Hi everyone and welcome to my site Nats Travel. I’m a traveling lover who traveled to several places around the world. I was always passionate about searching for information about the country I was going to visit. I needed to have it all planned before the journey. Wanted to know where to go, where to stay, what to see and explore around. I also love to get to know different cultures, so every time I traveled I try to meet and talk to locals to experience the best of each place. The top of my different places visited are islands with sandy beaches and Africa. And now I want to provide you with information and my experience about beautiful beach holidays and other places.

A little story about my traveling

I was always a very curious child and wanted to see and experience everything that life offers. I travel alone since I was 18 years old. These were just traveling for work during the summer holidays. However, once I finished my University studies, I started to see where I could spend my real holiday.

I sat on the internet and started my searches. From the beginning, it was just all-inclusive packages organized by the travel agencies, but later I realized I can organize things by myself, which was much more interesting and more fun for me. I have done lazy holidays at the beaches, adventures in African wildlife, and also some volunteering holidays with other activities.

Save time, save money and enjoy your holiday

There are so many travel agencies out there, many of them don’t provide all the necessary information like what vaccination you have to take, which is the best time of the year to go, what to see or visit in the destination, etc. As a result of that, you either have to find this information by yourself on many other websites or you just buy the holiday and end up not enjoying it to the fullest.

Therefore, I decided to write about several places I visited myself, where I would like to give you all the needed information. When is the best time to go, what vaccination to take, what money currency they use, what to visit and what to see, what you need to take with you, and many others. Then you can just go ahead and book online from different agencies.

Fulfilled holiday

It would be a waste to spend money on your dream vacation and in the end not be satisfied because you didn’t get the right information. I would like to make your life easier before the travel and give you all information on one place and coming back from your holiday happy, relaxed and satisfied. It is nothing worse than a destroyed holiday with stress and problems that you have to sort there instead of relaxing and enjoying.

I would be happy to hear your stories and how this website helped you after you return from holiday.

All the best,


Founder of Nats Travel