoria Falls, one of the world’s seven natural wonders. From that vantage point, you can see the powerful cascading water and the brilliant rainbow it creates.

Then we swam back to a central point that felt like a jacuzzi, snapped some selfies, and rejoined the rest of the group.

Once we got out of the water, there was a table with cakes and tea waiting for us. This was an experience of a lifetime.

➡️Book your Devil’s Pool lifetime experience HERE

Delicious Food

Victoria Falls also offers delicious African cuisine. Except for ordinary well-known meat, you can also try a crocodile, kudu, or buffalo.

Mini burgers with fries in Three Monkeys Restaurant in Victoria Falls Town, Zimbabwe

I can recommend the restaurant Three Monkeys in Victoria Falls town, Zimbabwe, which is close to the N1 Hotel where we stayed. I tried three mini burgers, and one of them was from a crocodile. The whole meal was delicious, but the crocodile meat was not my cup of coffee.

The restaurant is very nice with a big terrace and a lovely view.

In Livingstone Town, Zambia we ate at Zambezi Cafe. We had a half-grilled chicken and beef steak. The food was delicious, the portion huge and the staff were very friendly and kind.

More activities in Victoria Falls

These were the activities we participated in and I can highly recommend all of them. However, there are many more you can experience in Victoria Falls.

You can go for the cultural Boma Dinner and Drum Show, take a historical bridge tour, a steam train tour, a lunar rainbow tour, or swim with crocodiles.

Some adrenaline activities you can go for are Bungee Jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge, zip line, bridge slide, flying fox, George swing, and microlite flight.

For water enthusiasts, there is water rafting available. Bear in mind that water activities can’t be done during the high-water season.

Check out my Youtube channel for videos from Victoria Falls HERE and don’t forget to subscribe.

How To Go From Zambia To Zimbabwe

To go from Zambia to Zimbabwe you can take a taxi from your hotel to the Zambia border. Zambian taxis are not allowed to go through the bridge to Zimbabwe, so you can either walk, which we chose or you can take another taxi.

We really enjoyed the walk along the Victoria Falls bridge with a stunning view. In case you decide to take another taxi, don’t forget to negotiate the price as it is a very short distance.

Once you arrive at the Zimbabwe border you have to show your visa in case you bought it in advance or to buy it there as you are entering a different country.

From there you can take a taxi to your hotel. A lot of taxis are available there offering the service. Our hotel was just a 1-minute drive, so we could easily walk there.

Is Victoria Falls Worh It?: FAQs

By now, I’m sure you believe that Victoria Falls is Worth visiting. Here are some more questions you may have.

How many days do you need in Victoria Falls?

The more days you have, the better as you can experience more. You can see Victoria Falls in one day, however, once you are here, you want more than that.

I would recommend a minimum of 4 days, but one week would be a better option. For more details, check my article here.

When is the best time to visit Victoria Falls?

This depends on what is your purpose for the visit. For example, if your main reason is to see Victoria Falls, then you need to come during the high water season.

On the other hand, if you want to swim in Devil’s Pool and do water activities, you need to come during the dry season. Learn when is the best time to visit Victoria Falls here.

Is Victoria Falls Dangerous?

No, Victoria Falls is not dangerous. It is one of the safest places in Africa. It is a very popular tourist destination, so the safety is very important.

One thing you should be aware of is, that the whole area is a Natural Park, home to many wildlife. While walking in Victoria Falls Town, Livingstone Town, and surrounding villages during the day is completely safe, during the night it is not recommended as the wildlife can wander around.

If you need to go somewhere at night, always take a taxi. Read more about safety in Victoria Falls here.

Conclusion: Is Victoria Falls Worth Visiting?

Victoria Falls is definitely worth visiting. From Victoria Falls, through the beautiful nature, and wildlife, interacting with lions and cheetahs, swimming in Devil’s Pool, to all the amount of amazing activities you can do here.

My husband didn’t want to go to Africa and at the end of our trip, he told me it was his best experience ever and asked me where shall we go next. Everything we did, saw, and tasted, formed unbelievable memories of a lifetime.

So if you’re looking for an adventure of your life, visiting Victoria Falls should be on your bucket list.

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  1. Hi Nat
    I am originally from Zim and we holidayed at Vic Falls, Hwange, Kariba and so on. There is so much to see in that beautiful country! My heart could burst with pride when I read a post like yours. You definitely need to return and explore even more. I recommend taking the Kariba Ferry from Mlibizi which is near Vic Falls and do the 22 hour trip down the Zambezi. Here is some info about that:
    If you’re keen to volunteer with animals, there are many opportunities in Zimbabwe. The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary is one of them, it’s on my bucket list:
    I hope you don’t mind me sharing the links with you.
    I see you were doing volunteer work, what exactly did you do? If working with people is more your calling I am sure there are loads of opportunities to do that too.
    Your article really made my heart smile – thank you so much.
    From Africa with love
    Louise 🙂

    1. Hello Louise,
      Thank you so much for your comment. You made me so happy today 🙂 I am in love with Africa, therefore I’m so happy an African person came to my site and left me such a lovely comment. Yes, Zimbabwe and Zambia are amazing countries with lovely people and I hope we will come back one day. I and my husband wanted to go to South Africa next. Once our daughter is older, we will go.
      Thank you for sharing the links with me. Please let me know when you go volunteering there. I would love to hear about it.
      We volunteered with children. However, I would love to work with animals next time for a change.
      Sending love to my favorite Africa.

  2. I am happy we’re planning to go to Victoria Falls. Yeah, it’s definitely one of the seven natural wonders of the world. I have heard from friends that the whole day safari is an awesome adventure. I like to take pictures, and I know I will have a blast over there. Thank you very much for sharing your insights.

    1. Hello Abel. Very good choice. You will love it. The safari depends on the park and season. We didn’t see much there. But meeting rhinos was an awesome experience. If you have any questions, you can approach me anytime. Enjoy your holiday.

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