Are there any aquariums in Dubai?

Dubai is a great holiday destination for people of all ages. There are many things to do and see and a lot to experience. How about aquariums? Are there any aquariums in Dubai? As Dubai is usually the best in everything, it is surely home to one of the best aquariums in the world.

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Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall, Dubai

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is one of the largest aquariums in the world and the largest in the UAE. This huge tank has a capacity of 10 million liters of water and it is a home for 33 thousand aquatic animals and 140 species. There are about 400 sharks, rays, Giant Groupers, and many other diverse fish species to be seen.

What is special about this aquarium is the 48-meter tunnel that you go through and experience a 270-degree view of this aquarium.

In the underwater zoo, you can also see jellyfish, starfish, seahorses, octopuses, penguins, and the King Croc, which is 750 kilos heavy and 5 meters long crocodile.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are located inside the Dubai Mall, therefore, a part can be seen for free while visiting the mall. However, to go inside the tunnel and visit the underwater zoo you need to purchase a ticket, which is possible at the place, inside the mall.

In case you would like to bring your experience even further and you like adrenalin, you can take a glass bottom boat and see the sea animals swimming under your feet. For more courageous people there is a possibility of snorkeling or diving inside the aquarium. These options are a little bit more costly.  You can see the prices on their official website here.


The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is another amazing aquarium in Dubai, located inside the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Jumeirah. There is an Ambassador Lagoon, an aquarium that is home to 65 thousands of sharks, rays, and other colorful fish species.  Also, you will explore the lost city of Atlantis in 21 different exhibits which will take you to the past civilizations that were remembered by shipwrecks and ruins. This is a unique experience for all ages.

In case you would like to get closer to the sea animals, there is a place where you can touch them and sometimes feed them with the help of the staff members.

If you are a guest in the Atlantis Hotel, the entrance to The Lost Chambers Aquarium is free for you. If you are not a guest, you can purchase a ticket online from their website or at the place. Adult tickets cost about $30, and child tickets from 3-7 years are about $25.

As in the Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall, also in this aquarium you can snorkel, dive, and even more, walk around all these sea fish species. You don’t have to be a professional diver and for the walk, you don’t even need to know how to swim. You will wear a special helmet and it is suitable for people from 10 years old. You can purchase your ticket, which is not cheap for these activities on their website, or through the GetYourGuide website (you can read about the reasons why to book through them on my Travel Resources page), or at the place in Atlantis Hotel.


Al Mahara-Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel in Dubai. There is a huge aquarium that can be seen in the lobby and in the Al Mahara restaurant. In this aquarium, you can see many fish species and beautiful artificial coral. However, to see this aquarium is only by being a guest in this hotel or booking a table in Al Mahara restaurant on their official website. The dining experience here is an unforgettable and romantic event.


Swimming with dolphin

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the favorite family entertainment. You can watch the dolphin and seal show, which is indoors and takes 45 minutes. An unforgettable experience for children of all ages. Tickets can be purchased online with a discount on the official site or at the place. Not only watch the dolphins, but you can also swim with them during the deep swimming experience. Who wouldn’t want a kiss from a cute dolphin? This activity is available for kids from 5 years old, but between 5 to 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.


Mina A’Salam Turtle Enclosure

At Jumeirah Mina A’Salam there is a turtle rehabilitation center located. This center is taking care of injured or sick turtles that were found on the shore. Many turtle kinds are endangered or critically endangered. When these sick turtles are strong enough and ready to go to the ocean, they are released into their natural habitat.

The turtle enclosure is open to the public every day. Moreover, there is a feeding session every Wednesday at 11 am that you can join too. You can check the updates on their Facebook page.



Reading this article you know whether there are any aquariums in Dubai. Moreover, you have several options to choose from. I believe you will find one that will make your holiday unforgettable.

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