Entrance to Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Where do tourists stay on Kenya safari?

When you are preparing for your holiday to Kenya and you are planning to go on safaris, you are probably asking a question; where do tourists stay on Kenya safari? There are a lot of lodges and camps in different categories and price ranges in every national park. When we went on a safari in Kenya, we actually didn’t know the places where we will stay. It was part of the trip we got from the local tour guide. However, you can choose the place before you go. We visited Tsavo East National Park and stayed in Voi Wildlife Lodge and Amboseli National Park, where we stayed in Kibo Safari Camp. We were satisfied with both accommodations and I would like to provide you with some information about them.

Voi Wildlife Lodge in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya


Voi Wildlife Lodge – review

Voi Wildlife Lodge is located in Tsavo East National Park. When we arrived there, we didn’t know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised.

A room in Voi Wildlife Lodge, Kenya

Rooms and facilities

Once you enter the lodge, there is huge clean reception with some African decorations, big elephant statues, tables, and chairs to sit.

The rooms are in buildings, that look like houses. There are rooms on the ground floor and first floor. We had a room on the ground floor. We were pleasantly surprised when we entered the room. The room is large with two big beds with mosquito nets, which are made so nicely that they look like beds for princesses. There is a table with a mirror and chairs.

The bathroom is very simple and basic, it is not as nice as the room. Do not expect anything fancy. However, everything was clean and sufficient.

There is also a big balcony with chairs and a beautiful view of nature.

Bars and restaurant

There is a restaurant where we had our lunch when we arrived, dinner and breakfast. Everything was in the way of the buffet. The food was mostly local or with some international variation. Everything was very nice.

There are two bars, where you can get your drink either during the day or late in the evening.

They also have a spa, health club, and business center.

Pool in Voi Wildlife Lodge, Kenya

Pools and surroundings

You can find two pools in this lodge. One is inside in the garden together with the child’s pool and surrounded by the playground. So if you have children, there is also a place for them to enjoy. The second pool is on the other side facing nature and the viewpoint. Imagine swimming or sitting at the pool and watching the wildlife.

The best thing is the long terrace to walk or sit on with the fascinating view. We were sitting there in the evening till late at night having some drinks and waited for the animals to come near the lake to drink some water. Even we were not lucky to see any animals, except some birds, the view, silence, peace, and some animals’ voices from the far bush were so harmonizing.

View from Voi Wildlife Lodge, Kenya

There is also a viewpoint, looks like a pier on the sea with a shelter from where you have a gorgeous view of nature. The whole lodge is protected by the electric fence, therefore you can feel very safe here.


We stayed in this lodge for only one night, but I wish we stayed there longer. We really loved the way how this lodge is built and organized with stunning views, lovely rooms, beautiful pools, and great customer service.


Kibo Safari Camp – review

Kibo Safari Camp is located in Amboseli National Park with a great view of Kilimanjaro mountain. We stayed in this camp also just for one night but were not disappointed. I’m not a camping person and I have to have certain standards, but these tents were like rooms.

Rooms and facilities

Once you enter the camp, there is a reception with comfortable chairs with cushions and tables to sit. Everything is made from wood and in traditional African architecture. Our tent in Kibo Safari camp, Kenya

There are different kinds of tents in this camp. There are tents for single, double, triple or family accommodation. We stayed in the most basic ones I believe. The tent was big, like a room, with a small hallway to leave your shoes and bags. Then it was a room with two beds with mosquito nets, which were even sprayed for us before night. Whether you believe it or not, there was also a bathroom with a simple shower, sink and flush toilet. Everything in this tent is separated by a curtain.

The camp also has a spa, art gallery, souvenir shop, and conference facilities.

Bar at Kibo Safari camp, Kenya

Restaurant and bar

There is an open terrace restaurant where we had our dinner and breakfast. Both were made in buffet style and we really enjoyed it. The dinner tables are decorated with candles and the whole atmosphere in the restaurant is very authentic and romantic at the same time.

There is also a bar where you can enjoy your drink.

Pool and surroundings

There is one swimming pool in this camp, which we didn’t use as we stayed just one night.

There is a fireplace where they organize a performance of Masai dance in the evening.

This camp is quite huge, you can walk on pathways around to get from tents to the restaurant, bar, reception, pool or the fireplace. Everything is very clean and built-in traditional African style, which we really loved.

The view on Kilimanjaro from Kibo Safari camp, Kenya

There is a stunning view here of mount Kilimanjaro. Whether you open your tent and look up, or you are sitting next to the fireplace, you have the mount Kilimanjaro right in front of you.



Kibo Safari Camp is an amazing place to stay on your safari. You are right in the nature of the wildlife with an extraordinary view. The architecture and furniture are all made in African style, the food and customer service are superb


Overall view

Now I believe that this article gave you a good insight into where do tourists stay on Kenya safari. Whichever park and accommodation you choose there, you will not be disappointed. All these accommodations are adapted for the tourists and their needs. There is a wide range from simple camps to very luxury lodges. It is up to you and your budget to choose from.

The Voi Wildlife Lodge and Kibo Safari camp are good choices in middle-range classes of accommodation. We were satisfied with both of them and didn’t have any issues or complaints. If you would like to know more, feel free to write a comment below or contact me.

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