Which Seychelles resort will fulfill my dream honeymoon?

Seychelles is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. Therefore, if you are planning your honeymoon, Seychelles is probably one on your list. Sugar white beaches, turquoise clear water with colorful underwater life, nature, tranquility with the singing ocean, and in many cases privacy on the beach. Many resorts have villas with a private pool, personal butler, private dinner, and many more. In Seychelles, you will feel you are in a fairy tale. There are many resorts to choose from. Let’s have a look at which Seychelles resort will fulfill your dream honeymoon.

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View of Baie Lazare from the ridge above Kempinski Resort

1. Kempinski Seychelles Resort

Kempinski Seychelles Resort is located in the south of Mahe Island in Baie Lazare. The hotel is after renovation and emphasis were put on design which shows the natural beauty of Seychelles. The resort sits in a beautiful garden with palm trees and a white sandy beach in front, where the ocean will sing the lullaby for your good night. The hotel has a choice of rooms and suites, which can be either in the garden or on the hill.

When it comes to dining, they have several restaurants and bars available and of course private dining. Pool, fitness and spa centers are not missing in the resort either. In case you would like to be more active, you can use tennis or volleyball court, soccer pitch, cycle, hike mount Kempinski, take a surfing or diving course, or do yoga on the hill.

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2. Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island

If you want to segregate from the world and spend time in paradise, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island is the right choice. It is the only resort located on Desroches Island. You will enjoy the tranquility while listening to the ocean and birds singing. You can spend your day exploring 14 kilometers long white sandy beaches, surf, dive, or feed tortoises who are slowly walking around. You can choose from villas, suites, or residence villas for your accommodation.

There is also a spa and wellness, fitness, pool facilities, surfing, and diving school. The resort offers two restaurants, several bars, and in-room dining. What else can you wish for?


3. Dhevatara Beach Hotel

Ten individual suites on Praslin island will take you to your dreams. Your feet will feel soft powdery sand, your body will relax in the warm turquoise ocean, your soul will get well-deserved peace and your mind will let go. The culinary experience will be taken care of by an award-winning chef. Like other resorts in Seychelles, also Dhevatara Beach hotel offers snorkeling and diving experiences and fishing excursions.


4. Six Senses Zil Pasyon

When you are coming to Seychelles for your honeymoon, this is heaven to stay in. Surrounded by exotic rich forests, gardens, granite rocks, and ocean views, you are in symbiosis with nature. You can relax at your private pool or one of the three sandy beaches, or swim with turtles. Six Senses Zil Pasyon resort is located in the north part of Felicite Island. The only way to get there is either by speed boat from Praslin or La Digue Island or by helicopter from Mahe Island.

If you are an environmentalist or love to protect nature, this resort is the right choice as they work on sustainability. It is an ecological miracle. They have their own garden with herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are being used to prepare your food. They restored the forest with authentic plants and trees, so the endemic species of birds can find their home here.

This resort offers one and two-bedroom villas and three or four bedrooms residences, all with private pools. Dining here is a mix of English, Indian, African, Chinese, French, and Creole cuisines. They didn’t forget about wellness and spa and fitness.

For those who are active, this resort organizes tours to other islands, hiking trips, you can do watersport activities, visit their organic garden and when there is turtle nesting, you can join the team to watch the babies reach the water. Once you come here, you wish the time stopped and you will not want to go back. This resort will fulfill your dream honeymoon.

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5. Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Four Season Resort Seychelles can be found on Mahe Island on Petite Anse Bay. A Tree-house villa with your private pool and ocean view with granite rock will make you forget about your life back home. You will enjoy the silence and nature all around you. You can choose from villas, suites, or private residences. The resort is offering a spa, private yoga or meditation classes, and cooking class.


6. Raffles Seychelles

Raffles Seychelles is a place to be to enjoy your honeymoon. You will have all the needed privacy in one of their villas with a private pool and views on the ocean or beachfront. Tropical forest and granite rocks just add to the romantic atmosphere for your special days. The spa treatment can be appreciated in pavilions with a stunning ocean view.

Meals and drinks can be enjoyed in two main restaurants, pool restaurant, sushi bar, bar lounge, pool bar or you can order private dining in your villa. Raffles Seychelles is located on Praslin Island, where you can take a ferry, plane, or helicopter from Mahe Island.


Constance Lemuria hotel, Seychelles

7. Constance Lemuria

Constance Lemuria is a luxurious hotel that was renovated and reopened in 2016. Located on Praslin island, with the only 18 hole golf course in Seychelles. The attention was paid to choosing the materials in order for guests to feel the comfort and warmth while staying in the hotel. You can find here wood, thatch palm, marble, pink granite, and stone.

Constance Lemuria is offering suites or villas. Pool Villas have a private pool and outdoor bath with a massage pavilion. A spa treatment and diving experience add infinite pleasure to your honeymoon.


8. Constance Ephelia

Another hotel from Constance chains, Ephelia is located on Mahe Island, about a 25-minute drive from the international airport. From Ephelia resort you will have a beautiful view of Marine National Park Port Launay and you will be surrounded by rich gardens and bright lagoons. This resort offers Garden view rooms, Junior Suites, Senior Suites, Beach Villas, Family Villas, Hillside Villas, and a special Presidential Villa. You can enjoy your dinner either in one of the restaurants or you can have a unique private dinner at the beach. For your relaxation, a Spa is available here.

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9. Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas

Located on Mahe Island, precisely on the West Coast Road. This luxury resort is only 12 minutes drive from the international airport. It consists of 30 private villas with an ocean view, a private pool, an outdoor bathtub, and surrounded by forest. There is a personal butler available who can organize a special romantic dinner, spa treatment, or flower bath for you. Other activities are yoga, qi gong, gym, diving, or snorkeling.

Dining experiences include Creole, Japanese, Mediterranean, Indian and Asian cuisines. You will feel a well-deserved honeymoon abundance in Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas.


10. Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa

Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa is the only resort on Silhouette Island set up between forest and white sandy beach within the marine national park. The resort offers guest rooms or suites, some of them with a private pool. For your culinary experience, there are several restaurants and bars available. Let’s not forget about the spa which is providing different techniques of treatment which were gained from cultures all over the world.


11. Le Chateau de Feuilles

This is a cherry on the cake. The best of the best for your honeymoon. Le Chateau de Feuilles is a resort of 9 villas on an intimate part of Praslin Island. In this resort, you will have your privacy, tranquility, and space for romance. You will be surrounded by palm trees and panoramic views of the ocean from all the rooms. Few steps from your room you can relax on the finest white beach.

When it comes to dining, you will feel like a prince and princess in the castle as all the meals are prepared by a professional chef and their restaurant is the best in Seychelles. They use organic fruits, and vegetables from their garden and they can prepare meals based on your requirements (halal, vegetarian, gluten-free).

The Spa and pool are located at the top of the hill from where you have the most amazing view of the ocean and other islands. Moreover, there is a jacuzzi available 24/7, where you can have a romantic evening staring at the stars. If this sounds like a paradise, you can reach heaven by taking a tour to their private island which is exclusive for their guests during weekends.

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Which Seychelles resort will fulfill my dream honeymoon

Now you have the list of the 11 best Seychelles resorts to choose from for your honeymoon. Which resort will be the one to fulfill your dream honeymoon? Please write a comment below. I would like to know what people love. In any case, I’m sure, that if you choose any of these, you will feel like in paradise and the hardest thing will be returning home.

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  1. Hello, thank you for this post. I recently got married but did not have the opportunity to have a proper honeymoon. This is something that we have pending for the future. Seychelles looks like a paradise, I believe is the perfect place for romantic days and evenings. Thank you for sharing this list of the best places to have into consideration when travelling there, hopefully in a few months we can make our dream true and spend our honeymoon there:)

    1. Hello Johnny. That is great news, congratulations. Yes, Seychelles is a paradise and the right place for a honeymoon. It is not only peaceful and romantic but there is so much to do. Check my article How to enjoy a holiday in Seychelles. You will definitely enjoy your honeymoon there and you will not want to come back 🙂

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