Baby elephant drinking water, Kenya

Why should you go on a safari adventure in Kenya?

Africa’s breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, fascinating sunsets, people, all the sounds of lions roaring, elephants trumpeting, birds singing, monkeys screaming, hyenas laughing, the smell and taste of Africa will create your lifetime experience and stay in your heart forever. Seeing the wild animals in their habitat, interacting with each other and nature is an unforgettable experience. Africa is so special in every way, even the sun shines more beautifully here. And so I fell in love with Africa.

Are you still asking why you should go on a safari adventure to Kenya? Then read about my adventure.

Kenya safari

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Good night Kilimanjaro

My friend and I booked three days safari in two of Kenya’s parks, Tsavo East and Amboseli. There is also Tsavo West and Masai Mara. Masai Mara is the best and biggest, but we would have to fly there from Mombasa. This way we went by car. We were both very excited and couldn’t wait to see all the animals and wild nature. Everybody was talking about the “Big Five” that they wanted to see, which is lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo. We saw all of them except the rhino.

If you are interested to go to Masai Mara for a shorter or longer safari, here are some options for you.

Masai Mara Camping Safari – 4 days

Kenya Camping Safari9 days

Kenya Safari Experience8 days

Children in Kenya

It was a trip full of adventure. On our way, we stopped in a small school in some rural area and we gave some toys, clothes, and school supplies to the children. You should see those happy eyes. If you go to Africa, try to bring something small and you make a special day for these children.

At our first stop, we could see a huge crocodile sticking his head out of the water. His big eyes were staring at us, while we were not very far from him. We continued our journey when our car’s wheel broke. In the middle of the road and in the middle of nowhere guys started to repair the wheel while we were giving sweets to two boys that just appeared next to the car. Luckily in Africa, everybody helps each other, so someone who passes by gave them a hand and we could continue on our journey.

Finally, we arrived at Tsavo East where we had our lunch and did a few hours of game drive. The room in the Voi Wildlife Lodge was like a little house with beds and a bathroom. Everything was very clean. There was a big terrace where we were sitting in the evening after dinner, having a drink, staring at nature, and waiting for some animals to come and drink from the water, which was behind the fence just next to us.

Kenya safari

The next morning we woke up early to start our full day at Tsavo East park. We saw lots of elephants, one of them got angry at us as we came too close to him, so we had to back off. Elephants in this park are not grey, but brown or almost reddish due to the color of the soil. We saw a baby elephant in a big hole, that couldn’t climb up while his mum was helping him. In the end, he managed to go out. We saw different kinds of antelopes, baboon monkeys, hyenas, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, wild dogs, buffaloes, and hippos. This was something else than watching them on TV or at the zoo. This was live.

In the evening we arrived at Amboseli national park. We stayed in Kibo Safari Camp in big tents. The tent was like a hotel room with two beds and a bathroom. The best thing about it was the view. Kilimanjaro view from Kenya Imagine you wake up in the morning, open your tent, and in front of your eyes is Kilimanjaro. The big snowy Kilimanjaro that you see in professional photographs. I felt I’m dreaming.

After dinner, we were sitting around a fire and the Maasais (a tribe in Kenya) were performing their traditional dance with their own music. It was very authentic and fascinating. We said good night to Kilimanjaro and went to sleep to be ready for the next day.

Early in the morning, we went for our safari drive in Amboseli Park. Again we saw so many animals interacting in their environment. Finally, we saw a lion that we were aiming for the whole time. It was just one lazy lion lying under the tree in high grass. Even our guide tried to call him by copying his roaring, he just stood up, looked around, yawned, and went back to relax. Cheetah, KenyaWe also saw two cheetahs while one of them was watching and then hunting her breakfast.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at Maasai village where we could see how these people live. They explained to us how they build their houses from mud and elephants’ excrement, and we could have a look inside. Maasai village, KenyaThey showed us how to make a fire, natural medications for different illnesses, they danced for us and we danced with them. In the end, we took some pictures and continued our long journey to the hotel.

These were the three most amazing days of my life. It is an unforgettable experience to see and be part of this incredible wildlife and nature.


A little bit of beach in Malindi

We were staying in a small town called Malindi, in the hotel Lawford’s. It is close to the big city of Mombasa where the airport is. Mombasa used to be a capital city. Lawford's hotel, MalindiThe hotel was very nice with a large restaurant, separate villas and a building with rooms. The room was very big and actually, there was also a living room and bathroom. In front of the restaurant was a nice lake and in the middle of the complex was a lovely pool. The whole hotel had nice surroundings with palm trees and flowers. We could always see some lizards passes by. On the other side was the beach. The sand was so white and soft with some huge white beds to lie on. The ocean was not very nice here. The water was brown, we thought it was dirty, but it was just natural color, so we swam there once. In general, the hotel was very relaxing, peaceful and all the staff was kind, friendly, and helpful. If you are coming to Kenya because of the beach, then about half an hour from Malindi is Watamu beach and the most beautiful beach is Diani beach, but it is 3.5 hours drive, so you would need to choose a hotel there.

In Malindi, you can find one small shopping center, few restaurants, and cafes. They don’t advise tourists to walk alone in dark. However, we made friends with our tour guides, so they showed us real Africa. Monkey, KenyaBesides that, we went for an organized trip to Mombasa, where we visited the Mombasa museum and walked on the top of the tree where we could sit with the monkeys. Also, we could feed the monkeys with bananas. They were already waiting and even jumped on our shoulders to get the banana. Very nice experience.

The bad part is the poor hungry children in dirty torn clothes on the street, some asking for food or money. We knew about it so we were prepared with some biscuits or small toys.


Wakawaka island

Our last trip was by boat to Wakawaka island. On the way we could watch the dolphins swimming, jumping and playing in the ocean. Lunch at Wakawaka islandWe had a stop for snorkeling where we could see beautiful fish and corals. We arrived on the island where a huge grilled lunch was waiting for us. Lots of fish and shrimp. It was delicious. Tribe in Wakawaka islandAfter lunch, we were watching a traditional dance of one Kenya tribe. They even ask people to join them, so for sure my friend and I were there. They gave us straw skirts and we were dancing around and we all had so much fun. On the way back we were sunbathing on the top of the boat and enjoying nature and our holiday.


Before you go to Kenya

Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa. Their economic drivers are tourism, agriculture, mostly tea and coffee, and the export of fresh flowers. There are rainy and dry seasons. During our summer it is cooler there and in our winter it is hot. The rainy season is from mid-March till June and then from October till mid-December. So the best time to go is from December till mid-March. However, if you would like to see the big migration of wildebeest in Masai Mara, you should visit from August till October.

Capital city– Nairobi

Official language– English, Swahili

Religion– Mostly Christianity, then Islam

Currency– Kenyan shilling (KES) You can take USD or EUR with you

Time Zone-UTC+3

Visa– are required. You can organize them online

Vaccination– recommended all routine vaccinations and tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, and yellow fever. There is no vaccination for malaria, therefore you should take strong repellents and use them every evening. There are also antimalarial tablets, you can take them with you just in case.

What to bring with you– If you are going on a safari, definitely take some clothes in natural colors like brown, green, black, etc. Don’t wear red, pink, or shiny colors. You also want to take a hat, sun-cream, and sunglasses. Don’t forget the camera. You have to capture every bit of it. You don’t need to take mosquito nets over the bed as they are provided in every accommodation and they also spray them before night.


Experience of a lifetime

This holiday changed me and my point of view on things and the world around me. It showed me that material things are not going to make us happy. There is a beauty of nature that we should value. There are people out there who were not as fortunate as me and still, they seem to be happier than us. Sitting outside and staring at the sky, seeing so many stars, which look like sprinkled diamonds, or watching the beautiful sunset behind African trees is an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. Memories will stay and can’t be taken away from you. Safari adventure in Kenya is one of them.

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