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What are the experience presents ideas for Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas, everybody is thinking about what to buy for their loved ones. Christmas is usually associated with beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. It is also a joy to unwrap the presents and be curious about what is inside. Or on the other side, to see how someone is opening your present and you are waiting for their reaction. This is great with children, but what if it comes to adults? We all usually have all the things we need in life and if we need something we buy it ourselves. Therefore, there is sometimes disappointment in the way of: “oh again socks, pajamas, sweater” or anything else that we will never wear or use in our life.

If you want to avoid disappointments and you really want to make your loved ones happy, try to think about experience presents. What your loved ones are interested in? What do they desire? What are they passionate about? What is their dream? If you are still not sure, read what are the experience presents ideas for Christmas.


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1. Holiday

The best gift for your second half would be a holiday to the destination, she or he dreams about. (for me it would be the best present ever) It could be a beach vacation, safari adventure, mountain cottage, particular city, or country. You can then go together and enjoy the vacation time.


2. Wellness, Spa

Is your second half or family member hard working and need to take a break? Do they love relaxation in wellness or spa? A gift card to a wellness place with a hot jacuzzi, pools, saunas, massages to relax body and mind may be the perfect gift for them.


3. Flight ticket

Do you know of a friend or a family member who really wants to see one particular place, country, or city, but still didn’t make the move? How about you make a slight kick with a flight ticket? Then he/she needs to just book a hotel, pack, and go to fulfill the dream.


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4. Adrenaline Experience

Does any of your loved ones love adrenalin? Did they say they would like to try Bungee jumping, indoor skydiving, helicopter flight, hot air balloon flight, or anything else? Then you can buy this particular experience for them. And if you are not sure which one, you can just buy a gift card and they can choose themselves.


5. Cooking class

Do you know of someone close to you who is passionate about cooking? They try different recipes, different cuisines, getting inspirations from cooking books or TV? Then cooking class for the particular cuisine of their choice would be a great Christmas present. There are many classes in countries all over the world and they are also available online these days.


6. Ski pass

Are your loved ones ski or snowboard lovers? Do they spend the whole winter on ski slopes? Then the best experience present for them would be a ski pass to the ski resort they would love to go to. They can enjoy practicing their hobbies outdoor and you know you got them something they will appreciate.


7. Exercise course

If you want to get a present for a person who is into fitness, would like to try yoga, meditation, tai-chi, or any other class, then there is nothing better than buying a whole course of this particular class for them. They will enjoy it and will do something good for their health. And I’m sure that makes you happy too.


Cruise ships

8. Cruise

Is it someone’s dream to go for a luxury cruise holiday? Do they dream about specific destinations or specific cruise ships they would like to go with? For example, Royal Caribbean has a lot of choices. Then there is nothing easier than to book them the cruise and the present is ready.


9. Diving course

Are your loved ones planning to go on holiday where they want to dive? Or even not planning the holiday, but they really want to learn to dive and to explore underwater life? Why don’t you buy them a diving course? It is a no better way how to start the new year.


10. Race car driving

Is someone a fan of luxury fast cars or racing cars? Would they love to try to drive one or race around a track? If the answer is yes, you can buy a gift card for any of these experiences. You will see the excitement of the person getting this present.



11. Chocolate tour

Do you know anyone who is a chocoholic? Anyone who would do anything for chocolate and can’t be a day without it? Then chocolate tour where he or she will learn about the history of chocolate, how the cocoa beans grow and how they are produced. Then they can try to make their own chocolate and do a tasting of different types of chocolate. There is an online version as well.


12. Photography class

Passionate about photography? Interested in how to make the best shots? Don’t hesitate and buy a photography class. The person will love your present the most and after the class can make you some professional photos.


13. Experience for children

The best presents for children are the ones that can be unwrapped, but still, you can give them at least one experience gift. The best experience gift would be somewhere where they love and enjoy. Whether it is membership to the zoo, pool, organizing a camping day or day at the ice rink, or in any children playing center where their dreams come true. Also, it could be lessons for some sport, dance or art class.



I believe these experience presents ideas for Christmas helped you to decide what to get for your loved ones this year. Christmas doesn’t have to always be about materialistic presents as the most important things are to spend them with those we love. And except being together we can also make each other happy with the experience that each of them will enjoy instead of putting things in the wardrobe and never using or wearing. Wishing you all Merry Christmas.



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