Which shopping malls in Dubai you should visit?

When you visit Dubai, one thing that you can’t miss is shopping. In case you are a shopaholic, this is the right place for you. Dubai is well-known for its huge shopping malls, fill with designer shops, dining, and a lot of entertainment. Dubai is a city of fashion, therefore you can find all the famous and even unknown brands in the malls. Even shopping in Dubai is not cheap, you can find places with better prices or visit Dubai during times when they offer seasonal sales. Except for shopping malls, there are also souks that you can look around. So which shopping malls in Dubai you should visit? Here is the list of the best ones.

Dubai Mall

1. Dubai Mall

Number one is the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the UAE and the second-largest in the world by land area. You actually need a map not to get lost and to find the way you want to go. Like most of the malls in the UAE. There are four floors of shops including women, men, kids fashion, beauty, fragrances, home furnishing, electronics, and toys. You can find not only the fashion designers’ brands here but also brands you have never heard of. When you need a break from your shopping, you can enjoy nice food in one of the restaurants, food courts, or cafes. Free WIFI is a certain thing here.

Aquarium in Dubai Mall

When you come to Dubai Mall for entertainment, there is a lot to choose from. First of all, the tallest building, Burj Khalifa is located here. You can see it not only from the outside but also go to the top with the purchased tickets. Another thing is the big aquarium inside the mall. You walk through the tunnel where everywhere around you are different kinds of fish, including sharks. If you like to remember a little bit of winter, you can go ice skating on the ice rink located inside the mall as well. Two new things I haven’t seen there are Hysteria-house of fear. If you like horror movies and you are brave enough, go for it. Another thing is VR Park, which is a virtual reality experience. Outside of the mall is the Dubai fountain and the show is on every day from 6 pm every 30 minutes.


2. Mall of the Emirates

The second must-visit mall is the Mall of the Emirates. Another large shopping mall with many shops from fashion, household, toys, jewelry, and electronics, a small souvenir shop, and hypermarket Carrefour where you can also get some souvenirs, dates, and Arabic sweets in nice boxes. You can find not only designer shops but also ordinary shops like Zara, H&M, Bershka, Gap, and others. Also, there are many restaurants, food courts, and cafes to enjoy your food and drinks. For your entertainment, they have a cinema, theater, bowling, and Magic Planet, which is a family entertainment center. The Mall of the Emirates is famous for its Ski Dubai, which is an actual ski resort with real snow, slope, and chairlift inside the shopping mall. If you like to ski or snowboard, you can go inside where all the gear and clothes will be provided for you.


Outside of Dubai Festival City

3. Dubai Festival City

Dubai Festival City is another huge shopping mall in Dubai located close to the airport and some of the well-known hotels. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, cafes, food courts, and entertainment for children and adults. Just to mention Bricobilandia, which is a toy city made of Lego. For adults and kids from 6 years old, there is a Dream Aero-flight simulator, where you can sit in the plane cockpit and experience the flight. Another amazing thing is Imagine Dubai, which is a laser, water, fire, and light show including 30 fountains. It is also listed under the Guinness Records.


4. Wafi City

This is a luxury complex built in Egyptian style. There are a lot of luxurious shops of different kinds, and dining from all over the world, for your relaxation you can try Cleopatra’s Spa with Egyptian style Jacuzzi and sauna, gym, and wellness. Outside there is a pool with a floating river.


Dubai Marina

5. Dubai Marina Mall

Based on its name, it is located in Dubai Marina. This shopping mall is smaller compared to the others mentioned above, however, you can still find a lot of shops, restaurants, cafes, a supermarket and entertainment facilities here. The best thing here is the restaurants outside along the river, where you can enjoy your dinner or evening walks.


6. Ibn Battuta Mall

You can find it next to the Ibn Battuta metro station. This mall is recognized for its special architecture where each court is built in the theme of a different country. There is a court of India, Egypt, Tunisia, China, Persia, and Andalusia. Even here you will find many shops, restaurants, fast food, and cafes. For your entertainment, there is a cinema, bowling, Sky zone-trampoline park, and for children Stay and Play-playing area and Sing and Swing-singing and dancing area.


7. Dragon Mart

This is a different kind of mall than the others. It is the world’s largest Chinese Mall outside of China. The outlets sell premium Chinese products like fashion, sports gear, furniture, office equipment, electronics, and many more. Also, here you can eat in one of the 52 restaurants, fast food, and cafes. They didn’t forget about entertainment. Cinema, football pitch, and others can be found here.


8. City Centre Mirdif

This mall is close to the airport and Rashidiya metro station. Many shops from different categories can be found here. For your dining restaurants, fast food and cafes can be found there too. From entertainment, there is a cinema, bowling, Magic Planet-fun family center, Little Explorer for kids 2-7 years old-first fun and educational concept center, and for adults, there is an IFlyDubai-indoor skydive experience.


9. Deira City Centre

In case you are staying in Deira city center, you can visit this mall. It is also close to the Floating Bridge and Deira metro station.


10. Dubai Outlet Mall

If you are interested in designer brands for lower prices, you can try Dubai Outlet Mall. It is in the middle of nowhere, so if you don’t have a car, you can take a taxi, bus, or free shuttle that operates from different hotels. The outlet shops have different deals and every Monday there is Bargain Monday where they feature goods that are in the shops for the best price. A food court is a must in each mall.



These are the top shopping malls in Dubai that you should visit, however, Dubai has many more malls all over the city. When you are in Dubai, you can’t miss visiting at least one of them. No matter which one you choose, you will not be disappointed. If you like to shop for better prices, come during seasonal sales or during the Dubai Shopping Festival which is happening every year from the middle of December till almost the end of January. There are many shopping deals and entertainment.

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