Does Dubai have good nightlife?

When you are in Dubai for a holiday, you should not end your day early in the evening as nights in this glamorous city are full of lights, music, drinks, and parties. Life in Dubai continues during the night at some of the best and most luxurious parties. Does Dubai have good nightlife? Definitely yes and your holiday won’t be completed without visiting at least one of the best nightclubs in Dubai. However, as with everything in Dubai, even clubs and nightlife are having some rules that you should know before you visit. Yalla (let’s go) to see what to know and which are the best clubs to party on.

Nightclub in Dubai

Things to know about nightlife in Dubai

Most of the nightclubs and bars are located in the hotels, or on the rooftop terrace, or there can also be beach parties. These places are holding licenses for alcohol, therefore drinking in bars and clubs is legal from the age of 21 years. Always carry your passport with you as you may be asked for an id.

Best time to party

Clubs in Dubai start early at 10 pm and finish early at 3 am. Therefore, come early and enjoy the best party time. Remember that all clubs are closed during the holy month, Ramadan.

Entrance fees

In the past, there was no fee to enter nightclubs in Dubai. The only time you were paying the fee was by booking a table which came with drinks. Nowadays there is some entrance fee even without booking a table. Depending on the club, some of them may include some drinks with the entrance fee.

Dress code

You should pay high attention to the dress code when visiting clubs in Dubai. Leave your jeans, shorts, and pair of flip-flops in your hotel room and be glamorous. Most of the bars and clubs have strict dress codes, especially the elite ones.

Women will do their best in sexy dresses and high heels are a must. Except when you are at the beach party. Men should wear shirts, smart trousers and forget about their sneakers. There are security guys who are checking the way you dress and may not allow you in. With this said, it is easier for ladies to enter the club than for men. Therefore when you are in a group of men only, it may happen you will not get in. Always go in accompany of ladies. This is your best chance to get in.

Ladies nights

Dubai is a big fan of Ladies’ nights, usually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, again each place decides for itself. During the Ladies’ nights, ladies enter for free, can have a discount on drinks, buy one get one free, or drink for free. Some of the places even offer discounts for dinner.

What not to do

Dubai and the whole United Arab Emirates are very strict. Therefore, always follow the rules as it is not worth the sanctions. Never drink and drive in Dubai. The police are strict and except for a high fine, you will probably stay in prison for that night. The best thing is to take a taxi or metro. Never drink on the streets, sing, or dance on the streets. This is allowed only at the venues. Never kiss in bars and clubs. It is not allowed to kiss in public in Dubai.

With all of these said, always check the dress code, booking, entrance fees and ladies’ night offers with the club you are planning to visit.

And which clubs are the best in Dubai? Here is the list of the clubs you should visit to make your holiday memorable.

Armani Prive club, Dubai

1. Armani/Prive

Armani/Prive in the luxurious Armani Hotel located in the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa. When in Dubai, don’t miss this luxurious experience where the club, lounge, and terrace were designed by Giorgio Armani. The music is played by resident and international DJs.

Address: Burj Khalifa1 Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai

Hours: 11 pm till 3 am except Mondays and Wednesdays.

Phone: +971 4 888 3308

Chandeliers in Cavalli Club Dubai

2. Cavalli Club

Cavalli Club is one of the oldest clubs in Dubai, running since 2009. Cavalli Club is unique for its luxurious interior and low-hanging chandeliers from Swarowsky Crystals. Even in the bathroom, you have a feeling you are in an elite fashion salon.

Cavalli Club was closed in 2019 for refurbishment and now it can pride itself on the first Robot Bar in the region which was revealed on its tenth anniversary. You order and pay for drinks at the bar, where you receive a voucher. You then confirm the ticket number on IPad and the robot will start to prepare your drink. Cavalli Club has its signature cocktails and specials for ladies’ night, and also live entertainment. Cavalli Club is a must-visit when in Dubai.

Address: Fairmont Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd

Hours: 8:30 pm till 3 am every day

Phone: +97143329260, +971509910400


3. White Beach Club

White Beach Club belongs to Atlantis Hotel located on the long sandy beach. This is the newest beach club in Dubai, which replaced the old Nasimi Beach Club. If you would like to change clubs to party at the beach, White Beach is the right place. You can enjoy a day at the beautiful white beach, but when the sun goes down, DJs start to play music, and the party begins. There is an infinity pool with floating beds for the best Instagram pictures, a restaurant in case you get hungry, and you can enjoy drinks and shisha in the most stylish beach club in Dubai. Only adults above 21 are allowed.

Address: Atlantis Dubai, Crescent Road, The Palm, Dubai,

Phone: +971 4 426 2626


4. Billionaire Dubai

As the name says, in this place, you will feel like a Billionaire and for sure you can meet some sports, fashion or business celebrities here. Billionaire Dubai is an Italian-Asian restaurant that opened in 2016. The dining experience here is extraordinary with entertainment shows by dancers, singers, and acrobats. After enjoying your dinner you can continue partying as a billionaire in a backstage club that was newly opened with red, black, and gold-colored decor.

Address: Taj Hotel, Burj Khalifa Street

Hours: Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays

Phone: +971 4 510 3100


5. Sky 2.0 Dubai

Sky 2.0 is one of the newest clubs in Dubai that opened in 2019. The origin of this club is in Beirut where it is since 2003. If you are looking to dance under the stars, Sky 2.0 is the best club for you. It is not just an ordinary nightclub, but here except for your drink, you can enjoy a show of dancers, acrobats, and artists.

Address: Dubai Design District, Dubai

Hours: Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 pm to 4 am

Phone: +971 4 587 6333 | +971 58 633 3633


6. 1-OAK Dubai

1-OAK or 1 OF A KIND club in Dubai is the personification of New York City chic presenting the nightlife in Dubai. This club boasts an area of 9000 square meters with an art collection from Roy Nachum. This is an elite club where celebrities like Jason De Rulo, Ronaldinho, Trey Songz, and many others appeared. Moreover, they have a terrace with comfortable sofas, high tables, and swings where you can enjoy delicious food, cocktails, or shisha while listening to music with a canal view. When in Dubai, you don’t want to miss clubbing here.

Address: JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Business Bay

Hours: from 9 pm till 3 am every day

Phone: +971 52 881 8888


7. Soho Garden

Soho Garden DXB came all over from London. Despite its name, it is not only a Garden. It is a cool club with an outdoor terrace and four separate bars. You can enjoy dining, lounging, and nightlife all in one place. On the upper level, there is an outdoor club where you can enjoy live performances of famous artists. There is another Soho Garden in Palm Jumeirah.

Address: Racecourse, Grand Stand – Al Meydan Rd – Nad Al Sheba 1

Hours: Every day from 8 pm, except Saturday from 3 pm

Phone: +971 52 388 8849


Nightlife in Dubai

So what do you think, does Dubai have good nightlife? Are you excited to go and party like never before? Whether you choose an elite club, luxurious club, sky bar, or a beach party, you will not regret it and you will finish your holiday the right way to make it unforgettable.

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  1. Dubi looks beautiful based on the photos of the article. I would see myself attempting to enter the elite clubs so my always wearing a suit would come in handy for these festivities. Public affection being banned is new to me. But Do not think it would be a problem if I just met the person. Being so strict I assume a higher quality of fun can be had when the goal is not to blackout from drinking. This is a great vacation idea.

    1. Hello Alex.

      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, you would match the Dubai elite style in your suite for sure. The parties there are amazing. And if you have the resources, your drinking can go on while in the club. 🙂 Enjoy your time if you go.


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