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How to enjoy a beach vacation with kids?

We all love to go to the beach to relax, to get our energy back after hard work during the year. Sea is one of the strongest energy boosters, together with mountains and trees. Some people like to swim or just lay down and suntan, somebody like to play sports or games, but most importantly not to do daily activities like cooking, cleaning, washing, working, etc.

However, how can you enjoy it since you have children? Everybody says that a holiday with children is not a holiday anymore. Yes, I agree with that, nevertheless, there is a way how you can still make it enjoyable and relaxing in some way. Let me tell you my way and experience how to enjoy a beach vacation with kids.

Holiday with kids


Choose the right country and the right hotel

When you want to go on holiday with children, you can’t just simply go to any destination you want to go to, like when you were single. You have to think about the children, whether the country is suitable for them, so you do not end up having more trouble than fun. That of course depends on the age of your children.

The best thing is to choose a country that is children friendly and offers activities for children. There are many countries to choose from. I suggest Tunisia, Egypt, and Greece. We have a two and a half years old child and the second year we went to Egypt.

It is a country where they put a strong emphasis on children. They have lots of places and activities for children to entertain them and keep them busy. Almost all hotels offer outside activities like safari, aquarium, or watching dolphins cruise.

Another important thing before you go is to choose the right hotel. It is very important you choose a hotel where there is a gradual entrance to the sea, where kids can play in shallow water and on the shore with sand. Don’t forget to bring them their toys for water and sand. Although you can still buy them there.

The second very important thing to choose a hotel is the pools. Lots of hotels in Egypt have many pools for adults and for kids. Not only the pools but also water parks depend on the age of children. They are like playgrounds in the water. And when I talk about playgrounds, a lot of hotels in Egypt have playgrounds for children that keep them busy in the evening.


The third thing is to choose an all-inclusive package. I can’t imagine a holiday where I would have to cook. You have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks during the day ready for you. You just come to the dining room from the beach or pool and eat. All drinks are provided too. Some hotels have even kids’ meals.

Another thing to think about is the shops around the hotel. It can happen that you forgot to bring something for your children, or you would like to buy some toys and souvenirs. In this case, you don’t want to search for taxis or buses or travel far. You can just cross the road and buy all you need.

Last year we were in the hotel Pickalbatros White Beach and this year in Pickalbatros Dana Beach Resort. Both hotels have gradual entrance to the sea, pools with water parks, outside playgrounds, and also shops outside the hotel, even in White Beach, the choice was very limited for the shops. Both hotels had an animation program, mini disco every evening. After such a busy day and evening, you can be sure your child will sleep in one minute and sleep the whole night till eight in the morning.

Playground at Albatros Dana Beach resort

Divide the tasks with your partner

When we go on a holiday, we usually divide the tasks with my partner. In this case, each of us can relax and have peace for some time during the day. For example, I love to suntan and relax on the sunbed, therefore my husband is playing with our daughter in the sand and sea. What a lovely time. Then we swap, I spend time with our daughter and my husband goes for a swim. The same applies in the evening. I’m the one enjoying mini disco and dance with our girl and my husband then takes her to the playground.


Take grandparents with you

It is a very good idea to take your grandparents with you for a holiday. This is what we did this year and I could see we were not the only one. The grandparents can help you a lot with children while you can relax. Kids love to spend time with their grandparents, therefore they are more enjoying their presence. Also, the grandparents are happy to be with their grandchildren, therefore it is a great help. Not only during the day but also in the evening in case you would like to stay out at the bar bit longer, they can stay with the kids. Albatros Dana Beach Resort, Hurghada


Activities around

In case you or your children get bored in the hotel, you can still go for some activities outside of the hotel. The hotels usually offer activities for adults or suitable for children too. There are many to choose from.

In our hotel, they offered an aquarium, safari, dolphins cruise, which were suitable for children. For adults or older children snorkeling, diving, speed boat trip, sightseeing trips, etc.


Relaxing beach vacation with kids

Even the holiday with kids can never be the same as the holiday during the time you were single, I can prove based on my experience that it can still be enjoyable and relaxing. The important thing is to plan and choose carefully before you go. Give priorities what your children need and what will keep them busy. When children are happy and they are enjoying themselves, you can enjoy yourselves too. I hope my tips and advice can help you and you enjoy your vacation, come back relaxed and energized.

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