Are there snakes in Victoria Falls?

With its breathtaking beauty and mind-blowing glory, Victoria Falls is undoubtedly one of the world’s most captivating natural wonders.

Located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, this world’s Natural Wonder attracts countless tourists each year, seeking to witness the thundering cascade of water plunging into the depths of the Zambezi River.

But amidst the mesmerizing landscapes and cascading water, a question often arises in visitors’ minds: Are there snakes in Victoria Falls?

The presence of snakes in any natural environment is a valid concern for many travelers, especially when traveling to Africa.

In the case of Victoria Falls where there is diverse wildlife, the presence of snakes is not an exception. However, it’s essential to understand the snake species that inhabit the area and how to coexist safely with them.

In this blog post, I will provide you with information about snakes in Victoria Falls, whether they are dangerous, and how to stay safe while visiting Victoria Falls.


Victoria Falls National Park, Zimbabwe

Is it safe to visit Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls is a very safe place on both the Zambian and Zimbabwean sides. Victoria Falls is a tourist destination that stays away from any political problems and strikes.

However, while staying in Victoria Falls, you must understand that it is a National Park, home to an abundance of wildlife, many of which are dangerous. Therefore you have to follow the rules provided by your accommodation staff or guide.

To know more about safety in Victoria Falls, read my article here.

Are There Snakes In Victoria Falls?


Black Mamba in Snake Park, Victoria Falls

Exploring the snake species in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is home to diverse wildlife like elephants, zebras, lions, cheetahs, buffalos, and of course snakes. There are many species of snakes living in Victoria Falls, many of them are nonvenomous, unfortunately, there are also a few that are venomous.

Among the nonvenomous species, there are African Rock Phyton and Cape House snakes, for example.

The venomous and dangerous snake Black Mamba, thrives in both tree-covered landscapes and on plains dotted with termite mounds, adapting to various habitats as both a forest-dweller and a ground-dweller.

Puff Adder can be found in all of Africa and loves rocky, rolling grasslands. Another one is Gaboon Viper which loves wooden areas. Several types of Cobra also live in Victoria Falls.

While the chances of encountering venomous snakes are relatively low, you need to be very careful, follow the rules, and respect their natural habitats.


Holding snake in Snake Park, Victoria Falls

Can you encounter snakes in Victoria Falls?

We spent one week in Victoria Falls on the Zambian side working as volunteers with children. We stayed in very simple accommodation and walked to the village, but we had never seen any snakes there.

The same applies to Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side where we went for a game drive and walked to and around Victoria Falls National Park to explore the Victoria Falls. Again we haven’t seen any snakes.

When we went for a tour to watch rhinos in their habitat, we received instructions from the guide to walk only on the trodden path in a row one after each other and look at the ground because of the Black Mambas. Luckily we didn’t see any.

Therefore, following the rules and walking in designated areas is a must and you will not encounter any snake in Victoria Falls.

The only place we encountered snakes, whether venomous or nonvenomous was in the snake park on Zimbabwe’s side, which was close to our hotel. After paying an entrance fee, we could see the snakes behind glass, where the very knowledgeable guide provided us with information about snakes and even let us hold one in our hands.


Snake in Snake Park, Victoria Falls

How to stay safe from snakes

When you are visiting Victoria Falls or any other African country, it is necessary to follow the rules you will receive from the local people. Here are a few of them.

– Stay in a safe and reputable accommodation

– Don’t walk at night when you can’t see on the road

– Don’t walk in bushes and high grass

– While on a game drive, always stay in the car and go out only when your guide allows you

– While on the walking game drive, walk only on the designated trails and watch the ground

– In case you see any snake, stay still and let him leave. Snakes are more scared of you than you are scared of them

– Wear good protective shoes. No flip-flops or sandals


Common Misconceptions about Snakes

Snakes have long been shrouded in myth and misunderstanding, leading to numerous misconceptions that persist today. Let’s see a few misconceptions about snakes.

1. All snakes are venomous and act as an imminent threat to human safety.

In reality, the majority of snake species are nonvenomous and play vital roles in controlling pest populations and maintaining ecological balance.

2. Snakes are aggressive and seek out human encounters.

The truth is that snakes are generally shy and prefer to avoid human contact whenever possible.

3. All snakes are slimy or dangerous to touch.

Most snakes have dry and smooth scales, and they will only bite if they feel threatened or provoked.

It is crucial to separate fact from fiction and gain a deeper understanding of snakes based on scientific knowledge and reliable information.


Conclusion: Are there snakes in Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls, with its thrilling beauty and captivating wildlife, is indeed home to a diverse range of snake species. While the likelihood of encountering venomous snakes is relatively low, it is crucial to remain cautious and respectful of their habitats.

By staying on designated paths, avoiding disturbing their natural environment, and being aware of prevention techniques, such as wearing appropriate footwear and being mindful of the surroundings, you probably won’t encounter any snakes in Victoria Falls.

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