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Where should you spend your Honeymoon?

Are you newlyweds and would like to go on honeymoon? You are probably thinking of an exotic and romantic place to go. But there are so many of them and you don’t know which one to choose. You would like your Honeymoon to be a lifetime experience which both of you will enjoy and stay in your memories forever. It is the first vacation together as a married couple, so you would like it to be special, romantic, relaxing, and stress-free. You don’t want just an ordinary place, you want something extraordinary.

Are you beach and water sports lovers, city explorers, adventurers, spiritual people, or are you interested in history, culture, or nature? I will provide you with the 10 best places where you should spend your Honeymoon.

As the owner of this website, I’ve included some recommendations for your trips. When you use the links to make a purchase, I may get a small commission. You will not get charged extra. Full disclosure.


Beach at Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos

Once upon a time, there were sandy beaches like powder sugar, waters more clear than crystal, and the most magnificent sunsets in heaven. The heaven is called Turks and Caicos. 40 islands located southeast of the Bahamas. If you think you saw the most gorgeous beaches, you haven’t been here. These islands are the most beautiful in the world. Turks and Caicos are one of the most luxurious destinations in the world. If your budget is not tight, this place will make your honeymoon a dream come true. The best news for the US citizens is, that it is only 2 hours fly from Miami. The most recommended is Grace Bay Beach. And the best time to visit is from December to April. What can you do during your honeymoon except relax on the beach? You can go snorkeling or diving as the islands have colorful marine life. You can do other water sports like paddleboarding, kitesurfing, etc. You can also go horse riding, which is very romantic for couples. The most amazing thing is Iguana Island where you can see the iguanas in their natural habitat.



Fiji is a country in South Pacific and consists of more than 300 islands. Fiji is the perfect place for Honeymoon. The turquoise clear waters in which you can see through, white sandy beaches with palm trees, coral reefs, and lagoons are like from your dreams. Not only that but also mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, friendly people, warm temperatures all year round and the possibility for many activities will make your honeymoon phenomenal. So what can you do in Fiji except relax and enjoy the lovely beaches and water? You can do snorkeling, diving, surfing, explore nature as Fiji has many natural parks, playing golf, taking spa treatments, and many more. You can choose from adults-only resorts or private islands where the private butler is offered. For example Royal Davui or Kokomo Island.



The Maldives is paradise on earth. And where else would you like to be on your honeymoon if not in paradise? All you want, except your second half, is your private villa, turquoise clear water, and soft white sand under your feet. Just imagine stepping directly from your room to the ocean, suntan, snorkel, and enjoy the romantic dinner with candles in private. You can also take some spa treatment, like massages. In the Maldives, you can choose from a variety of accommodations, underwater hotels, overwater villas, or resorts. Many hotels in the Maldives have special offers for honeymoons or weddings. The best thing about the Maldives is the peace, silence, nature, and privacy. Especially when you are staying in overwater private villas with your own pool. Some of the luxury resorts even offer personal butler service.


Waterfall, Mauritius


This small Indian Ocean island is the right choice for newly married couples. Crystal clear water, colorful reefs, lagoons, white sandy beaches, and plentiful wildlife make your honeymoon relaxed and unforgettable. You can be more active here than in the Maldives. Mauritius offers a lot of nature and history. You can go hiking in one of the parks, explore the rainforest and see some endangered species, go horse riding to explore the island or you can do some sightseeing in the capital city, Port Louis. There are a lot of underwater activities to do, like diving, submarine ride, and underwater walking. Other water activities could be paddleboarding and windsurfing. Also, hotels in Mauritius offer special discounts for honeymooners.



Seychelles is another wonderful destination for a honeymoon. You can choose a smaller island like LaDigue where you have more privacy and peace. However, if you aim to have maximum privacy and you have a higher budget, you can go for North Island. Seychelles is a great place for the underwater world, therefore snorkeling and diving are the top activities. However, Seychelles has also beautiful fauna and flora and you can take lovely walks in the rain forests. Seychelles is also known for having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Bora Bora

Another paradise in the world, to be precise in French Polynesia. In this place, you will definitely have privacy, peace, and tranquility. It is not a place full of tourists, rather few people, therefore you can even end up alone at the beach. One of the reasons could be very high prices. However, if you are coming on your honeymoon, you can get discounted price as they have special promotions for honeymooners. Some of the resorts treat their honeymoon guests with special care, for example, a bottle of Champagne, presents, spa treatment, or special dinner at the beach with candles. Except for doing nothing at these delicate beaches, there are activities you can do. All the water activities like snorkeling and diving, different boat excursions, riding a jet ski, or going for a picnic on a private island.


Eiffel Tower in Paris


In case you are not into the beach and you are more like a city people, then I don’t know a more romantic city where to spend a honeymoon than Paris. Paris is called the city of lights or some call it the city of love. No surprised. When you are walking along Paris streets, around Eiffel Tower, men offering roses to buy, whether, during day or evening, you can feel so much romance all around. Starting with a delicious breakfast on bed, exploring the city with trying some french crepe on the street, enjoying your lunch in a romantic restaurant on Champs-Élysées which then continue with a long walk through the Champs-Élysées avenue with shops, and ending at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Getting rose from your hubby and taking lovely pictures with the Eiffel Tower behind for your memories.


Maui, Hawaii

Maui is the second-largest island in Hawaii. Three-quarters of Maui is made of volcanoes with its own national park. You can visit the Haleakala volcano crater by taking some hiking tours. Not only to the volcano but there are other hiking tours that you can take. And what else you can do except hiking on Maui? You can enjoy the beautiful beaches, go whale watching, you can dive and snorkel with sea turtles, take a romantic sunset air tour, surfing, and the best is the sunset Luau with traditional Hawaiian cuisine, hula, and fire dance.


Temple in Bali


Are you more cultural, historic, spiritual, or adventure people? Then Bali, in Indonesia will be the right choice for your honeymoon. In Bali, you don’t only enjoy the beach, surfing, snorkeling, and massages. Bali has much more to offer than this. There are many temples that you can visit, rice plantations to see, or hiking on paths up to the volcano. If you need to recharge your batteries even more, you can go for yoga or meditation classes. Bali is full of art, nature, and culture. The good news is that you can visit any time of the year due to its tropical climate with temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius.



If none of the above is your cup of tea and you are more like an animal lover and adventurer, then one of the African countries Botswana, Kenya, or Tanzania could be your choice. No matter which one of these you will choose, on all of them you will get amazing game drive seeing all the wildlife in their natural habitat. All of these countries have amazing lodges in the camps. Whether you require more private or more luxurious, you can find it all here. Tanzania and Kenya are great for the wildebeest migration in case you are interested in that. Tanzania is just a few hours by boat from Zanzibar where you can go relax on the beach too.



Wow that was an adventure, right? You are reading about all these unique and fascinating places and you feel you are already there on your honeymoon. I know how you feel. You can’t wait for the moment to be there. So take a deep breath and choose the place where you should spend your honeymoon of a lifetime. Which one is it?



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