When is the best time to go to Dubai?

Dubai is a perfect holiday destination for people of all ages. There are so many things to do and see for everyone. Whether you want a relaxing holiday at the beach, you are a shopping lover, an artist, a clubbing animal, or love seeing something exceptional, Dubai is the place to go. However, due to its location and hot desert climate, not all the months of the year are suitable for a beach holiday. Let’s have a look at when is the best time to go to Dubai based on the weather, events, and activities.


Dubai, Burj Al Arab in the background

Weather in Dubai

Dubai is a place with only one season and it is summer. There is no cold weather in Dubai. However, it can get very hot. If you are planning to visit here for a beach holiday and experience the desert and other outside activities, you should avoid the months of June, July, and August as the temperatures rise to 50 degrees Celsius and it is very humid.

During these months people spend time mostly inside, moving from home to work or shops in airconditioned cars or public transportation. You will find air conditioning in all indoor places and it gets very cold, therefore it is recommended to take a light sweater or jumper with you.

The coolest months are from November to March. Therefore if you don’t like it too hot, this is the best time to visit. January and February are the coldest months when the sea is also a little bit more refreshing than other months of the year. Daily temperatures are around 25 degrees Celsius and night ones are about 18. Bear in mind that this is the tourist peak season, therefore the prices of the hotels and other accommodations will be the highest.

April and May are months when temperatures start to rise and in September and October, they are dropping again. However, these months are still good for a beach holiday, especially for those who prefer hotter days and a lovely warm sea. Temperatures are around 30, sometimes reaching 40 degrees Celsius. For me personally, these are the best months.

If you are coming to Dubai for shopping, sightseeing, or clubbing, you can come any time, regardless of the weather as all places are airconditioned.


Events and Festivals in Dubai

Would you like to experience Dubai’s events and festivals? There are many different kinds happening throughout the year.

Dubai World Cup is the richest horse race event happening since 1996 and it is held yearly on the last Saturday in March.

Dubai Shopping Festival is happening every year starting in the middle of December until the end of January. This is a time not to be missed by all shopping lovers. All the designer shops provide big discounts that you will not get back at home. See the top shopping malls here.

Not only the discounts but also competitions, raffle draws where you can win gold or a car, live shows, fireworks, and family activities are held during the festival.

The Dubai Tennis Championship is a professional tennis tournament happening every year in February.

The Slync.io Dubai Desert Classic is the most awaited golf event in Dubai. Started in 1989, happening yearly in January, and is organized by Golf in Dubai and Emirates Golf Club, this is an event for all golf fans.

Dubai Jazz Festival – If you like jazz music, come and enjoy the Jazz Festival held in Dubai since 2008 in the month of February. You will enjoy a performance by Rhythm and Blues legends, trendy food, and drinks with your friends.

Art Dubai is an event for art enthusiasts. It is an international art fair held by Dubai for 16 years already. There are over 100 galleries to choose from.

UAE National Day is on the 2nd of December and it is always a big celebration. People get out on the streets to celebrate, watch the parade, dancers’ show, spectacular LED show on Burj Khalifa, and of course fireworks.

New Year’s Eve is one of the special events in Dubai. Every year there is a different LED and firework show on Burj Khalifa that attract thousands of people from all over the world.

Dubai Food Festival is usually happening in May and lasts about two weeks. It is a culinary experience for food lovers. Not only you can taste different types of delicious food, but you can also be part of the masterclasses.


Dubai, desert

When are the peak and low seasons?

The tourist peak season in Dubai is from November till March when the temperatures are a bit cooler. It is a great time mostly for outdoor sightseeing and desert safari. However, you have to count on the highest prices as well.

The low season is from June to August when the temperatures are too high to stay outside. Nonetheless, at this time the cost of accommodation is the lowest and also stores and spas can provide good discounts during this time.


When not to go to Dubai

The holy month of Ramadan is a bit quiet month. People spend days mostly inside at work or home and come out only after sunset when they eat and drink after the whole day of fasting. Restaurants, cafes, and fast foods are either closed during the day or there is a curtain so people don’t see inside.

You should not eat, drink and smoke on the streets during the day and also all clubs and bars are closed during the whole month. Stores and tourist attractions may also adjust their opening hours during the month. Therefore if you want to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, check which month of the year falls for Ramadan as it changes every year.


Breakdown by months

January – is one of the coolest months, the sea is refreshing, and short 10 minutes of rain can be expected during this month. This is the best month for shopping lovers as the shopping festival is happening.

February – is the second coolest month, the sea is still refreshing and a sandstorm can be expected during this month. Best time for Tennis ad Jazz fans.

March – the temperature is rising, and the sea is getting warmer, so this is one of the best months for a beach holiday. Also, Dubai World Cup is happening at the end of the month.

April – is getting warmer and it is another ideal month for a beach holiday

May – is getting a little bit hot around 35-40 degrees Celsius, therefore it is not for everyone to stay at the beach for a long time. Good month for food lovers as the Dubai food festival is happening.

June – temperatures are high, low season is starting with lower prices.

July, and August –  are the hottest months, the low season with the lowest prices. These months are a big NO for a beach holiday.

September – the temperatures get lower in the second half of the month.

October – temperatures are decreasing, the sea is more pleasant, one of the best months for a beach holiday.

November – the peak season is starting it is getting cooler and prices are rising.

December – temperatures are cooler and short rainfall can be expected. The month to celebrate National Day and New Year’s Eve.


The best time to go to Dubai

So when is the best time to go to Dubai? It all depends on what would you like to do there, however, I would avoid the summer months of July and August and also the month of Ramadan. Other than that you can enjoy your holiday with the beach, festivals, shopping, and sightseeing.

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