Top 3 Seychelles’s Islands

To continue with my article Romantic beach holiday for couples in Seychelles, I would like to tell you some information about the 3 islands I visited.


Mahe is the largest island with an international airport and capital city-Victoria. Most of the population live here, there are a lot of hotels for tourists, and a lot of activities to be done. For example, you can visit the highest peak of Seychelles, Morne Seychellois (905m), which I wrote about in the article. You can go to a botanical garden, where except for plants and flowers you can be surrounded by many turtles that they have there. There are so many different beaches that you can relax on. Bus transportation on the island is easy. You can visit the capital city, where there is a clock tower, church, natural history museum, big market, souvenir shops, and others.



Praslin is the second-largest island. It used to be the favorite place of pirates. It is famous for its lovely beaches like Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette, which are among the top 10 best beaches in the world. And of course, for the Palm tree, Coco de Mer that I mentioned in my first article.



LaDigue is the third most populated island and the fourth largest in Seychelles. Only about 2800 people live there. Life on this island stayed traditional and authentic. For example the transportation there is only by bikes or ox-carts. There are only a few cars for transportation of tourists, or food or in an emergency. There are also gorgeous beaches like on every Seychelles island.

So which one sounds the most interesting? I recommend visiting all of them. You can stay on one and then take a guided tour for the others.

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