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How to enjoy a holiday in Seychelles?

Seychelles is a perfect holiday destination for couples, friends, and family, or even for your honeymoon or wedding. To be said, Seychelles is a very safe country and anybody can find something to do there. Whether you are a nature lover, underwater world, beach lover, or adventurer, there is so much to do for everyone. Let us not forget about the romantic scenery and luxurious accommodation. Are you planning to go to Seychelles and would like to know how to enjoy a holiday in Seychelles? I will provide you with a list of the best 15 things to do on the Seychelles islands.

1. Sunbathing

Seychelles is one of the best places with stunning beaches in the world. Sunbathing and relaxing at the beach is a free thing to do. All of the beaches are covered with soft white sand with granite rocks, typical for Seychelles. Beaches are usually long, therefore you can have a nice walk during the day or evening to watch fascinating sunset.


2. Snorkeling and diving

Seychelles is an archipelago comprising 115 islands with many beautiful coral reefs. Therefore, snorkeling and diving are the top activities to do. The water is crystal clear and there is an enormous amount of corals, fish, turtles, and manta rays seen under the water.

For those who want to dive, there are many diving schools that can provide you with training. Snorkeling can be done either on many of the beaches, a little bit farther from the shore, or taking excursions by boat that will take you to magnificent coral reef gardens.


3. Vallee De Mai

Vallee De Mai is a palm forest located on Praslin Island and it is part of the World Heritage UNESCO site for the Coco De Mer trees that can be found only in Seychelles. These trees have coconuts in the shape of the butt. You can take a guided tour through this National Park to see the beautiful fauna and flora and learn something new about this park.

It is also a great place for bird lovers. You can spot endangered Black parrots here or blue pigeons. Except for birds, other species like tiger chameleons or tree frogs are living here.


View from the top of Morne Seychellois

4. Morne National Park

Morne National Park is a National park located on Mahe Island. The park is a mix of tropical jungle, mangroves and there is also the highest peak of Seychelles, Morne Seychellois located. There are several kinds of endemic birds and species here, also carnivorous plants are growing here.

This park is a great place for nature lovers and also for people who love hiking. There are several trails for tourists to hike the park and you can reach the top of the mountain where an astonishing view of the Seychelles and ocean is waiting for you. This activity can’t be missed while holidaying in Seychelles.


5. Curieuse, Cousin Island & St. Pierre

A day trip to visit these three spectacular islands is one of the must-do in Seychelles. Curieuse Island is home to giant tortoises that are freely walking here and beautiful beaches with granite rocks.

Cousin Island is the most protected island in Seychelles. There are about 300 thousand birds, giant tortoises, and other species here.

St. Pierre is one of the small islands in Seychelles. It is a favorite spot for snorkelers. Therefore, your day can end here with swimming and snorkeling where in turquoise water you can see not only colorful fish but also turtles.


La Digue Island, Seychelles

6. Visiting other islands

Seychelles consists of more than 100 islands, therefore sailing the islands is one of the great activities to do. By visiting different islands you can see isolated islands, rainforests, and jungles, untouched nature with national parks, and wildlife, explore the creoles’ culture and food, and of course experience swimming and snorkeling.


7. L’union Estate

L’union can be found on La Digue island where one of the most beautiful beaches Anse Source d’Argent with granite rocks, soft sand, and crystal clear water is located. L’union Estate will take you to the history of La Digue island where vanilla and coconut plantations can be visited. You will see how vanilla is grooving and also the process of how the coconut oil is produced from copra, which is the dry coconut kernels. You can also see the old cemetery here and the Aldabra Giant Tortoise enclosure.


8. Aride Island Natural Reserve

Aride Island is a pristine island with green vegetation, coconut palm trees, fruits, and species, located only 10 km north of Praslin. This is a protected island where no humans are living, only some workers, biologists, and administrators who take care of the natural environment are allowed here. When you are coming for an excursion here, you have to change to their boat that will take you to the island.

This island is home to many endemic bird species who are nesting here and a bigger amount of sea birds than on the rest of the Seychelles islands. You can also find sea turtles, lizards, and crabs here.


With tortoises in botanical garden, Mahe Seychelles

9. Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is 100 years old and located on the outskirts of the capital city Victoria, on Mahe Island. There are a lot of endemic plant species, like Coco De Mer palm trees, exotic flowers, fruits, and spices. Not only plants but also endemic birds and animal species can be found here. There is a place with giant tortoises, where you can go close to them and take some pictures or just enjoy their company.


10. Moyenne Island

Moyenne Island is the smallest national park in the world. In the 60s it was bought by a journalist and dedicated to nature and wildlife. There are about 16 thousand trees and plants, like palms, mangoes, and pawpaw. It is also home to Giant tortoises who are freely walking here right next to you. It is an extraordinary and romantic place for your honeymoon.


11. Anse Lazio Beach

Anse Lazio Beach is located on Praslin Island and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White soft sand, turquoise clear water, palm trees, and granite rocks make this beach a must-see when visiting Praslin Island. This beach is great for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, or relaxing with friends and families.


12. Victoria Market

When you are visiting the capital city of Victoria, don’t miss the Victoria market. It is a lively market that will take you to the Seychelles culture. Not only fresh products like fish and fruits are sold here, but also souvenirs and clothes as a memory from your holiday. The market is open from Monday till Saturday when Saturday is the busiest day.


13. Helicopter ride

Visiting islands by boat is one amazing experience, however, seeing the islands from the sky is completely different. If you love adventure, do not miss the opportunity to take a helicopter tour and enjoy the view.


14. Ziplining

Ziplining is another adventure and popular activity in Seychelles. There are 8 zip lines that can be found on the northwest side of Mahe island. You will zipline over the rich green forest and granite rocks to enjoy the thrilling ride,


15. BBQ Boat tour

If you fancy trying traditional Creole BBQ, you should go for a boat trip with barbeque. You can relax on a beautiful sandy beach, snorkel in crystal clear water, and then taste the delicious food. This is called paradise.


The best things to do in Seychelles

Now you know how to enjoy a holiday in Seychelles. Relaxing at the beach, diving, hiking, admiring the beauty of nature, or doing some adrenaline activities, whatever you choose, you will fulfill your dream holiday.

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